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Learn From The Past

Hungarian born businessman Thomas Peterffy grew up in a socialist country. He saw first hand what a government that rejects capitalism does to its people. Fortunately for Peterffy, he managed to immigrate to the United States to ‘live the American Dream.’ Like many Peterffy learned English, worked hard and built a successful life here.

Today Thomas Peterffy has invested a great deal of his personal money to create a television ad. Called “Freedom to Succeed” Peterffy shares what he saw growing up and his concerns for the America he loves. Often the very wealthy put money into supporting causes in which they believe. But more rare is it for a business tycoon to speak out from the heart.

From CNN: Peterffy is not alone in his fear of a socialist America. Some Republicans have launched vocal accusations against President Barack Obama for pushing what they call socialist policies. In part, they’re referring to Obama’s tax proposal that would ultimately raise taxes on the wealthiest two percent of the country but maintain tax cuts for households making under $250,000 per year.

Obama and his re-election campaign argue they’re not attacking success, rather they have a different viewpoint on how to create success. At the debate last week, Obama repeated his signature line, saying he wants to make sure everyone is “getting a fair share, everybody’s doing a fair share, and everybody’s playing by the same rules.”

In the new ad, however, Peterffy says such policies lead to a “slippery slope.”

“It seems like people don’t learn from that past,” he says. “That’s why I’m voting Republican and putting this ad on television.”

Many today are too young to remember the downside of socialist policies. This one minute video is a good reminder.

The Plantation President and His Party (Conclusion)

Much of what I have discussed over the last two articles are what I believe to be a massive problem here within the United States. President Obama and his party are some of the most destructive individuals in American history.  Their ideology puts man above God.  Their belief in race and class is the basis for all of their rhetoric, and they do it not because they believe it will solve problems, but because they want to be in power, and they believe that the American people are to stupid to actually understand the issues that face this nation.  President Obama is one of the most divisive president in American history, he uses class warfare as his hallmark attack strategy, not only in his campaign but against America itself.  He looks down on those who love America and what she stands for.  President Obama and his party hate capitalism, free markets, and free people.

President Obama is the biggest liar that I have ever seen.  Each lie that he tells, he insults the intelligence of those of the American people.  President Obama’s belief in the individual does not exist, unless he is that individual.  President Obama believes that he is above the rest of the American citizens, which is evident by the lies and rhetoric that he tells during his speeches.  He treats the American population like children, or just a group of people as a means to his end.   President Obama and his party seek to destroy the independent individual through government programs, and creating a system of dependency, so that the individual needs government and cannot sustain on their own.

If President Obama actually cared about the individual, he would not seek to destroy the individual through his destructive economic practices and his evident disrespect of the constitution, religious liberty, and his constant attack on the success of the individual, such as the , “You didn’t build that” comment.   Another example that president Obama is destroying the life of individuals, is the devaluation of the dollar, by constantly printing money.  This lowers the purchasing power of the dollar, making it harder for the individual to provide for themselves and/or their family.  This then makes it harder for the individual to sustain current quality of life.  One way that this hurts the individual is the cost of oil, which then lowers the purchasing power of oil, the price of oil is fixed to the dollar, which raises the cost per gallon on that individual at the gas pump, which was $1.84 a gallon nationally in 2009, and now is currently around $3.50 a gallon.

President Obama’s ideology is one that believes that the Individual can be shaped and molded through government programs, institutions, and if that individual does not wish to be part of that system, they must be minimized, marginalized, and ultimately eliminated.  The left believes that their ideology can replace the teachings of the bible, by replacing government with God.

Since president Obama has taken office, the Left Wing Hate Machine has continued to use racially charged rhetoric in order to divide the American population.  President Obama, as the leader of their party has done nothing to suggest that he disagrees with this tactic, rather while on the campaign trail, he re-enforces that style of attack with his class warfare, which also divides Americans.  It creates resentment and hatred, envy, and greed.  What ever happened to that concept of uniting the American people from his 2008 campaign?

President Obama uses government handouts as “goodies” in order to enslave the citizens to the government plantation.  For example, the interest rates on student loans are set to a lower rate through force of government, therefore creating a situation that might entice an unsuspecting victim into a system they might not engage in if the “natural” interest rate was applied to that student loan.  This “candy” insults the intelligence of that individual, and proves that President Obama is just looking to grow the dependency of the individual on government, which enslaves that individual to government.  President Obama has begun his assault on the independent individual by increasing the amount of individuals on food stamps, President Obama is the food stamp president.  When he took office, the food stamp program had around 33 million people enrolled, now it is around 47 million people. That is 47 million people who have been forced onto the government plantation.

Left Wing Hate Machine, attacks the very essence of the individual every chance they get.  They wish to subvert the American system through legislation and racially charged remarks.  They wish to create a system that replaces God with Government, which was evident during the democratic national convention, which nominated our current president who said that he wishes to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.  The Left Wing Government party hates the very existence of the constitution because it limits their ability to tell us how to live our lives.  They Left Wing Hate Machine is the party of “No Choice” because they limit what we put in our body, what we purchase, where we can go, what schools we can go to, what classes we can take.  However, when it comes to the life of the unborn, they attack that child and extinguish that flame of life, removing that individual’s “Choice.”  Even president Obama has assaulted the unborn and even the born children by voting for infanticide. Every action the Left Wing Hate Machine takes, seeks to destroy the very essence of America, They seek to create a heaven on earth, a utopian society where everyone is equal in all ways.  Everyone is not equal, everyone cannot do all things equally.  If everyone was equal in all ways, there would be no need for different jobs, professions, and interests, because everyone could do all things.  All men were created equal, equal in Gods eyes, provides equal opportunity, not equal stuff, not equal outcomes, not everyone has all things.  They seek to have government be the deciding and end result in how we live our lives.  What government can give, it can take away.

The Plantation President and His Party (Part Two)

The article that preceded this one laid exposed the tactic of how the Left Wing Hate Machine keeps their constituency dumb and in line, so that they can retain control of their Plantation.  That article is titled “The Whip,” which was published on Monday.  Read part one to stay up to date with the topic.


Like the slave master, the Democratic Party will marginalize anyone who dissents from their party that does not fit their view of the world.  Questioning their tactics, their ideas, and their beliefs undermines their power and control.  Thus they must eliminate their opponent or enemy by any means necessary.  The Democratic Party also rejects the idea of an educated electorate, just take a look at the current state of the public school systems, most especially the inner city and low income housing areas.   The left denounces school choice programs, teacher performance accountability that is based off merit, and not what union you are a member of.  If the Democratic party actually cared about their constituency, they would promote better ways to improve schools through all options, not just throw money at it and hope that everything turns out for the best. Progressives must not allow their constituents to become educated or to think for themselves.   If they do, then their house of cards will collapse and their power will be lost.

