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Trump allegedly calls 3rd world nations $h!tholes – here’s why the media is going berserk

Haiti waste bridge

update: President Trump tweeted Friday morning that “the language used” by him “was tough,” but the reported verbiage “was not the language used.” The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA! — Donald J. Trump ...

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Steve Bannon’s Spontaneous Combustion

It’s been said that death was a good career move for Elvis, it remains to be seen if Steve Bannon’s Watch–Me–Burn–Down–My–Career Tour will be equally favorable for his future prospects. The coverage of his quotes and leaks in Michael Wolff’s new book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ has been nothing short of incendiary. So far this week ...

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Odds And Ends In The News That Require Emphasis

oprah Winfrey

1. The Oprah may run for president, but her anticipated campaign logo could be misread if she’s not careful. Is her professional symbol of “O” actually a letter “oh” or a number “zero”? Those not familiar with her magazine and other “O” products may not understand. But after all is said and done, Oprah is a very successful woman, which ...

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Can Republicans Tackle Welfare Reform In 2018?

  by Robert Donachie President Donald Trump and Republican leadership spent the weekend at Camp David setting the 2018 legislative agenda, and welfare reform, a topic so sensitive it is considered the “third-rail” of American politics, looks like it could become a priority in 2018. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other top Republicans accompanied ...

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Trump vs. Obama and Hillary

 Americans are witnessing the horrific results of months of brutal anti-Trump propaganda. The blathering celebs from the entertainment industry turn award shows and late night television into incessant Trump-hating on-air protests. The mainstream news establishment produces an endless cycle of reporting aimed at dehumanizing the president and questioning his sanity. But all this has social consequences. If society is on the edge of collapse, ...

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Why Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

Tsunami - A.F. Branco Cartoon

The radical, liberal Democrat Party has, for the last eight years, made some of the most harmful and idiotic decisions that mankind has ever witnessed. The following examples just scrape the surface and demonstrate just how idiotic and unrealistic American leftists have become: Radical leftist Barack Obama swore that he would “Fundamentally Transform America”. His words can only mean that he ...

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Strange Fire At Clinton House After FBI Announces New Investigation Into Hillary E-mails

Hillary and Bill should be really worried now. The FBI knew Clinton broke laws but didn’t do anything now there are four investigations going on against her. There’s the new re-investigation into her e-mail server, the investigation into the corrupt pay for play money laundering Clinton Foundation, her role in the Uranium One scandal where she and eight other groups sold ...

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Author Of Trump Book Can’t Be Sure All Is True

So-called journalist Michael Wolff wrote a tell-all anti-Trump book. Naturally, the Destroy Trump media is gobbling it up and anti-Trumpers across the land who believe this garbage put out daily by the left wing biased propaganda media are also gobbling it up. Michael Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” included a note at the ...

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Obama: 3 percent growth is impossible – Ignorance or intentional lie?

The Obama administration mocked the idea that America could ever again have three percent annual economic growth. It’s both a statement of stupidity and a liberal lie. On or about April 29, 2016, this idea that no more real economic growth is possible in America became the “new normal” for Obama and his pals. In their limited, traditional, head-in-the-sand opinions, ...

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Do Liberals Have Any Sense At All?

The New York Times is shocked, shocked! –  that they have now determined President Trump’s new tax law will indeed save most people money on their taxes, and that this money will benefit the middle class, contrary to all of the tripe Trump-haters spread last year about only the rich benefiting from the new tax law. The ignorant people who ...

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Walls Define What They Surround

Walls designed to keep people in an area define prisons. Some examples of this type of wall are: North Korea The Berlin Wall The Iron Curtain Cuba Federal Prisons County jails The former USSR Walls designed to keep people out are protecting something of value. Some examples of this type of wall are: John Kerry’s mansion The Kennedy compound The Clinton ...

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The Media’s Drug Addiction To Trump

Ever since Trump was elected, the media latched onto him like a drug addict in need of a fix. They can’t stop talking about him day in and day out.  They are addicted to hating Trump like they are on crack cocaine. Just one tweet sends them into orbit and all the stations try to top each other over his ...

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Trophies are for winning

Trophies are for winning

Should kids be given trophies for playing sports, even when they don’t win? Are participation trophies a good or bad thing for young athletes? Former Olympian and LA Galaxy soccer star Cobi Jones shares his thoughts. Transcript Participation trophies. I’m not a fan. They’re bad for kids. Bad for parents. Bad for society. Other than that, they’re okay. Don’t get ...

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