About CDN

Conservative Daily News was a follow-on project to PlainHardTruth.com (PHT), both of which were started by Rich Mitchell. PHT was just a place to put thoughts and share ideas – its popularity was beyond expectations.

CDN runs an open editorial policy. No articles are censored just because they don’t toe a certain editorial line. As long as opinion posts are something Conservative readers might be interested in, they get published.

Our contributors are everyday Americans – lots of them. Our writers and artists are from different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, ethnicities, religions .. what have you.

This gives CDN readers a much broader perspective and a set of voices that more-closely resemble the voting block than those of typical news outlets and political blogs with only a few writers. Some contributors are purely fiscal Conservatives, while others are more socially Conservative. None of us agree on everything, but we share anyway.

You may find certain authors that you agree with more than others. Read them all and comment. We can only learn if we discuss our varied views.

Conservative Daily News is owned by Bald Eagle Media, LLC.

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