Food stamps, welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment, and social security insurance, are all entitlement programs that have increased drastically under president Obama’s first term in the White House.  President Obama creates these unstable and uncertain economic situation in which, the average American either cannot live well provide for themselves or their family or cannot live at all without some sort of assistance. These are the conditions that Barack Obama meant as change, not reducing government, not reducing spending that, as individuals and families, we could take care of ourselves, no, no, so that He, the anointed one, the savior and chief, could care for us, like his children.  At this point, when the family is at its weakest point, most vulnerable time, is when he 9Obama) reaches out with his “help” or “assistance” and says, “trust me” I can help.  These situations that he creates are traps to enslave citizens to the government, thus growing the government plantation, and forcing the citizen into a life of dependency.  Oh yeah, did I mention the free cell phone program is offered to the “have-nots” now as well.  Recently added to the list of government handout programs, is the not so famous piece of legislation, OBAMACARE, that was passed in 2009. These programs are sold to those in need as an assistance program that will only be a temporary help to the family or individual.  The government entitlement society or the welfare state has become the new hipster thing to lay claim too.  This Plantation State situation is getting worse and president Obama continues perpetuate and double down on his promise to spread the wealth around, and have everyone live in a society of “shared prosperity.”    Those who ascribe to the belief that government is the end all and be all, do not realize that those who claim to help you on behalf of government, are really seeking your dependency.   These statists need the individual to give up their rights to the State, they need the individual to sacrifice what is held most dear, which is our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so that they, the state can continue on their conquest to perfect and society in their vision.  The Left Wing Machine must destroy the individual in order to create a Utopian society, a society that which controls and dictates every action of our lives through rules and legislation. They believe that government should be involved in every aspect, and of every stage of our lives.  The Democratic party has a philosophy of cradle to grave government, for example; the Life of Julia that portrays a newly born little girl who grows up with no farther in a single parent home, with President Obama and his government there to help her every step of the way.  The scary thing, President Obama is in charge for almost her entire life, does he want to be a dictator or king?  At the Democratic National Convention, played a unique video for their opening, that portrayed the ideological view of their party.  This film provided a historic and insightful view as to how the Democratic Party sees the government’s role in American society, and what direction they wish to take the country.  This ideology and belief system of the left, claims that government is something “We all belong to.” This is the “Choice” that the Democratic party and President Obama are offering the American people.  Their hateful rhetoric, class warfare, divide and conquer racial politics will only serve to destroy this nation, not unite it.


More on Friday.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Socialism is Wrong

1. Marx’s Labor Theory of Value, adapted from Ricardo, is wrong. Work is not exploitation and profit is not theft. (For more on this subject see Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy.)

2. Historical Materialism begs the question of human agency. It is unexplained how socialists come to have consciousness that is “authentic,” while capitalists have “false consciousness.” Marx’s theory underplays the role of ideas and ethics in economies (i.e. the “superstructure” of the economy that is but a reflection of materialist forces).

3. There is the unresolved question of how classes arose to begin with. Did they arise through the use of coercion to repress lower classes? Did they arise due to inequalities in human characteristics?Did classes arise because of the private ownership of the means of production? If so, then why are there social classes or castes in countries that have cooperative, collective, or tribal social-economic arrangements?

4. Marxism is a self-stultifying ideology that renders life meaningless. Mankind’s desire to achieve is obviously due to human nature, and not materialist forces. It is no coincidence that socialist societies lead to high levels of anomie and alienation, contrary to Marxist claims to the contrary that capitalism causes such social effects. The reason such maladies are prevalent in socialist countries is because social valuation of the individual is diminished to nearly nothing.

5. Marx’s theory of historical materialism and the “inevitable triumph of socialism,” is obviously flawed. Socialism lasting any considerable period of time in a polity has always developed due to Marxist-Leninist or Maoist radicals ushering in bloody putsches or coup d’etats in economically backwards states. This is the opposite of what Marx predicted. Marxism predicted that there would be spontaneous worker’s revolts in advanced capitalist societies around the globe, and not elite-organized socialist “revolutions” in backwards countries like Russia and China. World War I exposed the false notion held by socialists that the war would lead to a worker’s strike and mass defections from the armies due to “workers’ solidarity.”

6. Marx’s claim that the “Iron Law of Wages” would lead inexorably to a decline in standard of living among the proletariat tending towards subsistence living is incorrect. In the most advanced capitalist states, the standard of living increased ever upwards. This is because an economy based on mass production leads to cheaper goods and a competitive labor market buoys demand and wages for skilled labor. The counter-argument that the standard of living increased due to labor unions is obviously false in the U.S.; labor unions in America have always been relatively weak and many times unions claim labor improvements that arose due to market competition. One former union boss who spoke at an Occupy DC rally recently confessed that “progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization.” Unions are a type of labor cartel that makes profitable businesses increasingly unfeasible.

7. Equality of means has not been achieved in any socialist state of any kind in world history. Every single socialist state has been led by elites with a miserable underclass far underfoot. I defy a socialist to name one counterfactual. The underclass is typically lied to (e.g. offered “Bread, land and peace,” but receiving none of the sort), and the disparity between rich and poor actually increases after the “revolution.” So ironically, socialist policies lead to greater inequality of means, rather than more equality. For more on why socialist systems always lead to oppression, see Michels’ “Iron Law of Oligarchy.”

8. The fraudulent obsession with equality espoused by socialists was perhaps best summed up by Margaret Thatcher, who in a speech to the socialist opposition, demonstrated the absurdity of her opponents’ position. While gesticulating with her fingers to illustrate her concept visually, she showed that “(Socialists) would rather the poor be poorer, provided the rich were less rich.” [See: “Margaret Thatcher on Socialism” on YouTube.]

9. Socialism is only a critique of capitalism and not a self-sufficient economic system. It advises how to redistribute wealth, but not how to create it. Socialists are unable to persuasively answer the “then what?” question of what happens when capitalism is destroyed or it collapses. Apparently, eternal prosperity ensues, but the causal linkage is not adequately explained.

10. Socialism is not consistent with human nature. Human beings are not innately altruists, because as a species, mankind is driven by the desire to procreate, and all that seminal act entails. Societies have succeeded based on hunting, gathering, production, and even war, but redistribution is a static and deteriorating model of economic organization.

The implication of modeling an economic system on socialist redistribution for the contrived ethic of “equality” is no less than the destruction of civilization itself. And this is by design. Marx set out to foment world revolution prior to developing the philosophical system that justified it. As Marx quoted Goethe in the Eighteenth Brumaire, “All that exists deserves to perish.”

