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Conservative Rap Rising in Popularity  

During the past few years, rap music has been growing rapidly in popularity. In the eyes of many, the hip hop industry as a whole might have surpassed rock and roll in terms of popularity. As a result, there are numerous genres of rap music that are popping up all over the place. With lots of subcultures, there is rap ...

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Bob Dylan On JFK: A Murder Most Foul

Folk-Rock singer Bob Dylan has always been an enigmatic, reclusive, yet top influence of a generation in the world of folk and rock music. With a whiney, grainy voice or as singer David Bowie once described it, “a voice like sand and glue,” he literally gave birth to an entire generation and civil rights movement with songs like “Blowin’ in ...

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Rolling Stones Drop Unreleased 1974 Track Featuring Jimmy Page

The Rolling Stones dropped a previously unpublished track Wednesday, originally recorded in October 1974. “Scarlet,” featuring famed Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, was released early Wednesday morning on the band’s official YouTube channel. SCARLET ⤫ FEATURING JIMMY PAGE ⤫ OUT NOW! https://t.co/2hxmfEmnMt Originally recorded in October 1974, this track has never been released before – featuring legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist ...

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‘Don’t Ever Apologize For What You Believe In’: Former Bachelorette Star Describes Backlash For Not Posting A Black Square

Former Bachelorette star Garret Powell discussed his disillusionment with political conformity on social media in an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Don’t ever apologize for saying something that you believe in,” he said, referencing football star Drew Brees and former Bachelorette star Garrett Yrigoyen, who have both apologized for their conservative beliefs after facing backlash.  “I might catch a ...

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‘First-Of-Its-Kind’: Johnnie Walker Whisky To Be Sold In Paper Bottles

Johnnie Walker whisky will be debuting a new, 100% plastic-free bottle beginning in 2021, British parent company Diageo said Monday. The bottles will be a “first-of-its-kind” paper spirits bottle, made from “sustainably sourced wood,” according to a Diageo press release. “We are constantly striving to push the boundaries within sustainable packaging and this bottle has the potential to be truly ...

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Most Americans Plan to Stay Home this July 4th

Fourth of July

America’s birthday will look very different this year – with more than 60% of us staying home and avoiding gatherings with others. That’s the finding of new Harris Poll data released today as the country heads into the holiday weekend. While citizens remain divided on issues of race, politics and culture, we are united as ever on the importance of ...

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Keep Food Safety in Mind When Eating Outdoors

Family picnic outdoors

Do you have plans to enjoy a picnic, barbeque, or meal under the summer sun? Remember to pack your picnic basket with food safety in mind, as food-borne bacteria that cause food poisoning (also known as food-borne illness) multiply faster in warm weather. Follow these tips to keep your food safe when eating outdoors: Before your picnic Defrost meat, poultry, ...

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Consumers Spend Nearly Seven Hours Per Week Watching Online Video, and Almost Half Subscribe to Two or More OTT Services

Parks Associates announced new research today showing the number of hours per week consumers spend watching online video has almost doubled from 3.6 hours per week in 2017 to nearly seven hours per week in 2020. Set-top Box Innovations and Trends also notes traditional pay-TV service has declined from an adoption rate of 75% to 62% in U.S. broadband households between Q1 2017 and ...

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How to Tell If Your Dog Is Sick?

Can you tell when your dog is not feeling well? Are you able to interpret the signs that he may be sick? If not, don’t feel bad. It can be difficult to tell when a dog is sick. This is true whether or not you’re a first-time pet parent or are an old hand at caring for a dog. The ...

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How to Properly Dispose of Worn-Out U.S. Flags

Several boys in Boy Scout uniforms salute a blazing fire pit as adults do so in the background.

Many Americans proudly fly the U.S. flag at their homes and places of work, but what do you do with it when it’s old and ratty and you’re ready for a new one? Don’t just throw it in the trash like any other old item — that’s considered disrespectful. Just as there’s etiquette for displaying Old Glory, there’s also etiquette ...

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Quaker Ladies – Houstonia Caerulea

Folks looking for a delicately small and beautiful wildflower plant to decorate their garden with should consider planting Quaker Lady Bluets. The growing conditions and care of this plant are a relatively easy undertaking and will reward owners with beautiful blooms every year. Quaker Lady Bluets are relatively hardy and perennial plants that grow outdoors year-round. They are capable of ...

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SIXSMITH: On The Precipice: Five Lessons for Avoiding Societal Catastrophe

With the development of the nuclear bomb, mankind acquired unprecedented potential for committing both murder and suicide. This was the creation of the “precipice” that the Oxford philosopher Toby Ord referenced in the title of his serious and important new book “The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity.” Ord wrote: “At that moment, our rapidly accelerating technological power ...

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