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Welfare Fraud??? Hint… Hint… Look No Further Than Congress!

Periodically, the DOJ alerts America about the arrest and prosecution of some little old lady in some remote county for defrauding our welfare programs. “Yep, we caught her red-handed” they’ll say. Guilty of taking $105 dollars unlawfully. OMG! However, the reality of such public notices only serves to protect Democrat voters (government employees) by letting America know ‘Detective Clouseau’ is ...

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Trump Should Ask Congress To Approve Military Intervention In Syria, If They Want It So Badly

Donald Trump joint session of Congress

The House of Representatives voted 354 to 60 last week to condemn President Trump’s pullback of U.S. troops from eastern Syria as “beneficial to adversaries of the United States government.” Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, proclaimed, “At President Trump’s hands, American leadership has been laid low, and American foreign policy has become nothing more ...

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Pelosi’s Coded, Racist Remarks About Black Leader

Following the recent death of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi called the respected black leader the Democrats’ “North Star”. Is this some vague racist comment about Mr. Cumming’s large physical size, likening him to a large lump of stone floating in space? It would be understandable to suspect racism as being the origin of Pelosi’s offensive remarks related to size ...

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Democrats, Progressives, and the Media Have an Unholy Alliance to Destroy American Values

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post - Huffington Post

Two of our most basic American principles are fairness and equal treatment under the law. They made our society a haven of liberty. Now, these and other traditional American values are under attack by an alliance of progressives, Democrats, and the mainstream media. The very first amendment listed in the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech. In governments where ...

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Hey Republicans… Wake Up Damn It… Have You No Shame?

Isn’t it ironic every time the Democrats come up with another lie, Republicans fall for it??? Boy, just like a trained dog, Democrats belt out the commands and Republicans obey, regardless! Please correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you also feel Republicans happily fall in line with Democrats every chance they get? Then when the lies are exposed, ...

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Here’s How A Political Crisis Over Climate Can Lead To A Real Solution

The 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry went to three scientists — John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino — for their work on lithium-ion batteries. Today, these batteries enable our entire digital-mobile culture. It’s interesting to reflect back on where the initial impetus for better batteries came from. “In the early 1970s, during the oil crisis, Prof. Whittingham ...

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Hillary Believes She’s Entitled To The Presidency Through Inheritance

As the presidential election draws nearer and nearer and things keep changing rapidly, it gives fodder for many theories about what could happen. Bloomberg is thinking about running again if Biden drops out. There is talk of Hillary running again as she keeps popping up with comments and feels she’s entitled to the position after losing twice. Writer, columnist and ...

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State Dept. Official Voiced Concerns Over Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Dealings in 2015 but Was IGNORED by the Obama Team

A State Department official expressed serious concerns about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine in 2015, only to be ignored by the most criminal regime in the history of our republic? No, of course, you didn’t because a) the Democrat Party lives and breathes corruption and b) the “mainstream media” propagandists who protect them aren’t ever going to tell ...

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Warning to Republicans – Don’t be a Jackass!

Republicans are rarely celebrated as symbols of bravery, leadership, or standing up for the American people. There are ample cartoons recommending Republicans run to the nearest spinal shop to get one. This alone confirms the point, right? Well, while this Hispanic girl fights for America and faces down massive amounts of daily opposition, it only seems fair that I ask ...

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Three Items To Consider When Voting Next Year

As I was perusing some of my e-mails and various research items I came across these three articles written by a fellow named Gary Russon. They were so right on and smacked of truth that I just had to pass it on here for all to read and ponder. This next election is freedom vs.socialism. Gary is areal patriot and ...

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Beto Promises To Take Your Guns

Beto O’Rourke, a onetime leader among the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, describes his plan for the government “buy-back” of America’s guns, as being comprised of citizens voluntarily obeying the demands he would make and peacefully turning in their weapons with no objections and no pushback. But how likely is this forced “buy-back” of personal arms to remain peaceful? And what’s ...

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Are the Democrats Impeaching Trump To Cover for Biden?

As congress battles back and forth over whether to impeach President Trump, more information comes to light, politicians backtrack on their support, and then the whole dance begins again. So, what is really going on in the gamble that is impeachment, and why are some people pressing so hard in the Democratic arena to impeach a sitting president? There are ...

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Democrats Move from “G” to “R” to “XXX”

Can anyone deny the fact that Hollywood is the driving factor behind the Democrats losing members and its popularity? Since the reign of President Clinton, no national organization has suffered such massive member losses and become more disrespected than the Democrat Party. 1 Timothy 6:2-5 And they (slaves) that have believing (Godly) masters (slave owners), let them not despise (do ...

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llhan Omar’s Career Is Drowning In a Sea Of Scandals

Muslim leaders around the world have stated that Islam will take over the United States without firing a shot. The goal of Islam is world domination. That is a frightening thought and can happen if we are not vigilant.  Just look at what is happening in Dearborn, Mich. the population is predominantly Muslim now and then amount of mosques that ...

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Subsidized Diners Demand We Pay Mandatory Tips

I may have discovered the real reason people living in blue states don’t contribute as much to charity as those living in red states. It’s not that they are hypocrites whose ‘compassion’ doesn’t extend to their own wallets. It’s because all their discretionary giving is going to restaurant tips. Getting woke is getting expensive. A recent headline in the WoePost ...

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