Capitalism: The Perpetual Economic Revolution


Capitalism has gotten a bum rap from self-styled revolutionaries for being a supposed class system of exploitation that serves the interests of an economic oligarchy. But this is a fundamental misreading of capitalism, and dismisses several indispensable assumptions about the market system that are difficult to swallow for both socialists and corporatists. Rather than reflecting an ossified pyramidal society, free market capitalism leads to a dynamic and even tumultuous system that tends towards equilibrium through the process Joseph Schumpeter described as “creative destruction.”

Capitalism was a term invented by Karl Marx to describe the market system of exchange described by classical political economists like Adam Smith and David Ricardo.  The term is heavily imbued with the notion that capital is a material object whose exchange objectifies and commoditizes the individuals engaged in the transaction.  It has powerful emotional appeal to those who resent physical labor and would rather philosophize about the meaning of life than pick up a shovel and build some  oft-lamented-for infrastructure. But the socialists’ pathos-driven ruminations don’t change the material realities of the economy, and the need to measure the scarce goods and services demanded by individuals who seek to use them as they see fit.

At this point, it should be fairly obvious that a market’s price system is both more transparent to the economic participants and more “democratic.” And just like in politics, democracy can be messy.

Imagine further how messy the capitalist process is if we consider tens of millions of people “voting” several times a day with their money,  and how maddening it is for firms to try to keep track of it all. Now think about the disposition of  politicians relegated to the economic sidelines to “referee,” but who actually have power at their disposal to get a piece of the action. And in a market economy, there’s a lot of action to get a piece of.

In developing markets, what the left refers to as “Wild West” economy, one can accumulate a sizable market share fairly quickly. At the advent of vast changes in technology, firms can also soon get in market-dominant positions. The temptation is great for firms to buy off politicians, who often need campaign cash in order to retain the perks of office. Simultaneously, the state’s power of taxation is a valuable tool of persuasion for politicians to bully companies who would rather concentrate on the market than Washington.

It is important here to note the prime mover in the relationship: state power. Various specific corporations seek to “capture” the government and use it to promote their ends because the government has the power and the popular permission to interfere in the economy.  If people deny politicians this permission to intercede, then the career choice for those who desire to stay in office becomes much simpler: Keep their hands off, let people work and thrive to the extent they can, and they will have a job after the next round of elections. Of course, this would deglamorize “public service,” and also significantly reduce the odds of mysteriously becoming a millionaire within a few years of coming into office.

The point is that capitalism itself, strictly defined, is unpopular with large corporations that want to protect market share and ensure easy revenue by excluding competitors, and with power-hungry statists and leftists who want the activity of millions of individuals to be bent towards what they deem fit.

Capitalism is messy, but stable; it continuously eliminates the imprudent and penalizes the invaluable, rewards the dynamic and the responsive, and remorselessly holds accountable both firms and consumers. It is a perpetual economic revolution whose ongoing release of energies through creation and destruction prevents the buildup of more violent revolutionary forces, which result from individuals’ frustration at being stymied by those perceived to be less worthy.

Currently, the Democrat-led government is attempting to recreate revolutionary potential through central bank-driven capital destruction and excessive regulation, while politicians or their proxies point their wagging fingers at Wall Street, as if the banks’ most rapacious actions occurred in a vacuum. Rather, the greatest theft in the history of the American republic was led, accompanied by Democrat cheers, by the U.S. government itself.

You can call state intervention into the economy anything you want. But please, don’t call it “democratic.”

Workers of the World, Let’s Exploit the Rich!

Blaine Dabbley, Emerson College branch of the Private College Socialists of America, as recorded in the 31st Internationale’s weekly minutes.

While greedy corporatists count their record-breaking profits, we proletarian have been scheming in the shadows, trying to devise a way to exploit the oligarchs who rule this fascist hellhole.

And the answer is going to shock and surprise you: we are going to work for personal profit!

Sounds too crazy to work? Runs contrary to every Marxist principle that we hold dear? Wait, dear comrades, before you turn me in to the internal thought police.

As we sit in the drudgery of our parents’ basements, racking up tokens on World of Warcraft, the thought suddenly arises — what are we getting out of this tremendous expenditure of energy?

Hours of amusement in our whitey tighties, to be sure. But what about the big picture? When do we get ours?

The answer is stark and beautiful in its social justice: We exploit the rich.

How you say? Let me explain my scheme in full detail.

We are currently whiling away the hours wasting our effort on fruitless endeavors, such as slaying orcs in the mystical land of Azeroth. What if we took those hours of living in fantasy land, and employ our labor in reality?

This is the good part: We can take rich people’s money by offering them the hours we would otherwise spend pointlessly spending video games, and in the process, we learn a trade or a craft in real life!

Sure, we would start out like noobs. I mean, what should a Level 1 cashier with 5 dexterity make in dollar tokens, compared to a Level 3 Assistant Manager who can actually delete a can of corn from the receipt without starting the checkout line procedure over again?

(That reminds me, I need some choom and Spicy Doritos. I’ll have my mom pick some up nachos later and float me a twenty until my plot comes to fruition.)

Anyway, so I was saying, we would totally exploit these rich bastards by getting them to trade us cash for time we would otherwise spend doing nothing. Okay, not nothing. Conquering a Level 27 Wyvern together did have its merits.

But didn’t you guys see that the new Call of Duty is coming out? My mom says she’s not going to entertain my socialist ramblings anymore and that I’m going to have to pay for it myself. I know, I know. She’s totally on the rag.

That got me to thinking. Just six hours spent at the local Supermart bagging groceries instead of playing Wow would totally cover my Call of Duty price. And then I wouldn’t have to beg my mom to drop me a fifty. We’re having hard enough time making bills as it is – the capitalist system being so heartless and corrupt.

Think of it this way: We would be profiting with our labor, and taking money out of the pockets of fat cats to boot! Sweet revenge!

So who’s with me? Who is up for exploiting the rich? When do we begin this revolution of returning money back to its rightful owners?

World of Warcraft players of the world unite!

A Moral Case for Capitalism

There is a pervasive attitude in academia and in the culture at large that socialists are misunderstood intellectuals and capitalists are selfish, greedy pigs. What is absent in the cultural discussion is the moral case for capitalism.

Capitalism is morally right because it is consistent with free will, individual autonomy, and human creativity; it is a more ethical basis for an economy than socialism due to its just framing of labor and reward; and lastly, when it is consistently enforced, it disperses economic means through market accountability, and impairs government coercion.

As the socialist Rudolf Hilferding observed in his criticism of the Austrian school economist Bohm-Bawerk, given that the base philosophical assumption of free market capitalism is the individual, and that of Marxism is society, this makes it nearly impossible for an intelligent conversation to emerge between the two camps.

Let us make the straightforward argument that society exists for the sake of man, and not man for the sake of society.

