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Massachusetts Bans ‘Non-Essential’ Procedures Like Colonoscopies, Knee Replacements, Allows Abortions

Massachusetts hospitals may not perform “nonessential” procedures like colonoscopies or knee replacements, but they may continue to perform abortions. Massachusetts Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality director Elizabeth Kelley released a March 15 memorandum explaining that all procedures which are “nonessential, elective invasive” procedures will be postponed or canceled while Massachusetts is under a state of emergency, according to ...

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Today’s Social Distancing And Tomorrow’s Virtual Togetherness

Virtual Reality headset

The March 16 chyron accompanying ABC’s World News Tonight’s report on the coronavirus read, “America Shutting Down.” And that’s not good. Yet at the same time, we can see the green shoots of the next society—a more tele-distributed, virtualized society—sprouting up. And that’s an encouraging thought. For instance, also on March 16, Anne-Marie Slaughter, president of New America, a mostly ...

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Safety First

Healthcare is a demanding job, and allied health professionals frequently find themselves on the frontlines of our nation’s most pervasive battles. There are many important considerations facing today’s healthcare workers as they serve the injured, ill, and infirm, but none are more essential than safety. The top priority of all healthcare professionals is safety, both for their patients and themselves, ...

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During the Coronavirus Panic, Exploit What You Can Control

A basket of lemons sits beside a glass of lemonade.

ex•ploit ĕk′sploit″, ĭk-sploit′ transitive verb – To employ to the greatest possible advantage. “Can’t,” “don’t,” “contain” and “restrict” are negative words present everywhere in the news, the media and conversation. The threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus will undoubtedly remain a challenge for everyone for months to come. Significant abrupt restrictions and closures are making many within our communities feel very controlled ...

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Spring Break Vacation Tips: Know Before You Go

Vacation Travel

TUCSON, Ariz. – The month of March is here, and with it spring break vacation for schools and colleges across Arizona. Many travelers will flock to destinations south of the border, such as Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wants to ensure travelers enjoy a smooth and efficient processing experience upon their return home from spring break ...

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Things you need to know before visiting London

London is easily one of the most exciting destinations in the world, but there are several things you should know and prepare for before visiting London if you want to get the most out of your trip. Get an Oyster Card As the saying goes, the world is your oyster, in this case grabbing an Oyster Card unlocks public transport ...

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The Oscars: Oh So Pretentious!

I used to be a big movie fan many years ago, but not anymore. There are very few movies that I see now and most are pure crap. I don’t even know who these new people are anymore and can’t even pronounce their names. I don’t watch the Oscars anymore because of ALL THE grandstanding and pretentious people patting each ...

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PlayStation Ranked #1 Among Millennials in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2020 Study

PlayStation ranked the most intimate brand among millennials, climbing up from the eight spot last year, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2020 Study, which is the largest study of brands based on emotions, now in its 10th year. Brand Intimacy is defined as the emotional science that measures the bonds we form with the brands we use and love. Among Gen Z, Xbox ...

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CDC Announces First Person-To-Person Spread Of Coronavirus In US

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Thursday the first person-to-person spread of the Coronavirus in the United States, but cautioned that general public still believed to be at low risk. In a conference call with reporters on Thursday, a spokesperson for the CDC announced that they have discovered the first instance of person-to-person transmission of the Coronavirus within ...

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Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 200 As Outbreak Impacts Travelers Worldwide

The death toll from coronavirus hit 213 by Thursday evening, the Chinese government reported, as health officials internationally are fighting to deal with the deadly outbreak. The total count of infected patients is edging toward 9,800, according to The New York Times, which cited data from the Chinese and World Health Organization. Six people have been diagnosed with the virus ...

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Fifth Case Of Coronavirus In US Occurs As Death Toll Climbs In China

Three more Americans have been diagnosed with coronavirus, bringing the total number of infected patients to five in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday. While the agency deemed the risk for Americans to be low, there are an estimated 3,000 cases in China, according to The New York Times. Wuhan, the Chinese city ...

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It’s not too late to take precautions against the flu; threat of infection may last several additional months

The flu can be uncomfortable, at best, but it can also be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] so far this season there more than 13 million people have been sick with flu, at least 5,900,000 people have been to the doctor because of flu, more than 120,000 people have been hospitalized because of flu and more than ...

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