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Watch: President Trump Holds a Press Conference on Final Day of World Economic Forum – 1/20/20

President Donald Trump held an unscheduled press conference on Tuesday touting the U.S. economy’s amazing recovery from the previous administration’s policies and the great relationship shared with foreign leaders. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication page for details and requirements.

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Airports Around The World Ramp Up Health Checks As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises To 6

Airports around the world, including the United States, are taking extra health precautions as a coronavirus spreads to four countries and its death toll rises to six as of Tuesday. There are about 300 infected people in total as the virus spreads to other countries among Chinese travelers: Japan, South Korea and Thailand. A Taiwanese woman who recently returned to ...

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China’s Birthrate Dropped To Historic Low In 2019

The birthrate in China hit its lowest point in 70 years during 2019. The country’s population climbed to over 1.4 billion for the first time while the birthrate fell to 10.48 babies per 1,000 people, the National Bureau of Statistics said Friday. “The lesson from other East Asian countries is that once the birth rate declines, it’s hard to get ...

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Russians Hacked Burisma: Report

Russian military hackers have successfully infiltrated Burisma, the Ukranian gas company that Hunter Biden worked for between 2014 and 2019. According to The New York Times, the hackers set their sights on Burisma in early November, when President Donald Trump was facing mounting scrutiny over allegations that he withheld military aid from Ukraine as he pressured its president to investigate ...

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Pentagon, Ukrainian Officials Believe Airliner Shot Down by Iran

Iran may have accidentally shot down Ukraine flight PS752, according to reports from Fox News, CBS News and Ukrainian news agencies. From Fox News: The Ukrainian plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s international airport was shot down by mistake by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile, Pentagon officials told Fox News. From CBS News U.S. intelligence picked up signals ...

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Australian Police Have Charged Several People For Intentionally Setting Bushfires. Activists Blamed Climate Change

New South Wales police have charged more than 20 people for deliberately starting fires across Australia as the country beats back wildfires. Activists and celebrities say climate change played a part in the blaze. The NSW Police Force has taken legal action against 180 people since the end of 2019, according to local reports. Australian fires have killed 18 people ...

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Here’s Why Authors, Theologians Think Pope Francis Cooperates With The Chinese Government Despite Persecution Of Religious Groups

Pope Francis came to a hotly debated deal with the authoritarian Chinese government in 2018. The move caused widespread confusion among Catholics, who watch as China continues persecution of religious groups. The Daily Caller News Foundation spoke to authors and theologians regarding the motives behind Pope Francis’s cooperation with China. Pope Francis caused widespread confusion among Catholics when he agreed ...

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The Pig-Ignorance of Tim Kaine & The Pro-Iran Left

Soleimani & Kaine

“Soleimani was a despicable killer, but this drastic escalation of hostilities, waging a military attack on Iraqi soil over the objections of that country and without congressional authorization, will increase the threat to American troops, diplomats, and families in the region,” US Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), said in a tweet. This is the kind of opportunistic pig-ignorance that passes for ...

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U.S. Strikes in Iraq Killed Powerful Iranian General and Deputy

Air strike

In a stunning admission, Iran says that one of its most powerful generals was killed in Iraq as well as a senior deputy. An airstrike killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran’s elite Quds Force and architect of its regional security apparatus, at Baghdad’s international airport Friday, Iranian state television and three Iraqi officials said, an attack that’s expected to ...

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World-Renowned Auto Exec Escapes Trial In Japan: Report

Former chairman for Nissan and Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn reportedly fled Japan he was facing stiff charges stemming from his time as an auto executive. How he escaped is still a mystery. Ghosn’s escape had all the earmarks of a Hollywood-style caper that left everyone shocked, even those closest to the automotive tycoon. One report suggested his wife, Carole Ghosn, masterminded ...

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Mexican Cop Arrested In Connection To Massacre Of American Mormon Family

In a shocking development in the hunt to locate those responsible for the massacre of nine U.S. citizens at the hands of cartel gunmen, authorities have arrested a Mexican police chief. Federal authorities arrested Fidel Alejandro Villegas, the police chief of Janos, a small town in the state of Chihuahua, earlier this week, Mexico’s Public Security Ministry announced on Friday. ...

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Amnesty International Condemns Russia For ‘Intimidation And Persecution’ Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Amnesty International condemned Russia for imprisoning Jehovah’s Witnesses and said in a Monday statement that “intimidation and persecution” of Jehovah’s Witnesses must stop. The United Kingdom-based human rights group called on the Russian government to release Vladimir Alushkin, a Jehovah’s Witness imprisoned Friday, and cease persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Amnesty International also condemned Russia for ignoring calls from the United ...

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Russia Convicts Six More Jehovah’s Witnesses For ‘Extremist Activities,’ Imprisons One For Six Years

A Russian court convicted six Jehovah’s Witnesses of “extremist activities” Friday. The Leninsky District Court of Penza convicted Vladimir Alushkin and sentenced him to six years in prison, Jehovah’s Witnesses World Headquarters Spokesman Jarrod Lopes told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The court convicted Alushkin for “extremist activity,” and Alushkin was “immediately handcuffed and taken into detention,” Lopes said. Five ...

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At Least Five Dead, ‘No Signs Of Life’ After Volcano Erupts

At least five people are dead and many others missing after a volcano erupted on an island in New Zealand Monday. The eruption occurred on White Island and released clouds of ash about 12,000 feet into the air according to the Washington Post. All of the missing are feared to be dead, police said. The numbers of those missing could ...

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At Least 20 People Killed After Cartel Shootout Near Southern Border

At least 20 people were killed after cartel gunmen stormed a Mexican border town and attacked government buildings. Mexican security forces chased them down the following day via helicopters. It’s not clear why the gunmen, apparently belonging to the Northeast Cartel, attacked the town of Villa Unión, which is less than 50 miles away from the Texas border.  The massacre ...

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