The instrumental rationality of socialists being that man is a means to the end of an abstract notion of society, carries with it disastrous inhumane consequences when effected, and is indeed inconsistent with free will. Frustrating the free will of human agents necessarily leads to reduced creative and productive potential. Artists, writers, and other cultural creators should never knowingly or unknowingly reinforce the collectivist values that undermine their own self-expression. Yet our artists and entertainers constantly provide support for collectivist government in the realm of values.

Government, as Rose Wilder Lane pointed out in The Discovery of Freedom, can only obstruct and restrain. Since government is by nature an institution of force, and force is inherently a relative concept, government necessarily can only empower some members of society at the expense of others.

Thus, there is a need to keep economic and political affairs separate. Free market capitalism empowers the many by giving people more say over their own lives; and by connection, leads to more creative and productive potential. The separation of political coercion from economic activity allows there to be a civil society where people can be free to speak their minds without fear of economic reprisals. People are thus accountable to the free market, or in other words, the public for their cultural creations and not to the government.

In addition, a free market economic system is more stable than a centrally planned one. Certainly, fostering those conditions that are most conducive to improving mankind’s quality of life is the most ethical. To argue against this proposition we might consider an ‘objection by mischievous assumption.’

But the latter point requires a more extended, even if glossing, discussion. The point is to show by examination that the Marxist critique is fundamentally wrong and that capitalism is clearly the better of the two systems. Indeed, it might also be shown that the two systems are diametrically opposed and incompatible at the core value level.

The philosophical foundation of rationality, quite necessary to harness the gains of the empirical method of science, led to man ascending from the darker ages of mysticism, feudalism, and superstition to the modern era of scientific progress and the undeniable improvement in mankind’s quality of life. But the socialist wants our human relations to revert back to those of a pre-modern society, where we live as a tribe in deference to our government chieftains. As an additional insult, they label such an agenda “progressive.”

So the argument goes that man will ineluctably be led to a brighter tomorrow by removing the philosophical foundations on which modern civilization stands? An untenable proposition and one that must be discarded.

The important thing to remember about free market capitalism is that no one person is needed to “devise it” or “run it.” What you need is to protect individual rights, enforce property rights, and allow people to produce and trade, which they will naturally do. The job then is to keep the currency sound, so transactions are transparent to all buyers and sellers, and stable, so people can save without being penalized.

Indeed, by securing sound currency and a stable economic environment, man can plan his future on solid footing. In such a world,  productivity would be rewarded with increase, while foolishness would be met with ruin, and laziness with want.

obamacare: Tip of the Iceberg

Since the ruling by the United States Supreme Court on Thursday, June 28, 2012, the big news in America has been how the obama administration, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid misrepresented the legislation to Congress, the Senate and the public.

It was consistently presented as a cost saving measure that would reduce the size of U.S. national deficits, thus helping pay down the debt, while improving the quality and lowering the costs of healthcare. Insurance premiums would be reduced.  It would provide coverage for uninsured millions.  If you liked the doctor and healthcare plan you had, you would be able to keep them.

Regrettably for American Citizens, with the exception of covering additional people, none of the rest was ever true.  It will add to the deficit and to the debt.  The quality and availability of healthcare will go down.  Existing doctors will retire and fewer prospective doctors will enter medical practice since the rewards will be outstripped by the costs of a medical education.  Insurance premiums have been will continue to rise, leading employers to drop coverage for employees, thereby adding to the likelihood that both your doctor and your plan will change.

It was never explained how a system cited as being too expensive was going to fund a new federal bureaucracy, start covering more people with the same number of facilities and personnel at a lower cost, while saving the nation trillions of dollars.

Now, we  know – Obama, Pelosi, Reid and company all lied. 

Especially President Obama, who repeatedly pledged to Americans making less than $250,000 that their taxes would never go up.  Not their income tax, not their payroll tax, not their capital gains tax.  None of those taxes would go up, not by one single dime, ever.

The truth is revealed: obamacare: Seven New Taxes on Citizens Earning Less than $250,000

It doesn’t stop there.  Attacks have been made on religious liberties. See healthcare mandate on contraception in religious affiliated institutions:

There have been assaults on freedom of the press. See White House and Media Matters coordinate attacks on FOX News:

Egregious though these examples may be, in the big picture they are only the tip of the iceberg.

•He has violated the individual liberties of all Americans by imposing forced participation in a government healthcare regulatory system without their consent.

•He has collaborated with his Attorney General to ignore equal protection under the law in favor of selective protections based upon arbitrary factors.

•He has violated American bankruptcy laws by willfully denying secured bond holders first payment, in favor of unsecured political supporters.

•He has violated the Constitution by accepting the position of Chairmanship of the UN Security Council.

•He has ignored the Constitutional separation of power by appointing “czars” to oversee matters that are intended to be handled by the legislative branch of the government.

•He has violated the First Amendment right to freedom of the press, by attacking television and radio networks, stations and broadcasters while attempting censorship.

•He has violated the individual’s right to free speech through creation of an email address to report Citizens in a blatant attempt to silence dissent through intimidation.

•He has violated the Law by ignoring the War Powers Act and engaging the United States military in overseas hostilities without the consent of Congress.

•He has violated the First Amendment by attempting to impose restrictions on free speech through implementation of Net Neutrality by the FCC.

•He has endeavored to interfere in the free market through the imposition of The Clean Energy and Security Act, which mandates carbon emissions be reduced to 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, 42 percent by 2030, and 84 percent by 2050. By 2020, this tax will extract an estimated $160 billion from the economy, or an average $1,870 per family.

•He has violated the Constitution by having the government offer $4,500 rebates to people for turning in older motor vehicles for newer vehicles

•He has interfered in America’s free market by having the National Labor Relations Board sue a privately owned company for planning to open for business in a State that protects an employee’s ability to work free of forced union membership.

•He has interfered in the free market by imposing restrictions and regulations on petroleum, natural gas and coal production in the United States.

•He has abandoned enforcing the security of American borders and protected illegal immigrants from prosecution for violation of immigration laws:

•He has abandoned and insulted our most enduring and faithful allies through speech and action, the most glaring among these being placing the State of Israel on the list of nations that foster terrorism.

•He has sought to impose additional taxes on America without the people’s Consent.

•For depriving American Citizens in some cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury.

•For transferring billions of dollars to enemies of the United States through Foreign Aid.

•For ignoring the Constitutional separation of powers by publicly attacking the Supreme Court of the United States.

•For attacking America’s bedrock family values by ordering the Department of Justice to not defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

•For repeated attacks upon America’s Christian foundation.

•For repeatedly slandering American Citizens with false accusations of racism, violent tendencies and hatred.

•For grossly accelerating and increasing the amount of America’s debt through passage of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, which had negligible effect on unemployment, sent billions of dollars overseas and wasted billions domestically by lining the pockets of political cronies while bailing out States guilty of practicing irresponsible budgetary policies.

