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MSNBC Correspondent: Republicans Belief in Only Two Genders is ‘Incendiary’

MSNBC correspondent Chris Jansing discussed a Republican governor hopeful’s television advertisement, calling his belief that there are only two genders “incendiary.” Republican Louisiana Rep. Ralph Abraham has challenged Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards for his seat and released an advertisement Thursday where he noted his positions on various subjects. Abraham said that as a doctor, he believes “there are only ...

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Kavanaugh Classmate Suing HuffPost for ‘Fabricated’ Reporting

A high school classmate of Justice Brett Kavanaugh is suing HuffPost for defamation over an article about the “free-for-all” party scene at Georgetown Preparatory School in the 1980s. The lawsuit alleges that then-HuffPost reporter Ashley Feinberg fabricated details about David Kennedy’s fatal 1984 drug overdose to capitalize on popular interest in the elite, boys-only school that followed Christine Blasey Ford’s ...

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‘Far More Complicated Than I Expected’: Reporter Tries To Buy Gun At Walmart. Leaves Twice Empty-Handed

People are calling on Walmart to stop selling guns after 22 people were killed at one of its locations in El Paso, Texas. A journalist for Business Insider tried to buy a gun at Walmart without having ever bought a gun before. After being turned away twice, she concluded that the experience was “far more complicated” than she expected. A ...

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Democrats Hate America and American Success

For most Americans, it’s obvious that whatever is good for America is a disaster for Democrats. Democrats hate and despise America so much they are now going to other countries that equally hate America to raise money! It’s also obvious that President Trump’s attention to the southern border criminals and crimes are working? Is the wall and law enforcement efforts ...

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Cuomo: Trump Sleeps Easy Because He Doesn’t Care About Kids In Cages, Mass Shooting Victims

CNN Media Bias Logo

CNN’s Chris Cuomo suggested Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump sleeps well because he “doesn’t care” about problems in America, including the death of American soldiers and mass shooting victims. A reporter told Trump Tuesday that “the current Chinese military posture in the South China Sea in the Pacific region” could take out U.S. bases within hours. The reporter asked ...

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Democrats: The Lose, Lose, Lose, Lie, Lie, Lie Party

   Does anyone know if we can sue the Democrat Party and their sycophant media for ‘whip-lash’ from lies told to Americans so frequently? Has anyone else noticed the Democrat talking points are being fired out as quick as an automatic weapon? Watching Democrats and their media today is like sitting at center court observing a tennis match. Our heads ...

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Leaked Transcript of New York Times ‘Crisis’ Meeting [Full Text]

Executive Editor Dean Baquet held a crisis town hall Monday after the maelstrom that erupted over a Trump headline. Someone at that meeting recorded, transcribed and then leaked the transcription. The meeting ranged from how the bad headline got past the editorial process to how they intend to cover Trump going forward. Baquet admits they purpose-built the newsroom to cover ...

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‘It’s Embarrassing That The New York Times Is Doing This’: Conservatives React To The NYT ‘1619 Project’


Some conservatives and journalists are hitting back at The New York Times following its “1619 Project” that “aims to reframe the country’s history” and suggests America’s “true founding” was when the first slaves arrived. The “1619 Project” is made up of numerous stories and poems about slavery and racism in America. Some conservatives have condemned the project. The project includes ...

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If the FBI Shut Down the KKK Once, Can’t They Do It Again?

Has anyone else had enough of the insane threats, accusations, intimidation, hate speech, stabbings, drive-bys, and shootings? How much more senseless harm and blood must be shed before the FBI does something? When ‘hate crime’ legislation was passed by Congress, they assured Americans this would end hatred in America, or else. Instead, many say they have never seen it this ...

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Bernie Sanders Echoes Trump’s Criticism Of The Washington Post: ‘Owned By Jeff Bezos’

Presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders echoed President Donald Trump’s longtime skepticism of The Washington Post since Jeff Bezos owns it, causing the newspaper’s executive editor to accuse Sanders of peddling a “conspiracy theory.” “Sen. Sanders is a member of a large club of politicians — of every ideology — who complain about their coverage,” Baron said. “Contrary ...

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Democrats, Media, and Hollywood Must Receive Immediate Intervention

Illegal aliens with children

When anyone’s statements, actions, and speeches threaten the lives and safety of millions of innocent American citizens, we must take them seriously. Fringe groups have formed by Democrats to physically attack property and innocent people falsely believe they are following legitimate orders. The single thread running through all the Democrat hatred centers around President Trump. However, when we investigate this ...

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CNN Sympathetically Profiled Illegal Immigrant Dodging Deportation — 8 Months Later, He Killed A Man

CNN Media Bias Logo

An illegal immigrant who received positive press coverage during his fight against deportation earlier this year, struck and killed a father of five in Colorado last Friday while driving without a license. According to press reports, Miguel Ramirez Valiente was charged with careless driving with a revoked license after he over-corrected his truck while driving on a state highway near ...

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Dems & Media Always Conceal

  Once the Democrats formed their KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and discovered “concealing” themselves under sheets and a cloak of righteousness, worked; they have never looked back. Yes, today is no different than when the Democrats started running wild and crazy in their attempt to control Republicans and Blacks before the Civil War. The Democrat Party in their righteous indignation, ...

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