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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Capt. Ed Freeman

Heroes are often people who volunteer for missions they know might be their last. During the Vietnam War, despite having reached retirement age while managing to survive two wars, Army Capt. Ed Freeman volunteered for just such a mission. Freeman was born on Nov. 20, 1927, into a big family who lived on a farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He never finished ...

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What is the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa? > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Story

U.S. service members with the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa have spent the past few weeks helping victims of Cyclone Idai, a devastating storm that slammed into Mozambique and Zimbabwe in March. Most Americans don’t know a whole lot about the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa — CJTF HOA, for short — or our relationship with ...

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Actors Visit Military Working Dogs

Actors do some crazy things for their jobs, but it’s not every day they choose to put on a padded dog bite sleeve and get attacked by a military working dog with 300 pounds of pressure behind its bite. A few actors recently watched some drug-sniffing dogs in action at the 2nd Military Working Dog Detachment at Fort Meade, Maryland. They ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Pfc. Harold Gonsalves

Artillery battalions were rarely on the front lines of the battle during World War II, but cannon units often found themselves in line with the infantrymen directly facing the enemy. Marine Corps Pfc. Harold Gonsalves lost his life on the front line of the Battle of Okinawa in the Pacific, but in doing so, he earned the Medal of Honor. ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Union Army Pvt. George Maynard

The American Civil War accounts for 1,522 Medal of Honor recipients — nearly half of the total who have earned the award since its creation in 1861. One of those recipients was Union Army Pvt. George Maynard, who refused to leave a man behind during a lopsided fight. Maynard was born in a suburb of Boston in 1836 and attended ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Lt. Vincent Capodanna

Chaplains aren’t just religious advocates for service members. They’re also relied upon for moral and spiritual well-being, with an ability to be calm in the most harrowing of circumstances. Only a handful of chaplains have earned the Medal of Honor. Navy Lt. Vincent Capodanno, whose bravery and selflessness were exemplified during the Vietnam War, is one of them. Capodanno was ...

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Have a Question? Defense.gov’s Got Answers

The Defense Department is huge and has numerous moving parts, so we’re sure you have lots of questions that might bring you to Defense.gov. Civilians always have questions about military procedures, and service members and their families have an entirely different subset of queries about what’s available to them. Luckily, we have a whole Question & Answer section on Defense.gov ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins

For some people, the military is a calling. That was the case for Army Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins, who reenlisted during the height of the Iraq War after a break in service. It was a decision that led to his death, but his dedication to the cause saved the lives of three of his fellow soldiers, and those actions are ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Capt. Jack Treadwell

By spring of 1945, the end of World War II was imminent. The Allies had pushed into Germany, and that momentum may be what pushed Army 1st Lt. Jack Treadwell to single-handedly clear out six enemy bunkers and take 18 prisoners as his battalion hammered the Siegfried Line, Germany’s last major defensive fortification. His actions inspired his men and earned ...

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Tying Defense With Diplomacy

A lot of Defense Department decisions tie in with State Department foreign policy. But while military advisors and diplomats share the same mission, they have very different perspectives and skill sets. So it would make sense to have a link between the two, right? That’s where the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs’ Office of State-Defense Integration comes in. It creates a link ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pfc. Bryant Womack

Medics on the battlefield have a crucial job: to care for the wounded despite the chaos around them. Army Pfc. Bryant Womack understood that job so well that he refused to quit helping others in Korea, even after he’d lost a limb. That selflessness led to his death, but it also earned him the Medal of Honor and a place ...

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