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Why Are Colleges Not Shutting Down the Democrat Socialist?

What is something worth – if you don’t pay for it? Even in Socialist countries, everything has a price. Prices place a value or worth on whatever.

As an example, if Lincolns are free but Fords costs millions, who would be driving Fords? If tomatoes are $100 each, but lettuce is free, who would put tomatoes on their salads?

If you owned a business that produces Lincolns and lettuce, would you be nervous about your future if politicians are trying to give it away? How can anyone reconcile the hard labor, tears, bank loans, and all that goes into producing any product, if you give it away?

It’s understandable how Democrats have gotten away with this sort of propaganda for so long because they never do what they say. Every election cycle there is always something for nothing.

However, with the current movement to put power back in the hands of citizens and having Donald Trump in office doing what he says, isn’t this now a major risk for Democrats?

If you owned a college and the Democrats were pushing to make your product worthless, wouldn’t you be yelling? On the other hand, shouldn’t we ask if the colleges accept the reality their products are worthless?

How many Black History majors can the US support? How many French majors can the US support? How many Social Service majors can be supported?

Meanwhile, better job opportunities are growing outside of the sacred halls of colleges. On-the-job training is taking hold of America and more people are awakening to the reality there is no need to go into massive debt for a great career!

In addition, our youth is also realizing they can open their own businesses. While Democrats are still attempting to force everyone to remain on their plantations and live on their handouts, more are walking off the plantations and moving on with their careers and lives.

For the first time in as many years as I can recall, Democrats are finally being resisted. They feel comfortable with propaganda, lies, deceit, and trickery. They’ll do whatever it takes to gain power and wealth.

Fortunately, Americans are tiring of their charades. It’s never been clearer that whatever Democrats complain about is what they are doing.

Of course, colleges are replete with Democrat sycophants. It’s unbelievable they don’t understand basic math when it comes to placing a value on their services.

It’s another peak into Democrat logic that is mind-blowing. Being stuck on stupid is a permanent position for Democrats as we watch the buffoonery show among their Presidential contenders, right?

You’ll notice when Democrats decry free health insurance, there is no insurance company joining in their presentations. Unlike educators, insurance professionals know and accept the reality of what it costs to provide their services.

Of course, that’s why Democrats want to keep alive the worst insurance product ever created in America, ObamaCare. It’s a total government program and yes, its value remains questionable as it lies on its death bed.

You see, if Democrats could discover a gold mine, it would be destroyed because they can’t deal with success or wealth. They have no value system, and morals and ethics are meaningless.

Only until you hear educators fighting back against Democrats will we then have a responsible education system. Until then, keep your children out of these socialist indoctrination stations.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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