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Airports Around The World Ramp Up Health Checks As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises To 6

Airports around the world, including the United States, are taking extra health precautions as a coronavirus spreads to four countries and its death toll rises to six as of Tuesday. There are about 300 infected people in total as the virus spreads to other countries among Chinese travelers: Japan, South Korea and Thailand. A Taiwanese woman who recently returned to ...

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Medication Is Destroying Careers, Ruining Marriages And Increasing Violence, Researcher Warns

Researchers who study the effects of medication and painkillers warn that these drugs may be negatively affecting users’ brains. University of California at San Diego researcher Beatrice Golomb explained to the BBC that reports from patients across the U.S. show alarming reactions to “statin” drugs: drugs intended to lower cholesterol. The researcher found that use of statin treatments is tied ...

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Cancer Death Rate Has Its Biggest Single-Year Drop Reported

The United States cancer death rate experienced its biggest single-year drop ever reported in 2017, according to the American Cancer Society. Cancer death rates in the United States dropped 2.2% during 2017, the American Cancer Society said Wednesday according to the Washington Post. This drop is partially due to medical and societal gains against lung cancer reflected in both falling ...

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Study shows that too many American adults don’t know the symptoms of a heart attack


New research shows that some 13.5 million adults in the U.S. could not identify a single symptom of a heart attack — not even that chest pains are an obvious sign of a cardiac event. The study was conducted for a recent scientific gathering sponsored by the American Heart Association [AHA]. It was based on findings of data gathered by the ...

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More People Are Talking About Baby Yoda On Facebook Than Every Other Democratic POTUS Candidate

A Star Wars character is gobbling up social media interactions on Facebook and Twitter as the Democratic presidential candidates struggle to gain attention on social media, Axios reported Friday. Baby Yoda, a character from the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian,” is pulling in twice the amount of interactions as former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the report ...

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Americans Are Dying Younger, Study Shows

An increasing number of Americans are dying far before their time, causing the U.S. life expectancy rate to continue decreasing, according to a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Life expectancy has been decreasing since 2014, according to the study, published Tuesday. A big factor is the increase in deaths among young and middle-aged adults due ...

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Movie Companies May Soon Own Theaters Again

Movie Theaters

As part of the Department of Justice’s review of nearly 1,300 legacy antitrust judgments, the Antitrust Division today announced that it has filed in the District Court for the Southern District of New York a motion to terminate the Paramount Consent Decrees, which for over 70 years have regulated how certain movie studios distribute films to movie theatres. After a ...

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Disney+ Will Soon Be Available On Amazon Fire TV After Disputes: Report

Amazon and Disney have reportedly joined forces to bring the Disney+ streaming service to Amazon Fire TV, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Thursday. The partnership comes after Amazon and Disney had disputes over the summer regarding Amazon’s push for the right to buy ad space on Disney apps if it were featured on Fire TV, the second-largest TV streaming carrier ...

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Starbucks Introduces ‘Merry Coffee’ Holiday Cups, Promises They Are Not Avoiding Christmas

Starbucks unveiled its 2019 holiday cups featuring the line “Merry Coffee” Thursday, but the organization promises that they are not avoiding the word “Christmas.” The national coffee chain’s cups feature “a swirl of candy cane ribbon, a pop of green, and a merry greeting” that comes close to wishing coffee drinkers a “Merry Christmas.” The sleeve on Starbucks holiday drinks ...

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Navy Helps ‘Midway’ Film Crew Bring Battle to Life

The Battle of Midway was one of the most pivotal of World War II in the Pacific, and a major film depicting its events is about to hit the big screen. Defense Department historians who helped from start to finish say “Midway” does justice to the integrity, accountability, and toughness of everyone involved in the real June 1942 battle. Written ...

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How to Personalize Your Home Office on a Budget

Many home offices turn into dark spaces that people don’t like working in. We have looked at a few ideas on how you can create an office that is highly functional and has a personal feel to the available space without you needing to spend a fortune. Create a Plan The key to keeping the cost low when setting up ...

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Experts Explain Possible Reasons Behind A 56% Jump In Youth Suicide Rate In 10 Years

The suicide rate among U.S. children and young adults between 10 and 24 has increased by 56% in 10 years, according to CDC data. Doctors became more hesitant in diagnosing depression in children after he FDA extended a “blackbox warning” label on antidepressants to children in 2007 — a move experts say could be linked to the increase in youth ...

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Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Appearance With Tucker Draws In Over 4 Millions Viewers

Megyn Kelly

Former NBC and Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s brief return to Fox News Wednesday as a guest on host Tucker Carlson’s show drew over four million viewers according to Nielsen Media Research. Kelly’s first television interview in a year and first time on Fox News in over two years made “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the most-watched show on cable, Nielsen Media ...

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How to Prepare Your Child for a Trip to the Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist shouldn’t invoke fear or concern, but the reality is that many people have a fear of the dentist. If you educate and prepare your children before their first trip to the dentist, you can help eliminate their fears before they start. Here are a few tips on how to fully prepare your child for ...

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Are hair transplants painful?

The pioneering clinic of “Soft FUE” in Turkey says that hair transplants does not have to be painful. They may well know something that many other countries have still not discovered. One of the most commonly asked questions about FUE hair implants, is: “Are hair implants painful?” Well, the short answer is NO, it does not have to be, but ...

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