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Candace Owens Presents: Playing the Black Card

In America, there’s a card more valuable than any card from Visa or American Express. What is it? How can you get one? Candace Owens, Communications Director for Turning Point USA, answers these questions. Transcript You’ve heard about the black card, right? No—not the one from Visa or American Express. This one is much more valuable. There are entire organizations ...

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Democrats: The Original Dumb And Dumber

In case you haven’t heard the most recent pan-Democrat position, and one hopes that their position is carried into the November mid-terms and the subsequent 2020 general elections, but Democrats, all of them, think that the murderous gang of MS-13 are good people who have a “spark of divinity” and deserve respect as humans, per the expressed opinion of the ...

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Mueller adds more countries to collusion probe hoping to prop it up thru midterm elections

The New York Times published an article Saturday reporting that since the Russian collusion thing didn’t turn anything up on President Trump, interactions between Donald Trump, Jr. and two more countries are worthy of Robert Mueller’s investigation – that way it will surely continue on through the 2018 midterm elections. Three months before the 2016 election, a small group gathered at Trump ...

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Watergate On Steroids And Human Growth Hormone!

  I was around for the Watergate Scandal with former president Nixon. That was just a third-rate burglary with people from the Nixon camp attempting to bug the Democratic Headquarters located at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Today with Hillary and the DNC rigging an election, paying a foreign national Christopher Steel and law firm Fusion GPS 12 million ...

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Leftist Orthodoxy Must Be Followed, Or Else….

When one studies ancient civilizations such as sun worshipers or Zeus followers, these primitive societies are found to never permit a non-worshiper or a deity-doubter to practice a contrary belief, nor even to remain in the larger society while not adhering to the acceptable, established belief. Those who do not adhere to the established order are often killed or driven ...

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Hamas Attacks Israel Over Jerusalem! Media Supports Terrorists!

Recently distinguished law professor Alan Dershowitz published an article on The Hill on the recent attacks by Palestine on Jerusalem. He stated: If this were the first time that Hamas deliberately provoked Israel into self-defense actions that resulted in the unintended deaths of Gaza civilians, the media could be excused for playing into the hands of Hamas. The most recent ...

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Israel Murdered Innocent Palestinians Like Poland Attacked Nazi Germany

The liberal press in the 1930s dutifully reported that the peaceful nation of Hitler’s Germany was violently attacked by the vicious state of Poland (whose military was armed with swords, bolt-action rifles and moved about on horses in cavalry formations at the time) and Adolph Hitler was, of course, forced to retaliate in response to this dastardly and unprovoked attack ...

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Mitch McConnell Is Just a Clerk at Heart

Curator of the Senate Mitch McConnell has decided to re-define his role in public life. McConnell is moving away from characterizing himself as a conservative legislative titan. According to an obsequious profile in The Weekly Standard (a Never–Trumper hotbed), McConnell has found his true calling. The curator believes the best use of his talents is to serve as the Human ...

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Does The White House Owe An Apology For The McCain Insult?

John McCain strange questions to Comey

The White House staffer’s comment about Senator McCain not being a current political consideration due to the fatal nature of his cancer was made in a non-public, semi-private, closed-session setting within the White House and was duly apologized for, privately, by the perpetrator, to the McCain family. The White House need do nothing more to satisfy the vultures in the ...

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Unpredictability: Winning Trump Style!

During the presidential campaign, Trump said, “We are going to win so much you will be begging me to stop winning.’” Well, Trump has kept his promises and we are winning left and right. : 1) Unemployment is at a 20 year low at 3.9% and the economy is roaring 2) Black unemployment is at an all-time low. 3) Hispanic ...

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The Suicide of Europe

Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this week’s video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall. Transcript The civilization born of Judeo-Christian values, ancient Greek philosophy and the discoveries of the Enlightenment is staring at the abyss, brought there by its own hand. To put it ...

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The Left and It’s Angry Brand of Comedy

What do Chipotle and the White House Correspondent’s Dinner have in Common? Easy. After the meal, everyone’s a little queasy. Except for Kathy Griffin. She’s furious. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner proved conclusively one picture is still worth a thousand words. The photo of Griffin holding a decapitated Trump head torpedoed her career. For months her reputation was in such ...

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