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Sanders Campaign Goon with Long Rap Sheet, Threatens Violence if Bernie NOT Elected

The Gateway Pundit – Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted Democrats on Sunday and revealed he will be releasing the “first bombshell tape” of the 2020 election this week. An explosive new video from Project Veritas features disturbing comments from Kyle Jurek, a Sanders campaign staffer working out of the Iowa office who is calling for cities to “burn” if President ...

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Virginia Is a Preview of What Gun–grabbers Would Do Nationally

A surprising development is occurring among staunch members of the left at the Washington Post and elsewhere. These woke scolds have come out strongly against sanctuary cities and counties. Before it was either silence or tacit approval for government sheltering a population that was “in the shadows,” which makes sense when you remember they’re running from the law. Sanctuary jurisdictions ...

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LORD: Donald Trump’s Country Party

The book was called “The Future of the Republican Party.” Published in late 1964, following the landslide defeat of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, that year’s Republican presidential nominee, the book was written by Robert J. Donovan. Donovan, who died in 2003, was the Washington bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times when he wrote the book. Over time he wrote ...

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“The Journalist’s Creed” being Obliterated by Leftists Reporters who side with Iranian Terrorists

News is considered the first draft of history, so it’s particularly disheartening when journalists dip their pens in the inkwell of personal animus and political bias with deceptive intent to engineer an outcome rather than inform the public with integrity. Perhaps these “journalists,” who are really activists dressed up as such, should revisit the tenants of The Journalist’s Creed, written ...

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Here’s Proof That Democrats Are Anti-Democracy, Racists

Democrats, swooning over their lovely racial, ethnic and gender diverse candidates for president in 2020, while demonstrating no diversity in the slightest regarding political and economic positions, are now only identified as far-left, radical, big-government, Trump-hating, fools. Democrats believe that their identity with race and ethnicity first and foremost make them more agreeable to Americans, when actually what they are ...

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Exposing the real “Why” of Leftists and Media Tropes of “Orange Man Bad” – Draining the Swamp

Do you feel like you are watching a preordained script packaged for consumption yet? The Leftist Media Hybrid is standing in the pulpit proselytizing “Orange Man ALL Bad,” therefore Iran must be good. Why? We will address the why later, but for now, behold flimflam Speaker Nancy Pelosi pontificating as co-conspirator George Stephanopoulos of ABC, smooths over any exposed edges. Pelosi ...

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Tytler Cycle of Freedom – where are we?

Alexander Tytler was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer and historian who served as Professor of Universal History, and Greek and Roman Antiquities at the University of Edinburgh. Tyler lived at the same time as the American founding fathers and described a repeating cycle in history. Tyler found that democratic societies went through this same cycle again and again and that ...

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Ukraine Flight Tragedy Due to Iranian Leaders’ Failure to Value Human Life

Iran has been mortally pestering America, Israel and the rest of the civilized world for decades, and finally, on January 8, 2020, it’s acts of terrorism caused the deaths of 176 innocent people trying to leave that horrible nation on a commercial jetliner. The majority of the fatalities were themselves Iranians, so the terrorists are now killing their own population, ...

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Trump’s Immodesty Unnerves those with Fake Humility

In another stellar campaign rally, this one in Toledo, Ohio, President Donald Trump reminded the crowd that he donates his Presidential salary back to U.S. government agencies.  “Don’t I deserve credit for that?” he asked. Such an honest and open request for “credit” isn’t very “statesmanlike” is it? From the moment he entered politics, Donald Trump has never deviated from ...

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2nd Amendment Battles: Why They Matter Now More than Ever

As of right now, our 2nd Amendment Rights are already infringed. There’s no question. And, that infringement is just one of the reasons that the 2nd Amendment is still at serious risk today, regardless of any recent victories. Now, that’s not to say that the 2nd Amendment is going to be repealed tomorrow. The political system in the United States ...

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Sports Commentariat Demands More Inequality in College Sports

Sports was much more enjoyable when reporters covered sports. Now print and broadcast coverage is cluttered with breathless opinionating regarding race, ‘gender’, inequality and which high school will next host barnstorming Colin Kaepernick’s Aerial Circus. The latest social justice crusade for the sporties is what Sally Jenkins terms the NCAA’s “economically preying on athletes rather protecting them.” This doesn’t mean ...

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For Democrats, Anti-Americanism Comes Far Too Easily

There is an old adage: “Don’t listen to what someone says, but observe closely what they do!” Through the years, Democrats have professed to be the home for American workers, Blacks, Labor Unions, and underprivileged – especially blue collar. They further promoted themselves as the only venue for Godliness, constitutionalism, civil libertarians, government monitors, fact-finders, exposing secret government alphabet agency ...

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Stop! This is NOT just Politics – Tracking the Democrat Sedition and Betrayal after Iranian Attacks

President Trump spoke Thursday, evening January 10, 2020, at a rally of over 10,000 gathered in Toledo, Ohio. The President often says thought-provoking and controversial things but what he expressed at the podium on this occasion should have sent chills down ALL Americans spines. The sitting President of the United States declared the rationale for giving no advance notice to ...

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