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Isolation, Social Distancing, Lockdowns And Masks. It’s All About Control

Terror can rule absolutely only over men who are isolated against each other. . . . Therefore, one of the primary concerns of all tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about.” —Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism Despite positive virus trends, Democrat-run states continue to push painful and useless lockdowns. Some states refuse to reopen the schools. Others punish ...

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Where Have All the Conservatives Gone?

Considering the state of conservatism in national politics today reminds of one of an old anti-war anthem from yesterday. “We hope they’re hidingWe hope they’re playing a gameBut we know this is really happeningWhere have all the conservatives gone?” With apologies to Joseph Kerschbaum The rioting and protests in many U.S. cities today are a direct result of cultural changes ...

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With Virtual School, Parents have an Opportunity to “Check” Teachers with a Political Agenda

The start of the new school year is right around the corner and many parents are concerned about the fact that their children will, once again, be learning in a “virtual” environment due to concerns related to the coronavirus. While the concept of “virtual” learning poses many challenges to students and parents, it also provides a much-needed opportunity to “equal ...

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Biden And Harris Make Their PoIitical Debut

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made their first appearance together as running mates in a mostly empty building in Wilmington, Delaware. What a bunch of total B.S. it was. To paraphrase an old song by Bob Dylan: “Like Judas of old they lie and deceive/ Things are going to get better they want me to believe/ But I see through ...

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The Benefits of a Government School Lockdown

Politico recently conducted a poll and discovered, much to its delight, that the public is opposed to reopening K–12 schools in the fall by a margin of 53 to 38 percent. The public here includes single people, parents, single–parents, grandparents, assorted Never Trumpers and the ‘Resistance.’ According to the demographic breakdown, approximately half of the respondents were too old or ...

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Biden’s Assault Weapons Ban: Bad Policy, Good Politics

On August 5th, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden tweeted a proud poster stating “Ban Assault Weapons” while extolling his senatorial experience behind the 10-year assault weapons ban. While undoubtedly an effort to gin up support by signaling his true believer devotion to increased gun control, there is only one problem: by almost any empirical standard, the assault weapons ban instituted ...

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It’s Up to Us Now

The sides are chosen and the dye cast. No choice has ever been clearer. Election 2020 pits two diametrically opposed forms of government and economic systems against each other. On the one hand we have our “republican form of government”, where all power belongs to the people. It is driven by its economic engine, “Capitalism” with its free markets and ...

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Criminals And Leftist Democrats: A Natural Blend

Democrats want criminals to be allowed to vote because Dems and crooks are natural allies, working and plotting against the welfare of the citizens of this nation. Plus, Democrats sincerely need the criminal vote in order to stay in power and continue their tyrannical, radical, leftist, rule. Criminals invade people’s space to rob and molest them, just as Democrats invade ...

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Trump Plays Hardball While Biden Plays Wiffle Ball – and Misses…

While Joe Biden continues to falter and fumble campaigning from his basement, Trump is out there campaigning and working hard for the people as he always does, making America great. Trump is playing rock’em, sock’em hardball while Biden is playing Wiffle ball and missing the ball Trump recently passed police reform. Biden and Obama could have done but they didn’t. ...

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The Racist And Cognitive Decline Of Joe Biden

If elected president, Joe Biden will be older his first day in office than when Ronald Reagan left the White House. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has always been gaffe-prone, but his increasingly common verbal missteps and outbursts have led to harsh scrutiny. It’s one reason some believe he’s spending most of his time at home. As Joe Biden’s mental ...

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Individuals with a Cervix

CNN Media Bias Logo

A recent flash in the pan on Twitter was this tweet from CNN. In an effort to be more inclusive and accurate, CNN purposely avoided using the traditional term for ‘individuals with a cervix’- women.  The expected brouhaha exploded over the Twitterverse and anyone with the slightest familiarity with a user’s profile could predict with quantum accuracy their point of ...

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The Numbers Are In, We Will Believe Anything

Recent polls suggest that COVID fears, despite alternative statistical realities, are alive and well. While the general public is unsurprisingly hesitant to resume attending congregations for religious, musical, or athletic competitions en masse, an amazing number highlighted in one survey indicates that just 59% of Americans would be comfortable even having dinner at a friend’s house. This is down from ...

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The Democratic Party: Racists From The Beginning

Fake Racism News - A.F. Branco

You can always tell when someone has a guilty conscience or when they feel guilty of doing something wrong. Typically they gravitate toward behaviors that would remove any attention away from them and direct it elsewhere. Only one political party in the United States has a history of racism and that’s the Democratic Party. Republicans were the party of Lincoln, ...

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