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COVID-19 & The Manipulated Information We’re Getting

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST “State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-OH-35) tweeted Sunday after President Trump spoke about hydroxychloroquine at his daily press briefing… ‘I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been to The Hague. I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow…Today’s press conference was the last straw. I know the need for a prosecution referral when I see one.’” Of ...

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The Chinese Communist Epidemic

The more I think about this virus the more suspicious I get about the reporting of it. I still think this is all driven by the media and Dems to destroy Trump any way they can since everything they’ve thrown at him has failed. This flu has not been the worst flu we’ve had. We’ve had others in the past ...

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Tyranny is the Deadliest Virus

Why do men lust for power over other men?  Here, I refer to “men” in the classical sense, as in “mankind.” Such men are never content to be masters of their own fate. They are doggedly determined to be masters over others as well. This ubiquitous human failing is rooted in hubris, ignorance, and insecurity. It has also proven to ...

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Life And Death In The Age Of Wuhan

The world has been hit with a pandemic called coronavirus, but unfortunately America has been hit even harder with something worse than a virus, and it’s called radical Democrat scheming, and the Democrats are headed by a sinister old witch named Nancy. The virus will go the way of all previous such illnesses; viruses are a part of nature and ...

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Evil Dems Exploit Coronavirus to Achieve Their Own Ends

The country is facing a crisis of epic proportions with this coronavirus. President Trump is working harder than ever before to protect the country and its’ citizens but Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, two of the vilest, evil people on the planet, continue their quest to oppose all things Trump. People are dying, people are losing their jobs left and ...

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Coronavirus Community Tracing the Key to Get America back to Work

CBSN Boston  – Massachusetts is stepping up its efforts to trace cases of the Coronavirus with a first-in-the-nation tracking initiative. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker announced Friday that a COVID-19 community tracing collaborative between the state and the nonprofit Partners In Health will be up and running by the end of the month. “There is tracing happening now, but this program ...

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Blood of Aborted Babies on Hands of Non-Voting Christians

In my home state of Colorado, Democrat legislators voted against a bill that would require medical care be given to babies who survived abortions and were born alive. The Colorado Democrats killed House Bill 1068, which in turn allows for the slow demise of injured babies outside the womb. According to Colorado.gov, “The bill establishes a physician-patient relationship between a ...

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Stop The American Shutdown, Now

President Trump’s presidency, and our economy, along with liberty and the prosperity of the citizens of the United Stares, are being destroyed by the misguided, if well-intentioned, national shutdown. I would much prefer to risk infection by the virus to sitting by and watching the ruination of our great nation. And on top of this destruction, the Democrats are already ...

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Is There Any American Pride Or Concern Left Inside of 3M?

On Thursday, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act again. This time, he specifically called out 3M and their response in regards to N95 masks. During his remarks, President Trump said that it was time for 3M to do what they are supposed to do. It’s hard to argue that President Trump is right. 3M has been under fire for some time ...

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Democrats And The Theory Of “Containment”

If one recalls the Obama years, when the terrorist group ISIS was committing atrocities on a daily basis, torturing, raping and killing people throughout the region of the Middle East, President Barack Obama was satisfied and pleased with himself for his policy of dealing with the terrorists by simply “containing “ them. The problem with his theory was that ISIS ...

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Whose side is Nancy Pelosi really on?

As people throughout the world continue to fight the coronavirus, some in Congress have utilized this opportunity to attack the president. One such person is presidential candidate Joe Biden. However, his efforts have essentially gone unnoticed, as he has become less relevant and seemingly forgotten during this difficult time. Unfortunately, and to dismay of many, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has ...

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Perfect Time for Trump to Fight the Other Alien Invasion

While it’s all–hands–on–deck fighting the invasion of an alien virus, it’s an ideal time to fight our continuing invasion of aliens, too. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Hospitals in parts of New York City have become so full of critically ill patients that they have steered ambulances elsewhere.” And “hospitals in pandemic epicenters have passed a tipping point in the ...

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