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Social media and the cancel mob are steadily erasing conservative content from the internet.

They do it by forcing Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Twitter), advertisers, banks, and syndication partners to separate themselves from anything that doesn’t fall in line with progressive policies.

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You can help keep the this14-year-old conservative operation going by contributing a tiny amount for the content you like and/or sharing our content on social media, in emails, or face-to-face by telling people you know about us.

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We need all the help we can get to fight off the progressive cancel mafia.

What We’ve Done with Donations So Far:

We could have used the money to pay ongoing expenses (servers, marketing, services, etc) or done the Hillary thing and just pocketed the cash. Instead, we chose to give back by supporting the content of conservative writers and artists. The even better news? You get access to their stuff by visiting CDN.

October 26, 2021 (first week accepting donations):

We appreciate the donations and have immediately put them to work by bringing in content from great creators like:

  • Added Josh Hammer to the columnist section – working on more!
  • Noted conservative columnist Star Parker will adorn our site with her brilliant takes on American politics.
  • The VERY talented cartoonists, Michael Ramirez and Gary Varvel, will be added to our political cartoon section
  • Everyday Cheapskate writer Mary Hunt will offer financial advice on surviving Bidenomics in our money section

November 2021

  • Added Oliver North, David Goetsch, Jackie Gringrich Cushman and Michelle Malkin

December 2021

  • Added Debra J. Saunders
  • Reduced number of ads on the site as monthly donations are replacing ad income

Thank you for helping us bring in more content for you. Every dollar matters!

What’s Next

Future donations will allow us to continue growing. That means more content and … subscriber features! WHAT?!?

We aren’t ready to release details yet, but we have some YUGE stuff coming for those willing to support a site that has content they want.

With increased support, we will continue to find great conservative content creators and reduce ads. Our hope is to become a fully visitor-funded site with no need for advertising.

How Much is Our Content Worth To You?

Any amount helps and your contribution goes directly to the content we provide. The charge on your statement will be to “Bald Eagle Media, LLC” the parent company of Conservative Daily News.

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