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Is This The Crisis That Crashes America?

Airplane with handcuffs

It’s a point that’s been discussed many times, that when our nation is overrun by illegal aliens who break our laws just by entering and who bring the corrupt, impoverished, lawless practices with them from the nation they are running away from, that America itself will sink into the chaos and poverty that the invaders are themselves trying to escape. ...

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Women’s March On Oppression

 On Saturday, January 20th women around the world marched in protest against oppression against women and manly against Trump.  Of course here in the United States the usual gang of troublemakers spoke:  Jane Fonda, Whoopie Goldberg, ambulance chasing lawyer Gloria Allred and actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannsen. President Trump has weighed in on the Women’s March with a tweet ...

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Pro Trump Actors Speak Up While Trump Touts Accomplishments in Pa. Rally

In Hollywood, if you don’t toe the liberal line they treat you like an outcast unless you’re an established star like Denzel Washington then you can say what you want but the big bosses could suddenly turn on you. Denzel recently spoke up calling former president Barack Obama “the criminal-in-chief.” Former President Barack Obama ran the United States “like a ...

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What Democrats Mean When They Use The Word “Racist”

Democrats and the American leftist press have worn out the word “racist” by constantly throwing it at President Trump in an attempt to get his supporters to abandon him and remove their dedicated support for his policies as he wages war with the Democrat Party for the very life of America. The current Democrat party is practicing racism. They have ...

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Precious Snowflake Democrats Horrified at Trump’s Language

Media Meltdown

Following the plain, straight words that President Trump allegedly said in a meeting he had with members of Congress in which the economic and living standards of certain third work hell-holes was discussed, the fool Democrats called certain Trump administration members before Congress and grilled them on the words the attendees of that meeting used. It was determined that all ...

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Pay As You Go Amnesty

The current controversy involving granting amnesty to approximately 800,000 Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens (DACA) is nowhere near the end of demands to appease mass lawbreakers. The people who naïvely think that after the DACA surge is legalized the country can get back to normal are the real dreamers. Unchaining those demonstrators from the furniture in Congressional offices and TV studios ...

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An Open Letter Of Thanks To President Trump For Saving America

Donald Trump weekly address 1-15-18

Dear Mr. President, Thank you for taking the liberal slings and arrows from the big-government Democrats, shrugging off each of their attacks with humor and good cheer. Thank you for moving promptly upon taking office, with your Supreme Court appointment, your promised regulations reduction and your new tax bill, while all the time being criticized and lied about by Democrats ...

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Sen. Flake blasts Trump; defends mainstream media

Jeff Flake unhappy

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Wednesday used the Senate floor to criticize President Donald Trump while defending the biased mainstream media. “No longer can we turn a blind eye or deaf ear to those assaults on our institutions,” Flake said in an address to a nearly empty chamber. “and … an American president who cannot take criticism, who must constantly ...

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Making Watergate Look Like Kindergarten

      As the pieces come together like a shadowy jigsaw puzzle we are witnessing the vilest, vicious, blatant abuse of our constitution in history by a presidential candidate and her cohorts and the worst part of it is the mainstream media keeps silent on it and therefore are just as guilty of this abuse. Never in history has ...

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Another Look At The Democrat Sob-Phrase “You Didn’t Build That”

Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren put down the businesses established by people of forethought and intelligence who, as entrepreneurs and industrialists, have built their dream, employed tens of millions of people and improved the lives of all Americans. These leftists believed that the electricity, natural gas, water and the roads that allowed businesses to be established and prosper were provided ...

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