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Kyle Jurek, Waters, Warren, Harris tethered by fascism?

The four horsemen of the media/democrat party apocalypse ride stealthily into the homes of 25 million Americans each night with subterfuge powering their steeds.  We know them by their names: ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN, and by their misdeeds, lies, deceit, activism, and indoctrination. The most insidious of their powers is the tactic of lying by omission to protect democrat ...

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Judge Napolitano can’t see the forest for the trees

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes that the killing of General Soleimani was illegal because we’re not “at war” with Iran, Soleimani is an official within the government of Iran and he wasn’t, at the time of his death, engaged in active violence against U.S. interests. Let’s have a look at his arguments. “The general’s assassination was odd, out of place, untimely ...

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Here’s the team that will defend President Trump against Schiff and Nadler’s impeachment circus

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump is set to start Tuesday. Although the articles did not garner full Democrat support and got zero Republican votes, the left has decided to ride out the ill-conceived storm they stirred up. Fortunately, the president will have a top-tier legal counsel presenting the lack of facts in the case. Here’s who will be ...

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“Trump Will Always Be Impeached” And Nancy Pelosi Will Always Be A Fool

The quote above comes from Nancy Pelosi at the ceremony in which she signed documents referring the impeachment of President Trump to the Senate for trial. The purpose of her childish statement fits in with the entire House process and the entire last 3-years of investigations, threats of investigations and the House impeachment fiasco just now winding down: everything the ...

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From Peace And Love To Hope And Change To Hate And Rage

The evil that men do lives after them. The good is often interred in their bones—William Shakespeare-Julius Ceaser. We can’t defeat him so we have to impeach him—Democrat rep. Al Greene There once was a time where Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media sold the untruth to the American people for decades that they were the party of ...

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Lamenting the Fall of Communism, Comrade Carville claims Trump the greatest threat to the Socialist Agenda, Endorses Bennet

“The economy, stupid” democrat strategist, James Carville has recently been making the pundit rodeo rounds. Carville made his name in liberal circles with his performance as lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential Campaign. He has had stints on CNN and was co-host of Crossfire at one time, and has appeared as a political contributor on CNN and MSNBC. He ...

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Democrats Worry About Violence Against Black-Trans-Sexual Women

The Democrat 2020 presidential candidates are all in a twist about the violence being committed against black-trans-sexual women, and are making a big campaign push to stop it. But since this identity-category of Americans is something like 0.0001 percent of the nation’s population, one might not be too far off base if they called their concern for this particular, almost ...

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Actor, politician want-a-be, malignant narcissist, Alec Baldwin lectures on morality?

“Trump supporters are responsible for the near moral collapse of this country!” They are? Actor, and paragon of virtue, Alec Baldwin has proclaimed it so. Yes, Alec reached way down into his sweat pants hidden pocket to pull out his moral compass and started hash-tagging on twitter a series of reprimands specific to castigating those who dare to support the President. ...

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Make Baby-Making Great Again: Give Parents A ‘Baby Bonus’

The United States is facing a fertility crisis. The facts are indisputable. Our nation’s birth rate has dropped to its lowest point in decades, and year after year, it continues to fall. If these trends continue, the consequences for America’s future could be devastating. Many natalist-minded conservatives have already written on the causes of this crisis, with some attributing it ...

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Sanders Campaign Goon with Long Rap Sheet, Threatens Violence if Bernie NOT Elected

The Gateway Pundit – Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted Democrats on Sunday and revealed he will be releasing the “first bombshell tape” of the 2020 election this week. An explosive new video from Project Veritas features disturbing comments from Kyle Jurek, a Sanders campaign staffer working out of the Iowa office who is calling for cities to “burn” if President ...

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Virginia Is a Preview of What Gun–grabbers Would Do Nationally

A surprising development is occurring among staunch members of the left at the Washington Post and elsewhere. These woke scolds have come out strongly against sanctuary cities and counties. Before it was either silence or tacit approval for government sheltering a population that was “in the shadows,” which makes sense when you remember they’re running from the law. Sanctuary jurisdictions ...

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