•For putting America and America’s allies at greater risk through cancellation of missile defense systems.

•For expanding the need for enormous increases in government borrowing,

•For collaborating with his Attorney General to try enemy combatants in civilian Courts.

•For collaborating with his Attorney General and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in the implementation of operation Fast and Furious, which has been implicated in the murder of American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

•For devaluing America’s currency by engaging in the practice of Quantitative Easing, allowing the Federal Reserve to purchase trillions of dollars of our national debt.

The list could continue.

A president, whose character is thus marked by acts which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to govern a free people.



The Age Old Power Struggle: Chapter 2012

A Muslim cleric introduced Egypt’s new President, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi by saying: Our Capital ‘shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing’.  For his part, Morsi pronounced: Abroad women are ‘free,’ but not here.

These types of proclamations do not bode well for Egyptian minorities, which includes members of the Coptic Church community, who make up about 10 per cent of Egypt’s population. Despite Morsi campaign spokesman Gehad el-Haddad’s assurances that Morsi would work to be “president for all Egyptians”, Coptics worry how Morsi’s election might result in a restriction of their personal freedoms.

Regardless of joyous proclamations by Mosi supporters, the newly elected president did not receive enough support to consider his election a mandate.  Ahmed Shafik, former prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million. Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote.  A vote as close as this portrays the presence of a divided electorate.


New Democracy (ND) the conservative party edged out the leftist Syriza party, achieving victory in Greece’s parliamentary elections. The winning margin for ND was less than 3 points. In Greece, as in Egypt, the vote was so close it indicates the presence of a divided people.


In France, Socialists won the National Assembly.  Final results showed the Socialist Party won 280 seats.  Two closely allied parties gained 34 seats, giving the Socialist bloc 314 seats.  The leftist Green Party won 17 seats and the far-left Left Front collected 10.  The Socialist Party now enjoys a lock on French politics.

Newly elected President Hollande’s domestic mandate will allow him push back on budget cuts being demanded by Germany.  Greece and other indebted countries say budget cuts are deepening the Eurozone’s recession by suffocating growth.  Clearly, there is division within the European Union.


Meanwhile in the United States, largely ignoring the historical lessons of American economic success, obama continues to call for bottom up economics.  This not so newly minted campaign tact is but one element of his overall class warfare election strategy.

Desperate for cash to combat GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s growing money juggernaut, obama’s campaign is asking his supporters to tell wedding guests to donate to his campaign rather than give gifts to the newlyweds.  The campaign is also turning to overseas American ex-patriots, seeking cash.

There is a new strategy to inflate the economy on obama’s behalf by Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve Bank.  obama and other Democrats are coordinating attacks on Romney with the American media, which completely flies in the face of a free press dutifully reporting facts to the electorate so as to facilitate voters being equipped with the knowledge necessary to make informed political decisions.

Bill Maher, $1 million obama campaign donor and known airwaves extremist, continued to spew hollow, hateful, leftist fringe rhetoric by spouting: Conservatism is not an ideology, ‘It’s just about being a dick’.   Joy Behar, one of Maher’s many fellow “progressive” extremists who populate Hollywood, felt compelled to chime in with “Gay Conservatives only think with their penises”.

Whatever happened to the angst, dismay and regret over harsh partisan rhetoric, so in vogue among “progressives” in the aftermath of the Gabby Gifford shooting?

In light of the Tea Party led midterm election landslide in 2010 and the Tea Party fed Scott Walker victory in Wisconsin’s recall election, it is quite appropriate to observe that, like much of the world, the population of United States is divided.

The division in America is distinctly between those who wish to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and those who wish to restore the country to its Constitutional roots.

The Constitution established a small government featuring division of powers, protection of individual liberties and fostering a free market economic system uninhibited by the shackles of an overbearing central government.  Since the early 20th Century “progressive” politicians have incrementally increased prohibitive regulatory controls while intruding upon individual liberties by imposing “progressive” taxation used to fuel the growth of big government ”entitlement” programs and bloated federal bureaucracies that far exceed the powers delineated to the federal government by the United States Constitution.

As they participate in Chapter 2012 of the age old power struggle between tyranny and freedom, the choice is clear for American voters.  To further enable unconstitutional usurpation of powers by disciples of Marx and Alinsky wishing to dismantle and eliminate the fundamental political, and socioeconomic structure of the United States, or to elect representatives who will insist upon restoring the Constitutional Republic envisioned by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and America’s founding patriots.


If You Were A Socialist and Wanted to Overthrow the United States Government…

If you were a socialist or even a communist looking to overthrow the United States government, what would you do?

You might:

1. Run a candidate for president with an obscure background

……..(see here, here, and here)

2. Select a candidate whose race deflects criticism from his socialist positions

……..(see here, here, here, here and the follow-up here; relatedly, here; especially here and here, and less seriously, here)

3. Make sure that the candidate is eloquent and articulate, but unable to think or speak “off-teleprompter

……..(see here, here, here, and most recently here)

4. The candidate should be cool and confident;

……..(here, here, here and especially here)

but he should have malignant narcissistic personality should the public turn on him

……..(see here, here, and especially here)

5. Obtain the support of communist and socialist organizations

……..(see here, here, here, here, and additionally here)

6. Decry any labels of socialist, communist, and Marxist as “unfair”

……..(see here, here; here?; and especially see here)

7. Demonize and attack anyone who exposes your candidate as a socialist

……..(see here, here, here, and here)

8. Use labor unions and community activists to engage in voter fraud if necessary to secure election victory

……..(see here, here, and especially here)

9. Use the media to herald your “post-racial” and “post-political” candidate as a “savior

……..(see here, here, here, poll here, books here, and here)

10. Have the media hide a radical voting record;

……(also here, here; and amazingly, here)

history of attendance in a black radical church;

……. (also here, and here)

and describe him as a moderate (also here, here, here, and laughably here)

11. Surround the candidate with communist advisers, refuse to put them through Senate confirmation, and keep them even after told by Congress to remove them

…….(see here, here, here, here; and about his communist background here, here, and especially here)

and Machiavellian thugs

…….(see here, here, here, and here)

12. Procure favor from Wall Street, which is allowed to loot the public treasury upon election

……..(see here, here, here, here, here, here, here)

13. Gain the support of strong labor unions like UAW by insulating employment from a market downturn through the nationalization of industry

…….(see here, here, and here)

14. Upon election, pass a huge spending bill that pays off political cronies

…….(see first here; then here, here, here, and especially here)

15. Move to eventually nationalize the banks so that the government directly controls the issuance (or non-issuance) of credit

…….(see here, here, and here)

16. Have the Fed pump more currency into the money supply than the down market can handle; leading at first to a Wall Street stock rise, but eventually to massive inflation and the destruction of the dollar as the global currency of choice

……(see here, here, especially here and here)

17. Increase unemployment and government dependency to ensure a political stranglehold on the government

……(seehere; here; here; here; here; here; and here )

18. Pass such wasteful programs as “cash for clunkers,” and corporate welfare (even for the Japanese!) and puts thousands more Americans in debt, while adding to the budget crisis

…….(see here, here, here)

19. Illegally grant qualified amnesty for certain illegal immigrants to add a huge voting demographic

…….(see here and here)

21. Pass a gigantic new government-run healthcare program that will eventually lead to control over nearly one-sixth of the United States economy and the life and death of each citizen

…….(see here, here, here, here, etc ….)

