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Biden Admin Wants To Send American Tax Dollars To Train Army Of Transgender Activists In India

The Biden administration wants to train at least 200 activists to advocate for transgender rights in India as part of a program ostensibly designed to advance America’s “national interests,” according to a federal grant posting.

President Joe Biden’s State Department plans to “train at least 200 LGBTQI+ community leaders … with preference given to trans and intersex community leaders” by “deliver[ing] specialized legal education and support” which will, in turn, empower “them to advocate for their rights and access the services they need,” according to a grant announcement published on April 8. The department is offering the grant under its Public Diplomacy Programs, which exist to “support the achievement of U.S. foreign policy goals and objectives, advance national interests, and enhance national security.”

The grant opportunity argues that “improved health, education, economic strength, justice and equality” for transgender people in India will ultimately benefit the United States.

The proposed program, titled “Empowering LGBTQI+ Community Leadership Across India,” focuses on transgender and intersex Indians because, according to the State Department, they face both “more severe discrimination and social stigma compared to other groups within the LGBTQI+ spectrum” as well as “unique challenges” when it comes to “accessing education, healthcare, employment and legal recourse against discrimination.”

To accomplish its goals, the program will utilize a “train the trainer” approach, using the 200 people it trains directly to reach a further 2,000 activists within one year. The State Department hopes to set off a “ripple effect” across India through this strategy.

The major Indian cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi are all targets under the State Department’s program.

The department is offering between $120,000 and $150,000 for a third party to run the program, which it says will start on August 20.

Funding LGBT initiatives abroad, ostensibly to promote America’s interests, has been a defining factor of the State Department under Biden. Under the Biden administration, the State Department has bankrolled “queer” Muslim writers in India, funded theatrical productions to teach Africans about LBGT rights, backed a ballroom dancing program to “uplift” Peruvian transgender youth and paid a university to churn out “LGBTQI+ allies.”

The State Department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. It’s bad enough that our tax dollars pay for transgender surgeries for our own military and even for prisoners. But send money overseas to support them? Everyday we read about new ways the government throws away our money. We recently learned from a long time NPR executive that they knew they were knowingly lying to us about Russian “collusion” and Russiagate and the Hunter Biden laptop and everything pertaining to Trump. Why are our tax dollars going to prop up propaganda outlets that lie to us; like NPR and PBS? Why are our tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood, whose main mission is not birth control but killing babies? Why are we funding research for doctors and hospitals that want to chemically castrate or surgically mutilate children in the name of “gender affirmation”? What did our tax dollars support Chinese gain of function research that produced a virus that killed millions of Americans and tens of million worldwide? Why are our tax dollars going to Iran and dozens of other countries that hate us? Why are our tax dollars going to corrupt colleges that already have billions of dollars in endowments and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to indoctrinate our youth? Why are our tax dollars being used to subsidize EV car manufacturers when they don’t work when it’s too cold or when the batteries are a dangerous environmental hazard? Why are our tax dollars used to subsidize solar companies like Solyndra or EV bus makers like Proterra that end up going bankrupt? Why are our tax dollars being used to build LGBTQIA whatever museums? I could go on and on as the list never ends and our unsustainable 34 trillion dollar debt just keeps growing. I have a hundred more questions about how our tax dollars are being used?
    Does anyone have any answers?

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