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The Leftist Guillotine Just Wont Stop

In the Southeast Turkish city of Diyarbakır, I had the incredible honor of meeting a former soldier in the Turkish army. He served heroically in his time and fought the sadistic narcoterrorist PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party, and while we were discussing what is happening with the Covington Catholic students he issued a frightening but truthful warning we should all take very ...

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Afghanistan Has No Military Solution: We Must Seize The Opportunity For Peace Before Us

America is entrenched in its longest war as its been in Afghanistan since 2001 and has never been further from victory. Nation after nation, empire after empire before the US have been unable to win any war in Afghanistan, and for some reason, the political class, the defense contractors, the media, and every other swamp creature seems to not know ...

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That Long Winter at Valley Shutdown

The long winter at Valley Shutdown is evidently growing more dire for federal employees. They have now missed their FIRST paycheck. Repercussions from this disaster extend all the way into Latin America. My son was browsing the Facebook page for the Swamp suburb where we live. He came across a female federal employee who was distraught because the furlough had ...

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Wrap Up Smear Goes Wrong! Leftists Site Out-Of-Context 8-Second Video in Attempt to Smear Covington Catholic Boys … Again

After 2 hours of footage showed the Covington Catholic kids to not be in the wrong in regards to the incident Friday, the bloodthirsty guillotine left thought they had found evidence which would redeem their collapsing narrative and decrease the backlash over the violent targeting of children. Twitter user @roflinds tweeted an 8-second, heavily-edited video of what she claimed were ...

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GAO reports show that Congress and bureaucrats aren’t watching your money

By Dustin Siggins The federal government isn’t properly safeguarding taxpayer dollars, from Congress on down, according to two recent government reports. On December 7, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that “over half of” 24 federal agencies were “noncompliant” with improper payment oversight requirements in 2016 and 2017. Nine of those agencies have been compliant since 2011. Improper payments officially ...

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Shocking New Low By The Radical Left

Friends, picture yourself for a moment, on a field trip with classmates and friends, and in the beginning, you are hearing racial slurs and, homophobic language directed at you as they try to get a rise out of you by Black Hebrew Israelites, then some old man comes at you banging the drums in your face, how would you react? ...

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Trump’s Halfway Mark: Promises Made.Promises Kept

Whenever you see one of Trump’s rallies there are always s big banners saying ”promises made. Promises Kept.” Here are Trump’s promises that he kept. The ones he didn’t keep are not his fault. In North Korea, for instance, at least Kim stopped firing rockets over Japan and Guam. Trump is meeting with Kim again at the end of Feb. ...

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Poor Little Adam Schiff, Sitting On A Plane With His Big-Boy Pants On

Pity the poor Democrats, all decked out for a party in Brussels, but their plans vaporize when President Trump yanks the plane out from under them, and all because of the government shutdown and the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with Trump about his area of special concentration: a protective wall along our southern border. After witnessing Nancy Pelosi flying off ...

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Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets

Way back in 2017, before we were on the Road to Nuremberg With Donald Trump, the Washington Post was outraged that hospitals were trying to make a profit. Like most stories involving reporters, economics and healthcare it was both wildly inaccurate and agenda–driven. Adam Zyglis The Buffalo News NY The story’s one useful service was it introduced the public to ...

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Democrat Party Today = Socialism And Totalitarianism

The Democratic Party’s socialistic economic initiatives are taking root especially among millennials. They’re woefully uneducated on its tenets and the devastation it has brought hundreds of millions in history. They’re seduced by lofty yet unrealistic promises and lured by charismatic politicians often going unchallenged by the sympathetic anti-Trump media. And with socialism comes totalitarianism. You can’t have one without the ...

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Democrats Have A Bizarro, Contra-Reality View Of The World

The visceral fear and anger Democrats suffered after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, along with the Democrats’ idiotic, unfounded hate of Donald Trump, has led them to a bad, dark place where up-is-down, good-is-bad and right-is-wrong in their political judgment. Below are some examples of the current Democrat derangement: Black members of the House and Senate forever and ...

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