22. Give millions of illegal immigrants access to this “free” government-run (or taxpayer-subsidized) healthcare

…….(see here!, here?, and here)

23. Contract community organizers to perform the census and count illegal immigrants

……(see here, here, and especially here)

24. Propose more “voluntarism” to build up a “domestic emergency force” that is “just as well-funded and well-equipped” as the military

…….(see video here and here?!)

25. Build a patron-client network of “green jobs,” and appoint a criminal communist to head its administration

…….(see here, here, here, here)

26. Pursue climate change legislation that will strangle the energy economy and which will drive up costs in every industry, or otherwise empower the EPA to enforce Draconian energy regulations

……(see here, here, here, here, here, and video here)

27. Raise taxes and let tax cuts expire to assault businesses that are left

……(see here, and video here and then here, here, and finally here)

28. Continue to forbid the drilling for oil and gas by American companies in domestic territory; even as the government allows China to drill off-shore;

…….(see here and here)

subsidize drilling in other nations (like a Brazilian company whose largest stakeholder is George Soros)

……(see here! and here)

29. Build ties with dictatorial regimes across the globe; including with socialists in Latin America;

…….(see here; here; here, here; here, here, here; here, and here)

Islamists in the Middle East;

……(see here, here, here, here, here, here; here and here; here and here; here; here, here and video here; and on Israel here, here, here, and now here)

and communists in China

……(see here, here, and here)

30. Keep American troops, which are the most patriotic and dangerous of Americans, tied up in expensive wars overseas

……(see first here; then here, here, here, a great article here, and now here!)

31. Demoralize them by refuting that the goal of the wars is victory

…….(see here)

or start new wars without Congressional authorization, and defer to international law or intergovernmental bodies over U.S. sovereignty

…….(see here, here, and here)

33. Maintain police state infrastructure such as authorized by the Patriot Act, issue directives by domestic police agency accountable to executive that demonize and intimidate political opposition

34. Organize a means for citizens to snitch on one another

(see here, here,and here)

35. Move to prohibit the sale of firearms through signing international treaty, enhance registration and tracking, and frame guns as imminent security threat through unsavory operations that actually put guns in the hands of violent criminals

36. Take greater control over food supply

………(see here)

37. Threaten most vulnerable of our population in order to keep pushing debt crisis resulting from unsustainable overspending

38. Debauch the currency by forcing The Fed to monetize gross overspending, leading to high and rapid inflation

These are some of the less disputable things that have already happened. There are other things a socialist could do if he could get an infiltrator into the White House and attempted to fundamentally transform the United States.

The key to understanding the international socialist agenda is that it is incremental, systematic, and intentional.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN. He holds an M.A. in International Studies with emphasis on Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies and is an advanced PhD. student in Political Science.

Adieu France, So Long Stability

French Socialist President Francois Hollande’s newly elected government is planning to raise taxes on big companies while deterring businesses from engaging in layoffs by making that process more costly.

Hoping to nudge companies into investing rather than paying profits to shareholders, the government plans to impose a new 3% tax on dividends. Other plans include raising levies on capital gains, a special tax on banks and on energy companies, as well as imposition of government policies requiring the sale of profitable businesses in lieu of closure.

France’s Socialist government will dictate that it is illegal for a profitable, privately owned business to close its own doors.

So much for having the French people engaged in business activity. This less business-friendly government is going about the business of smothering France’s economy.

The prospects of trying to do business in France’s new economic environment resulted in margins tumbling, cash flow dwindling and orders collapsing. The uncertain outlook has postponed or cancelled investment and hiring.

Medef President Laurence Parisot told a news conference “The first source of financing for companies’ projects comes from private investors. Increasing tax on dividends runs the risk that private investors either invest less or elsewhere. We’ve had many meetings with the staff in ministries to explain what’s happening, but we are becoming deeply distressed. We fear a systematic strangling. Let’s be careful not to transform our country into a super-rigid enclave completely out of touch with the functioning of market economies as found everywhere else.” Parisot said.

Statistical data from the INSEE agency shows that business confidence fell in June to the lowest level since 2009, when France’s economy first showed signs of emerging from the nation’s worst post-war recession.

Hollande was elected last month after pledging to fight unemployment and revive growth. What he and his government are planning is not the way to go about achieving those goals. Attempting to resolve an economic dilemma that nanny state entitlement spending caused by destroying the tax base through imposition of business strangling regulations and taxes, while increasing the amount of spending done on entitlement programs is like trying to get a drunk sober by giving him a case of champagne. It’s going to have an effect opposite to the one desired. It is only going to make matters worse.

The way to balance a government budget is to stimulate private sector economic growth. That is what creates the tax base required to fund the government. Making it more difficult and more expensive to conduct business in the private sector is counter-productive to balancing any government budget.

By following economic policies similar to those Hollande plans for France, the United States is currently experiencing 1.8% economic growth. At this same point in President Ronald Reagan’s first term in office, his economic policies had stimulated the private sector U.S. economy to a 7.2% growth rate.

Can you say duh?

Both America and France could learn a thing or two from the economic policies of Ronald Reagan. In the case of the current White House occupant, that does not include hollow, unfounded, meaningless claims that you are much like President Reagan. It makes no difference whether those claims are made by you or your eager, obedient lapdogs in the institutionalized “progressive” left’s smear machine, referred to by your dumbed down, ill informed “progressive” congregation as the mainstream media.

France has the second biggest economy in the European Union. If this is the best the French can come up with, it is time to bid adieu to France and to European Union stability.


Dueling Constitutions: US Individual Rights or UN Human Rights?

When the difference between Communism and Capitalism is who holds the deed, details matter. Human rights and Individual rights are ideologies that hold similar comparisons. Human rights and Communism work hand-in-hand where a collective society is managed. On the other hand, Capitalism works with a representative government in protecting individual rights so individual’s decisions are protected. We should seek an America that gets back to a Constitutional Republic rather than a Declared Democracy.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is the antithesis to the United States Constitution. For over 60 years, these two documents have be sublimated into our culture causing cognitive dissonance…conflicting ideologies. Most advocates of a Constitutional Republic who argue these rights are labeled as anarchists but quite the contrary. They seek a small but strong government to protect minority individual rights from a democratic mob, such as corporations, community organizations, unions and even governments.

