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Blogging is one of the most difficult ways to make money that there is. Any 15-year-old with a laptop can research and pound out an article, but they won’t get paid and likely will be unnoticed.

Here’s how to get noticed as a blogger:

CDN has been promoting bloggers, podcasters, live voice program hosts, cartoonists and personalities up to the next tier of fame for years. It isn’t just because we have tons of connections (we do), or because we’re a highly-respected source of news (we are), commentary and information (yeah, those too.) It is because we teach. We work with our contributors to focus their writing, learn how to attract an audience and how to take things to the next level.

Anyone can do it!

Our strategy will help you learn proper research, writing, promotion, and branding so that you might move on to do it all yourself!

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We’ll give you an account on CDN to start publishing articles. Our editorial staff will offer suggestions to improve your writing and title choice. Our promotion department will push you to our network of websites once you are ready.

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  1. Van Jones of CNN used actors in the Town Halls he did for CNN to discredit Trump. I know because i was one of the actors & i feel ashamed & used now by Van Jones & CNN..

  2. Opinion Letter on Repeal and Replace

    Why should we Fight for an ObamaCare repeal and replace it with something more sensible and fair?
    Both Democratic and Republican leadership see ObamaCare for what it really is – Wealth redistribution and a way to gain more votes from a politically obtuse group of citizens. Why can’t government sit down and come up with ideas that can really work?

    I am an RN, and I do believe there are fair but moderate approaches to healthcare that should have been seriously considered and implemented before we went down the rabbit hole that is Obamacare, on our way to a single-payer healthcare management approach which will eventually wreck our country’s economy, as it has in other western countries.

    First of all, we do not give the public enough credit – I believe most young Americans know if they really need extensive healthcare services. Most do not need to see the doctor on a regular basis. Why are we paying to have these people insured when most will never use enough of these services to make it worthwhile? These people, under the age of 35, should be able to opt for a bare-bones plan to cover only accidents or other types of rare catastrophic care. In this group, expectant mothers can opt for additional coverage for pregnancy on a demand basis to optimize prenatal and newborn care to minimize preventable health problems.

    For the majority’s of us, we should be able to opt into one of a few health plan choices, which could be obtained through their state semi-regulated (but still private) competing healthcare providers. As part of every business’s right to maintain employees, this would be paid for by a fee that would come out of every paycheck as a percentage of income – just like social security, BUT unsubsidized AND otherwise left untouched by any federal or state agency. Now a word to these health insurance providers: if you are going to be allowed to sell any kind of health insurance to a particular state’s citizens, then you must sell all the semi-regulated health plan choices. If a health insurance company refuses, then they will not be able to sell any health policies that year. Furthermore, none of these plans should be federal government subsidized.

    These semi-regulated plans should include:

    – have no pre-existing conditions clause of any kind; this is a health insurance company cop-out, and shouldn’t be allowed. I believe we have grown beyond this unfair idea as a people.

    – cover all children through age 21 under their parents plan and up through age 24 for children successfully attending college to obtain a vocational certificate, Associates degree or Bachelor’s degree.

    – Any individual may opt out of basic health coverage as long as they understand the full financial risks to themselves; however they must maintain basic health insurance for their minor children, and they must carry for themselves accident-related and other types of less common catastrophic care, such as those with severe acute genetic disorders.
    – No illegal resident in America may receive federal government-subsidized healthcare from this program; they may, however, receive it under a state or local plan if that governmental agency chooses to offer it, the state’s citizens vote for its approval via the initiative process, and only if such a program is NOT subsidized by the federal government in any way.

    – All hospitals and medical groups will be paid an agreed-upon fair and equitable fee for services legally rendered, by the government if emergency or catastrophic services are used by a destitute person without coverage. This will be paid for by a pool paid into through state taxes (60%) and 40% by America’s healthcare institutions and national and multinational pharmaceutical and medical supply companies supplying the USA, including a substantial but fair fee paid by each doctor. If they fully comply with this fee regulation. they will be able to request a federal government tax break on the tax returns for their business; the states would be strongly encouraged to do so as well.

    – Medical visit co-pays for all services should be mandatory, but reasonable. Any annual deductible should be relatively small.

    – Finally, any person that has a chronic alcohol or other legal or illegal substance abuse issue may only receive coverage if they pay an additional substantial yearly health risk fee for the rest of their life as part of their income taxes; this fee may be ended upon their healthcare PCP (or psychiatric specialist) signing a written declaration indicating they have been free of substance abuse for 5 years.

    – All citizens deemed to have severe chronic physical or mental disorders (not illnesses) will receive a fully-subsidized federal government healthcare plan free of charge, paid for out of a pool paid into by state taxes (60%) and 40% by America’s healthcare institutions and national and multinational pharmaceutical and medical supply companies supplying the USA, including a substantial but fair fee paid by each doctor. If they fully comply with this fee regulation. they will be able to request a federal government tax break on the tax returns for their business; the states would be strongly encouraged to do so as well.

    – Every citizen would have access to healthcare coverage.

    – During the negotiations for this program, a special consideration to ban all lobbyists on healthcare on Capitol Hill should be raised and implemented.

    I’m sure there are many other good ideas; do yourself and your neighbor a favor, support politicians that are willing to do what is right for the American people in this area; do not let this issue be decided (once again) by political hacks and lobbyists working both sides of the aisle.

    To see how long the wait times for Healthcare in Single-payer Canada, click the following link:

    Healthcare wait times hit 20 weeks plus in 2016: report

    … and England: England’s National Health Service ‘waving white flag’ as it axes 18-week waiting time operation target

    … and Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece and many more do not even keep competent wait-time records, no doubt for PR reasons.

    Mike Castrova, RN

  3. For a conservative newsletter, your anti-Viagra ad certainly is not very conservative !

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