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Nancy & Chuck Just Blew 2020 Opportunity!

Should anyone underestimate the power of humility? Most falsely believe power only comes through a show of strength, but there are exceptions. Consider the response from President Trump after Iran shot down a US drone.

Americans have been abused by Politicians and Mainstream media personnel having IQ’s probably not greater than one using the power of their positions. 24/7 they are on their TV screens and news flashes espousing lie upon lie.

Yes, all they know is how to beat their chests and shout about how brilliant they are and how stupid we are. It’s totally sickening.

Fortunately, all their attempts to literally destroy America and the Patriotic spirit of millions have been an intellectual failure – especially their Presidential coup. The biggest losers in the Trump/Russia hoax to date is the Swamp, media, and the Democrat Party.

The single word describing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s wake would be: “PAINFUL.” If one has a heart, feeling sorry for Mr. Mueller is an understatement.

What Americans are upset about after this ‘nothing’ hearing is the Democrat Party’s shameful lust for power, would intentionally abuse and destroy the reputation of this former American hero. Yes, I did say, “former.”

Robert Mueller will no longer be represented by others as a Patriot or hero. He, like John McCain, will go down in history as being a disgrace for not standing with the American people.

Perhaps America should be accustomed to watching Democrats randomly destroy the lives of decent people. Regardless, it still hurts watching such callousness when it isn’t appropriate.

However, this time it was different. This was nothing short of a ‘sucker punch’ on an obviously ill, elderly, frail man who many would say didn’t know where he was, much less what he was testifying about.

The shocking results of this Congressional circus was learning that Robert Mueller obviously didn’t have much – if anything, to do with the ‘Mueller Investigation or Report.’ I would agree with a former Congressman admitting the person learning the most from the hearing was Robert Mueller.

The Trump/Russia collusion hoax has turned Democrats and their media sycophants into nothing short of sinister out-of-control drunken lynch mob. Decency be damned, torpedoes full speed ahead.

Casual observers are saying the Democrats are now trying to establish Muslim sharia law throughout America. In other words, sharia law establishes tight regulations based upon political ideologies and has zero tolerance for opposition or challenges to their ways and edicts. It’s their way or death!

Some suggest the newfound socialist Democrat insanity is due to President Trump’s efforts to shut down child sex trade, illegal drugs, and cheap labor slaves. If we connect these dots to Hollywood – the most diseased decadent people on earth, doesn’t it make sense?

Can anyone deny that Hollywood, a near-total bastion of socialist Democrats, are driven by at least these sins? Aren’t the two primary products coming out of Hollywood, drugs and demented sex?

If we travel to any city operated by Democrats, their decadence is on parade, right? Streets are littered with humans falling outside of America’s standards. In these cities, the American dream has been snuffed out by drugs, decadence, unhealthy, un-American, and unGodly lifestyles.

Yes, everywhere we look, Nancy and Chuck’s Political Party is hemorrhaging from coast to coast. None-the-less, after the Mueller hearing, they could have brought the Democrat Party back to greatness and set them on the road to victory in 2020, but they blew it!

Instead, they chose to preserve their corrupt lying ways while doubling down on stupidity by fixating on power and money over what’s best for America. They are obviously so steeped in sharia law compliance (they win everyone else loses) it now appears the only resolution for Democrats wanting to preserve their Party, is to vote them out of office.

With the Democrat Party on its death bed, more juvenile antics, yelling spasms, lies, and hysteria will not bode well for Democrats in 2020 and in the future. America has had it with all of this ‘manufactured’ lying drama.

Please mark your calendars with “Democrat Party commits suicide” on July 24, 2019. This will be the day written into history that Nancy and Chuck could have held a press conference, apologized to America, and coasted to a Democrat Party win in 2020.

Unlike all other press conferences, Nancy and Chuck should have foregone beating their chests. Instead, they should have come before the American public soberly with hat in hand steeped in humility.

They should have found a soft conciliatory voice offering sincere apologies to all Americans on behalf of the Democrat Party. This apology would include the hateful speech, harm, grief, drama, and taxpayer money wasted on the Russia hoax.

Next, they should have said the only way to move forward would now be to rally behind President Trump who is working tirelessly for ‘all’ Americans.

They should have concluded the press conference by pointing out we don’t have to like President Trump’s hair, demeanor, tweets, shoes, or whatever, but he is our duly elected President and it is time to get behind him and strive to do what is best for all.

Since Democrats outnumber Republicans, this would become one of the greatest political ploys in the history of America. It would unite all Americans pushing America toward unimagined greatness – disregarding political party affiliations.

The massive numbers of voters leaving the Democrat Party would have returned and welcomed the new Democrat strategies. Republicans that are dissatisfied with President Trump would have moved into the Democrat Party.

All the fomented hatred created by Democrat lies and deceptions would have been quickly neutralized. The negatives would have been deflected on to the shoulders of President Trump and force him to deal with it.

Nancy and Chuck would become the recipients of all the accolades for being great Patriotic political leaders. Their dreams and lusts for power, fame, and money could have never been achieved so easily.

More importantly, President Trump would have instantly been neutered and the media, Democrats, and anti-Trumpers would be able to be on stage and in the news 24/7 with ‘real’ Patriotic messages, making Presidential tweeting and massive campaign rallies, insignificant.

Democrats can’t cry any longer over spilled milk. The reality is we are going to watch President Trump slay the Democrats and stack up untold numbers of success stories and achievements in 2020. He will then deservedly receive all the glory for standing against ‘whack-jobs’ and ‘c-team’ anti-American obstructionists.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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