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AFC Championship Game Preview: Jaguars at Patriots

On Sunday afternoon and for the seventh consecutive year, the New England Patriots will be playing in the AFC Conference Championship game. The defending Super Bowl champs will look to add to their trophy case and all that is standing in their way is the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars. A team that upset the Pittsburgh Steelers 45-42 last Sunday in front ...

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Watch: Marc Short and Mick Mulvaney Hold New Press Conference to Counter Democrat Lies

Mick Mulvaney and Marc Short - 2

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short held a 20-minute press conference Saturday to correct the false claims that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had been making about the government shutdown throughout the day. Schumer attempted to lay blame for the shutdown at the president’s feet by saying that he had given Trump “everything he ...

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Is This The Crisis That Crashes America?

Airplane with handcuffs

It’s a point that’s been discussed many times, that when our nation is overrun by illegal aliens who break our laws just by entering and who bring the corrupt, impoverished, lawless practices with them from the nation they are running away from, that America itself will sink into the chaos and poverty that the invaders are themselves trying to escape. ...

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Two-Thirds Of Voters Support School Choice, Minorities More Likely Than White Americans

  by Rob Shimshock A Thursday poll showed that about two-thirds of likely 2018 voters are in favor of school choice. Sixty-three percent of Americans likely to vote in the 2018 elections support school choice, with minorities more likely to support it than whites, according to a press release obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “I’m not surprised,” said Lance ...

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President Trump’s week in review – 1/12/18 thru 1/19/18

Donald Trump delivers speech at H&K Equipment in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 1-18-18

The president spent the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, Jan. 12-15, at his house on Mar-a-Lago where no public events occurred. January 16, 2018 President Donald Trump on Tuesday greeted, met with and held a joint press conference with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. The president later delivered remarks at a “Conversation with the Women of America” event. January ...

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NFL Playoff Ratings Drop by Over 20 Million Viewers

Patriotic Americans can now be reassured that their boycotting of the National Football League over the embrace of malcontents who have all but spat on the flag and the troops is working. Not only have regular season ratings gone into a death spiral since Commissioner Roger Goodell sided with the kneelers and declared war on President Trump but the previously ...

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Pro Trump Actors Speak Up While Trump Touts Accomplishments in Pa. Rally

In Hollywood, if you don’t toe the liberal line they treat you like an outcast unless you’re an established star like Denzel Washington then you can say what you want but the big bosses could suddenly turn on you. Denzel recently spoke up calling former president Barack Obama “the criminal-in-chief.” Former President Barack Obama ran the United States “like a ...

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BATFE could become BFE if Trump administration gets its wish

ATF logo and ammo

The White House has a plan to reorganize the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that would see the department focus on regulations and crimes involving firearms and explosives according to a report. The Trump administration is looking to end a long-standing confusing split of responsibilities and perhaps end some redundancy. The Department of the Treasury is responsible for ...

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Government Shutdown Imminent as 325 Million Americans Held Hostage by Advocates for 700,000 Illegal Aliens

Chuck Schumer mad

Immigration reform advocates are unhappy as Democrats hold up border security and defense funding until they get amnesty for a large group of illegal immigrants. “The American government is officially being held hostage by the leadership of the Democratic Party, which is demanding unconditional amnesty for at least 700,000, and perhaps as many as 3.4 million illegal aliens,” charged Dan Stein, ...

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CNN Poll Confirms Democrats Out Of Touch On Shutdown

Chuck Schumer shrug

  by Thomas Phippen Most Americans disagree with Democrats that getting funding for Dreamers is worth shutting down the government, according to a new CNN-SSRS poll released Friday. Given a choice between funding the government and supporting illegal immigrants, more than half of respondents (56 percent) said that avoiding a government shutdown is more important than securing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, ...

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