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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pvt. John Towle

You never know how service members will react in war. Will they freeze up, or push through the chaos? For World War II Army Pvt. John Towle, it was the latter. The 19-year-old soldier single-handedly took out nine Germans and two armored tanks, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers but losing his own. Towle was born in Cleveland on ...

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National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial – What to Know Before You Visit

The traumatic events of Sept. 11, 2001, changed the lives of everyone in America, especially those working for the Defense Department. Terrorists proved that the very symbol of our national security — the Pentagon — was not, in fact, impenetrable. A hijacker flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the southwest corner of the Pentagon that day, killing 184 people — ...

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Guardsmen Ready to Respond to Hurricane Dorian

National Guardsmen all along the East Coast are on duty, ready to do what needs to be done in response to Hurricane Dorian, the chief of the National Guard Bureau said. Air Force Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel told Pentagon reporters today that guardsmen from Florida to Virginia are assisting civilian agencies across a range of capabilities. Dorian is hitting South ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright

On Sept. 2, 1945, Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, a Medal of Honor recipient, was among the few U.S. military leaders aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when Japan signed the surrender documents ending World War II. Wainwright is lauded for defending the Philippines when they were overtaken by the Japanese and earned the nickname  “Hero of Bataan.” Born ...

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Small Steps Save Lives When Person Is at Risk of Suicide

In September, the Defense Department is kicking off Suicide Prevention Month with a reminder: Small steps save lives. Dr. Karen Orvis, director of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office, said taking simple safety measures and precautions can prevent someone who’s distraught or depressed from taking his or her own life. Speaking at the 2019 Suicide Prevention Conference sponsored by the Department ...

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Tips From an Army Special Agent to Avoid Scams

Even the most innocuous data posted to a social media feed can be married up with other publicly available information to provide online criminals the tools they need to exploit members of the military or general public, an Army special agent said. Special Agent Deric Palmer, program manager for the Digital Personal Protection Program, part of the Major Cybercrime Unit ...

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Trump Signs Executive Order To Wipe Out ‘Every Penny’ Of Student Debt For Severely Disabled Vets

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday directing the Department of Education to eliminate “every penny” of student loan debt owed by more than 25,000 disabled veterans. Speaking at an AMVETS event in Louisville, Ky., Trump said that the order will erase “hundreds of millions” of dollars in debt for veterans who have been deemed “completely and permanently disabled.” ...

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Presidential Memorandum on Discharging the Federal Student Loan Debt of Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans [Full Text]

MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATIONTHE SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS SUBJECT:       Discharging the Federal Student Loan Debt of Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans Since our Founding, the United States has been blessed with men and women willing to serve in defense of our Nation and our ideals.  Many of those answering the call to serve make the ultimate sacrifice ...

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Intel Director: Intel Sharing, AI/Machine Learning, Open-Source Intel to be Top Priorities

Within a decade, China and Russia’s militaries will be using data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning and possibly quantum encryption and communications, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said. These tools are used to collect, analyze and secure data accurately and at high speeds. Both China and Russia realize that “whoever can leverage the data and understands that can ...

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Army to Take Industry Approach on Capability Upgrades

While automakers and other industries are good at streamlining their processes to incorporate the latest technologies and roll out new models in a relatively short time to stay ahead of the competition, the Army traditionally has been slow to identify and field new capabilities, Acting Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy said. McCarthy spoke at the Foundation for the Defense of ...

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