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Why Are Democrats Giving Up on the 2020 Elections?

Imagine leaving a stadium, and then hearing fans screaming. Suddenly people exiting the stadium park their cars and return to the stadium. What are we missing?

After returning to the stadium, it became obvious the field was vacant and no players were left, but the spectators were united in yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Could the fans be seeing imaginary players? Yes, it’s a major challenge to understand the screaming when the players aren’t on the field. Again, what are we missing?

A passerby noticed the quizzical looks and our amazement stating: “Oh, it’s just a Democrat Party rally!”

It began to make sense. Democrat rallies are not about the players, their beliefs, and winning elections, but only about what fans want! It’s easy to understand why they have no players because they don’t need them.

Democrat fans employ the “Three Pig Fairytale.” The pigs don’t matter, so they just huff and puff until they get what they want. To Democrats, it’s the decibels that really county. Ever wonder why they always talk and never listen?

The players they present are more suitable for a circus instead of an adult leadership role in America. Isn’t what is happening within the Democrat Party just crazy?

No players… only fans not able to contain their hatred for opponents and dictating what players must do. Yep, Democrats love ‘mob rule’ and have been that way for decades. It’s “their way” or “the highway!”

They want to fill stadiums and “boo” the opposition. Democrats don’t accept and realize they don’t even have a team able to get on the playing field. So, is this insanity or a successful game plan?

Did anyone have the stomach to watch the recent California Democrat Convention? It tells us all we need to know about the new Democrat plans for America’s future.

In order to attend the convention, their limousines were forced to travel streets lined with tents, homeless people strewn everywhere, drug needles tossed about, and human feces everywhere. No, none were seen getting out of their limos to help anyone while keeping their bodyguards close by.

Then inside the convention center, it was speech after speech from prominent Democrat leaders suggesting ‘real’ problems must be addressed. Unfortunately, they weren’t specific but if we follow their politic, it’s not that difficult to imagine what they meant:

  • more taxes
  • more illegal aliens
  • more child sex trafficking
  • more illegal drugs
  • more government regulations
  • more hearings on Trump/Russia Collusion hoax
  • more Global Warming hoaxes
  • more support for China trade imbalances
  • more Blacks back on plantations
  • free education
  • free abortions
  • stopping the Southern Border Wall
  • eliminating the Electoral College
  • eliminating Constitutional Rights
  • impeaching a duly elected President

Sadly, there was not even a whisper mentioning that just outside of the convention hall an epidemic of measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, mumps, scarlet fever, bubonic plague, polio, TB, leprosy, rapist, murderers, gang members, and illegal drugs fermenting and soon to explode all over the rest of America! They didn’t even warn those in attendance to “watch where you step” as you leave.

One could easily imagine that if these issues did see daylight, Democrats would somehow link these problems to President Trump, right? Again, no Liberal wants to be confused with facts.

Never mind the reasoning, Democrat candidates chosen to date are without merit, void of any positive ideas, hate America, and only want to be socialist party kings and queens – not public servants. It’s so obvious their thoughts are, “citizens be damned!”

It’s obvious to a three-year old Democrats have chosen to not participate in the 2020 elections. What has caused them to surrender before the contest really begins?

Could it be because Republicans are really that intimidating? If we know anything about Republicans, we know they only crawl under their desks with their blanket every day. They don’t have time to ‘man-up’ or challenge Democrats. The best bet is to know Democrats are just not able to focus upon real American issues!

That’s why President Trump will be victorious. He loves America and Americans. He has no challengers!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Valid points the demoRATS since the time of Lincoln were pretty much entitled obstructionist and they have only gotten worse since. These people care nothing about the voting public or the taxpayers only about just how much they can rob the system of. Hopefully we can start turning the tables on the elite globalists who only wants to turn the keys to our country over to even greedier entities. What I do know is this socialist agenda must be stopped before we end up like Venezuela or some other banana republic arm pit, the only way of doing that is stopping greedy elite demoRATS at the voting booth

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