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Syria Withdrawal Begins

The US withdrew its forces from a base in Qamishli in Northeastern Syria, according to Al-Manar TV in Lebanon. In December of 2018, the US President announced the withdraw of US troops from Syria and a partial withdraw of forces from Afghanistan and immediately in Washington it drew a fierce backlash from the majority of Congress which has been aggressively Pro-War ...

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Colombian President Duque: Cuba Assisting Terrorist Behind Bogota Police Bombing

  The Colombian President has denounced the Cuban regime for their alleged involvement in the Bogota police bombings in January which killed 22 people. Duque said about the attack, “This was a terrorist act and a crime against humanity that was planned, for months, with the participation and knowledge of the Central Command of that organization, which has had members in ...

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Situation in Southern Libya

The Trump administration is concerned about ongoing tensions in southern Libya, which have prolonged the closure of critical oil infrastructure and deprived all Libyans of vital economic resources, according to a State Department statement. “We call on all parties to urgently establish a mutually acceptable security arrangement that will guarantee the safety of National Oil Corporation (NOC) workers and allow ...

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El Salvador’s Own #Walkaway Candidate Wins Presidency

Sunday, February 3rd, voters in El Salvador went to elect a new President as voter dissatisfaction has surged in the violence-ridden country with a corrupt failing two-party duopoly. Voters delivered a devastating rebuke to the duopoly as the right-wing ARENA Party received 31.72% of the vote, and the left wing FMLN saw its share at only 14.41%. Outsider and former San Salvador ...

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Anti-Macron Riots Descend Into Chaos As Rival Yellow Vest Groups Do Battle

Rival groups associated with the so-called Yellow Vest movement were involved in what appears to be a street brawl Saturday during the 13th week of protests against French President Emmanuel Macron. “A Right-wing group of Yellow Vests attacked a Left-wing one, and the result was carnage,” one protester who witnessed the confrontation told reporters, according to Daily Mail report Sunday. ...

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Emmanuel Macron: Crybaby Delusional Egotistical Maniac

French President Emmanuel Macron went to Russia to lecture President Putin on Peter the Great and Russian history, met President Trump in an attempt to embarrass him and treat him like a child, told Hungarians how to run their affairs, complains because Turkey goes after coup plotters and the Syrian branch of the PKK. Whenever leaders like the ones mentioned responded, ...

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12,000 Blood Treatments in China Found to be Contaminated With HIV

One of China’s largest state pharmaceutical companies found the HIV virus in 12,000 units of intravenous immunoglobulin, an immune therapy made with antibodies from blood plasma. The Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Company, China’s second-biggest medical blood products manufacturer, has notified China’s National Health Commission (NHC) and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and the entire batch has been recalled. The government has said ...

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Oil Discovery Could Make Small Country One Of The World’s Richest And It’s Not Ready For It

Offshore oil rig

Another two major oil discoveries have been made off the shore of Guyana, all but assuring the impoverished South American nation an immense flow of wealth. ExxonMobil announced two big oil discoveries in a region approximately 120 miles off the shore of Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. The finds were made at the Tilapia-1 and Haimara-1 wells in what is known ...

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Unelected EU Council President Donald Tusk Declares “There is a Special Place in Hell” For All Brexit Supporters Who He Claims Have No Plan

The unelected European Union Council President Donald Tusk declared in a Tweet that “I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted #Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.”  The EU and Europhiles say that Brexit supporters don’t have any plan on what to do regarding leaving ...

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Iran’s failed space launch a violation of U.N. resolution

In defiance of the international community, the Iranian regime continues to develop and test ballistic missiles, including a reported second failed space launch in less than a month. Space launch vehicles use technologies that are virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles, including in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). This attempted launch furthers Iran’s ability to eventually build ...

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As U.S. Talks Continue, Turkey Changing Tune on Islamist Group

The Trump administration is pursuing a diplomatic breakthrough with Turkey after months of fluctuating ties with the NATO ally. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu visits Washington D.C. today as part of a meeting of the anti-ISIS coalition. President Trump expected to address the group and bilateral talks between the United States and Turkey are likely to continue on the sidelines ...

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