With Human Rights, governments act as a separate entity. They develop processes for implementation, test / poll, alter where necessary and control the environment to provide, monitor and protect human rights. These processes create communal responsibility and stymies growth and innovation while allowing the politically connected to manipulate the masses.

The impact of American Exceptionalism on mankind cannot be disputed. This is because a representative government protects individual rights. People in pursuit of their own ideas, innovations and invention without the approval of the politically connected (known as capitalism &amp). Henry Ford would not have revolutionized the automobile industry, Steve Jobs the computer industry or Thomas Edison if they needed approval of bureaucrats. If George Washington, Martin Luther King or Susan B. Anthony needed the approval of government, Americans, blacks and women would not enjoy the individual rights that once were suppressed.

Local governments follow laws and grant qualifications passed to them from other entities. Predetermined agendas are pushed by bureaucrats and trained facilitators who lead the masses to pursue a consensus. When that solution is not met, the agenda is tabled for another day. Stakeholders are solicited even though they do not have any collateral at stake. Once implemented, these plans and ordinances are impossible to change. Stakeholders advocate and connive to protect their self-interest, pitting neighbor against each other. With Human Rights, it justifies racism, sexism or just discrimination as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. This is known as Utilitarianism.

Advocates who pursue “separation of Church and State” or secular religion are advocating for United Nations Declaration of Human Rights true democracy where freedom of worship is pursued.

When you hear a Constitutional Republic advocate, they wish you to make the decisions necessary to help yourself, your family and your community. You will not need the consensus of the community to farm your land, to build a factory or apartment complex or run your local business in servicing the community.

Next time you hear Human Rights, they are telling you that they wish to lead you in a world where predetermined solutions are made. They seek communal consensus in managing society from a politically-connected top-down structure.

It’s a shame that our elected officials hardly use Individual Rights and the U.S. Constitution. No wonder the teaching of our Constitution in our schools have been removed and labeled as religious.

It is nothing about religion. It’s about freedom!

Green Death

Eight regions of Spain have had their credit ratings cut as uneasy Spaniards moved their money overseas. Spooked by the questionable state of their banks, Spanish savers are now moving their money abroad faster than records have ever shown. Spain’s credit rating has been downgraded two notches and nearly 25% of Spaniards are unemployed

The Spanish newspaper La Gaceta ran a full-page article exposing the truth about Spain’s “green jobs” agenda, which just happens to have been cited many times by barack obama as the way “forward” for the United States. “Green energy” has now been exposed as a costly disaster that has undone Spain’s economy.

The Spanish Administration confessed “the increase of the electric bill is principally due to the cost of renewable energies.” It has now become officially recognized that the price of electricity, as well as increases in Spain’s debt are due to the extra cost of solar and wind energy. Additionally, the Spanish administration now admits that each green job that was created cost more than 2.2 traditional jobs in the private sector.

All evidence to the contrary, the obama administration insists on moving full speed ahead with its ill imagined, full frontal assault on the American energy industry, coupled with increased promotion of their “green jobs” fantasy.

Not only is coal America’s cheapest source of energy, the United States owns some the world’s largest coal deposits. Newly enacted EPA regulations now force a reduction in utility CO2 emissions to 1,000 pounds per megawatt of electricity. This regulation effectively bans construction of new coal-fired plants and will invariably lead to hikes in electricity costs. Since only natural gas meets the new emissions standard, the country’s electricity providers will be forced to pay the cost of converting to natural gas. One way or another, electricity prices will “necessarily skyrocket”.

Despite administration claims, obama’s hostility towards fossil fuels has led to reduced opportunities for domestic oil production. obama continues to call for the elimination of targeted tax breaks oil companies have been receiving for decades. The general public is largely unaware of the fact that those tax breaks are targeted chiefly for exploratory activities. Drilling for oil is an expensive, uncertain business venture. Even successful fields have limited lifespans. Besides, hiking taxes on new exploration is counter-intuitive to increasing production.

In addition to his open aggression towards traditional fuels, obama plans on “investing” more of American taxpayer money by doubling down on spending for wind farms, solar energy, homegrown biofuels and energy-efficient cars and buildings. The history of the administration’s “investment” strategy is fraught with peril.

Here are a few of the “green” “sustainable energy” failures that have already been supported by the current administration’s “investments”. Remember, all this financing was done using your tax dollars. Well, not exactly. It has been done with tax dollars to be re-paid to the Federal Reserve Bank and China by your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Plus interest:

Evergreen Energy-Which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying it’s “impossible to maintain operations” due to funding shortfalls. This announcement came after the company received $5.3 million in “stimulus” funds.

Amonix Inc.-A manufacturer of solar panels that received $5.9 million from the “stimulus”, laid off about 200 employees only seven months after opening a factory in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home State of Nevada.

Beacon Power Corp-Sought bankruptcy protection in 2010 after they received a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

Ener1 Electric-A car battery manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy three years after receiving a $118.5 million grant from the U.S. government.

These are all in addition to Solyndra-A solar panel maker that received a $535 million loan guarantee, then famously filed for Chapter 11 protection.

This is a mere taste of problems found when centrally planned big government intrudes into the free market. Not only is the spending inherently wasteful, the fact that these companies were in large part operated by big donors to obama’s political campaign points to the corruption involved when an ideologically captive, politically driven politician makes investment decisions based on cronyism. Two thirds of all energy loan guarantees or grants made by the obama administration’s Department of Energy have gone to his campaign donors or donation bundlers. Can you say quid quo pro?

All government energy subsidies should end. Energy companies should be free to compete without government interference. If and when “green” “sustainable energy” becomes a competitive solution, consumers will reward “green” companies that used private capital to successfully situate themselves in the market by purchasing their products. That’s how a free market works. That’s what’s made America the greatest economic success in the history of human civilization.


What the Left Hates Above All Else

What the left hates above all else is a person with dignity and self-respect. This may seem like a counter-intuitive or unfair statement.  But the argument for this claim turns on reason, and the proper employment of language.

In the leftist’s view, all those who do not share his grand vision believes himself to be “above” society. Those who stand outside his group, and desire not to be a part of it, is condemned by the leftist as someone who feels himself to be “above” it.

This petty, juvenile contempt translates into a hatred of “hierarchy,” or “patriarchy”; and thus, intentionally or unintentionally, of order in society. It must be pointed out that a modicum of order is necessary for true freedom.

True freedom means an individual decides what to do with his life; this is in fundamental opposition to the totalitarian leftist’s plans for that individual.  A person is just a means to an end for the leftist, and has no inherent value in and of himself.

