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  1. Did my subscription go through??
    Thank you, Tammy

    [email protected]

  2. I support our President. Finally a real American is in the White House, NOT just a politician.

  3. I am a American Mexican conservative, I have backed our Great President since day 1 of his campaign, I served 11 years and 9 months, I know that alot of Veterans love him. I am so tired of people on the left lying on him, calling him racist, I am brown and a American Nationalist , how am I racist, according to the left, Our President needs our support, he is fighting Savages with no morals who cry about everything.

    • Thank you, Richard, for your comments! Loved every bit of your words. Thank you for your service! Thank you for your American patriotism! And your support for our great President Donald J Trump!

    • mary ann silvati

      You are so correct. The socialist left Marxists are hard at work. God bless America and Donald Trump.


      Thank you Guzman for your service and support of our president

  4. The president is a man of his word! He is single-handedly making America great again. Thank you beyond words.

  5. Says I was already subscribed. I don’t think I was.

  6. I didn’t receive your Email confirming my subscription.

  7. Christine Greene

    Did my subscription application go through? Christine Greene, [email protected]

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