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Disney+ Will Soon Be Available On Amazon Fire TV After Disputes: Report

Amazon and Disney have reportedly joined forces to bring the Disney+ streaming service to Amazon Fire TV, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Thursday. The partnership comes after Amazon and Disney had disputes over the summer regarding Amazon’s push for the right to buy ad space on Disney apps if it were featured on Fire TV, the second-largest TV streaming carrier ...

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Starbucks Introduces ‘Merry Coffee’ Holiday Cups, Promises They Are Not Avoiding Christmas

Starbucks unveiled its 2019 holiday cups featuring the line “Merry Coffee” Thursday, but the organization promises that they are not avoiding the word “Christmas.” The national coffee chain’s cups feature “a swirl of candy cane ribbon, a pop of green, and a merry greeting” that comes close to wishing coffee drinkers a “Merry Christmas.” The sleeve on Starbucks holiday drinks ...

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Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Appearance With Tucker Draws In Over 4 Millions Viewers

Megyn Kelly

Former NBC and Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s brief return to Fox News Wednesday as a guest on host Tucker Carlson’s show drew over four million viewers according to Nielsen Media Research. Kelly’s first television interview in a year and first time on Fox News in over two years made “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the most-watched show on cable, Nielsen Media ...

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Are hair transplants painful?

The pioneering clinic of “Soft FUE” in Turkey says that hair transplants does not have to be painful. They may well know something that many other countries have still not discovered. One of the most commonly asked questions about FUE hair implants, is: “Are hair implants painful?” Well, the short answer is NO, it does not have to be, but ...

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Advice For Dealing With Shoulder Pain [Infographic]

Shoulder pain is the most common joint problem that affects every adult at least once in a lifetime. You don’t necessarily need to have arthritis to experience shoulder pain – even playing the guitar or painting long hours may cause discomfort. In case you have recently injured yourself, book an appointment with your physiotherapist or surgeon as soon as possible. ...

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Review: Arlo Guthrie In Concert

On Sunday I had the opportunity to see Arlo Guthrie in Concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey. I have seen Arlo dozens of times now since the ’80s and he never fails to disappoint. This year is the 53rd anniversary of his famous Alice’s Restaurant Massacree and the 50th anniversary of the album and ...

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Mountain Biking at 50: Tires, Rims and Tape – Oh My

If you’re new to mountain biking, you’re likely overwhelmed by the myriad of options, upgrades, accessories and more. It’s nearly impossible to figure out what matters and what doesn’t as Youtube influencers pedal their sponsors’ wares and magazines publish articles flattering their advertisers’ goods. Good news. My only sponsor is Conservative Daily News and they receive exactly $0 from bike ...

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Rambo:Last Blood [Review]

Rambo:  Last Blood is the fifth, and hopefully the last, in the Rambo series. I say hopefully because Sylvester Stallone is 71 years old now and getting too old for these parts event though he does them well and they are timeless with the current events of the time. In the first Rambo, he played a returning Vietnam Vet suffering ...

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