The great majority’s rational rejection of the left’s unhinged views has only served to radicalize the left, which subsequently translated its views into esoteric doctrines and oblique programs to subvert the will of its popular opposition.  Due to being historically outnumbered, the left has been driven to infiltrate “the system,” sloughing off all morality of the formerly “bourgeois” system, such as honesty, decency, and forgiveness in the process. The leftist has become the master of patron-client organization building, rewarding those who are “down for the cause,” while punishing those who remain oblivious or unsympathetic to the leftist’s inhumane agenda.

The leftist who reads this entry will immediately dismiss it, unable to separate his self-image from his position vis-a-vis objective reality. Dismissing logic, reason, and anyone who does not share his view, the leftist insulates himself from reality, both economically and socially, while surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who share his contempt for outsiders. The left’s sequestering into monastical environments promotes an “us-them” mentality, very similar to the kind found in cults.

This is not how a leftist would communicate his irrational hatred of an independent person to himself, however; for his lexicon has been shaped by the left’s philosophical forbears to cast all such personal characteristics mentioned above in terms of “selfishness,” “egotism,” “narcissism,” “greed,” or even pure “hate.”

As such, one needs to explain why the leftist is “inhumane.” The leftist pretends to care about “humanity,” without really caring about individuals. This fundamental contradiction is a grave one, for it leads the leftist to sacrifice actual living, breathing human beings for his abstract causes. The foundation of his worldview is seriously, irreconcilably flawed; and this is a deadly mistake in judgment on the leftist’s part.

Anyone who believes in something, and stands for something, is the greatest threat to the left. From the leftist’s point of view, anyone with a solidified moral code is by nature a “fanatic,” or even “fascist” in mentality.

But the leftist does not realize that the code of individualism is itself a barrier to fanaticism (one can witness the tidiness and orderliness of tea party rallies, in comparison to the usual mob mentality of the left, for example). In contrast, the leftist’s opposition to entrenched morality and order leads him to seek fatal societal breakdown, resulting not in liberation or a superior order, but rather the powerlessness of members of society to defend themselves from power-hungry rulers.

A woman or a black or any individual with her own mind, her own sense of benign morality, and who exercises judgment, infuriates the left because she is beyond its powers. She is unable to be easily manipulated. She is not readily subject to being reinvented in the left’s imaginary ideal. In the leftist’s eyes, these stubborn qualities alone makes her intrinsically “hateful,” “racist,” “bigoted,” “fanatical,” “uncaring,” and “uncompassionate.”

For the left, the agenda trumps all. Actual living, breathing individuals who refuse to accompany them into demonstrable political madness be damned.

The American Left: Justifying Evil

The American left has become the victim of a great brainwashing, whether the ideologues realize it or not. Not only have they been stripped of their moral compass, rendered unable to tell right from wrong, but they are actively seeking destruction under the false pretense that they will liberate themselves and mankind. Instead, their unchecked action will lead to chaos, mass violence, and slavery to the state.

There are three main roots on the left’s shriveled tree of evil, which bears no fruit except immorality, decadence, and economic decay. The first is the Kantian ethic of equality, a categorical imperative that leads its believer to eschew reality for a beloved abstraction. The second is nihilism, described by Friedrich Nietzsche to mean a lack of belief in God, or more broadly, moral standards. The third is Marxism, which deludes its adherents into trading a voluntaristic economic system with individual protections for an authoritarian one with no systemic barriers to arbitrary state control.

Equality has become a fetish for leftists, causing them to overlook biological differences between men and women, adults and children, and even human beings and animals. The result is a degradation of human life, and by extension, sexuality. A prolonged period of such demoralization provides the preconditions for inhumane behavior.

Immorality blurs or obliterates the differences between right and wrong. Nihilism, in its academic form of relativism, and in its bureaucratic guise of pragmatism, removes all moral boundaries to state action.

Marxism is an inversion of moral economy. It twists production to mean theft, and theft to mean justice. It implies men are without agency, and scapegoats a system for individual human behavior, leading to irresponsibility and even entitlement demands on other human beings’ labor by virtue of merely being alive. It leads to enslavement of man to man, and all men chained to the state. It does this by convincing its true believers that if they only yield the state absolute power, someday, somehow, their utopia will come true.

A dominant Marxist website effectively admits as much, commenting on Karl Marx’s view of the state, as compared to Friedrich Engels‘:

On the basis of what facts, then, can the question of the future development of future communism be dealt with?

On the basis of the fact that it has its origin in capitalism, that it develops historically from capitalism, that it is the result of the action of a social force to which capitalism gave birth. There is no trace of an attempt on Marx’s part to make up a utopia, to indulge in idle guess-work about what cannot be known. Marx treated the question of communism in the same way as a naturalist would treat the question of the development of, say, a new biological variety, once he knew that it had originated in such and such a way and was changing in such and such a definite direction.

In other words, socialists are supposed to take on faith that once the economy is wrecked (including all attendant human misery that comes with it), after rioters have taken to the streets in an orgasm of social chaos, and by association, after the state is given complete control over the economy to redistribute wealth, we may see our imagined communist state. Then, as Engels so fantastically put it, the state will wither away.

But a social scientist can only empirically verify the past; and as one can easily can testify, there are no examples of even functional socialist states there. On the contrary, socialist countries are not even close to prosperity or their professed goal of material equality. The only countries that appear at first blush to be socialist while still enjoying high standards of living turn out to be predicated on capitalist systems, accruing considerable foreign trade income or engaging in high deficit spending, or both. These mainly European social welfare states are experiencing a slow demise rather than a shocking implosion.

The most drastic of the socialist regimes of the twentieth century are undeniably the bloodiest and most miserable. If we are to be scientists, as Marx exhorts us to be, let’s examine the facts. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics presided over a deadly and corrupt communist system that slaughtered at least 60 million humans and enslaved tens of millions more in gulags. Maoist China, through its ruthless and inept policies, ushered in the deaths of around 75 million people. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia was among the most horrific, killing four million out of a nation of seven and a half million through what RJ Rummel describes as “war, rebellion, man-made famine, genocide, politicide, and mass murder.”

Yet the left, for all their feigned worldliness and knowledge about the human condition, ignores both the historical record and elementary political theory. Delivering totalitarian control to the state, for any rationale whatsoever, simply leads to evil; immoral men are drawn to power and use it to entrench their privileged places in society.

A solution has been crafted to untie the Gordian knot of how to preserve power sufficient to maintain domestic tranquility and to protect the country from foreign invasion without accumulating too much centralized control: divided powers as expressed in The Constitution and elaborated upon in Federalist 51. When combined with such precautions as private property and sound currency, the evils a cadre of men can commit is severely limited under such a governmental system. Whether or not good or evil flourishes in the world thus becomes predominately up to us.

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