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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons from a Conservative Perspective

Badge of Dishonor – Ben Garrison Cartoon

RIP Mr. Floyd Americans witnessed a murder in Minneapolis. For several minutes, a policeman had his knee on the neck of a man which cut off his airway.  Mr. Floyd told the officer he couldn’t breath, but that didn’t matter. Floyd was accused of a non-violent crime. He was in handcuffs. He was not resisting. There was no reason for ...

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Trump’s Shadow – Tina Toon

“You think he’s gone? He’s NEVER gone!” Richard Dreyfuss in “What About Bob?” Ex-President Obama is still working behind the scenes to “transform” America. No one knows this better than President Trump. Like a persistent skin rash, Obama just keeps lingering and making our lives miserable. He keeps quiet for awhile and then pops up and does some drive by ...

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Red Dragon – Ben Garrison Cartoon

In the coils of the Red Dragon The Chinese communist party wants to immediately enact a new “national security” law in Hong Kong. The law would effectively end Hong Kong’s independence as well as their civil liberties. Freedom is a dire threat to the Chicoms’ so-called ’security.’ President Xi, like the rest of his comrades in power, is an atheist ...

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