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Hellfire and Brimstone! Hillary Could Go from Politics to Preaching

Hillary Clinton is NEVER going to go away. Like the stench of a rotting attic rat that ended up trapped inside a wall, she is going to continue to linger despite her resounding rejection by voters last November. A recent report has Mrs. Clinton starting to hire members of her doomed political campaign for her “Resistance” PAC, a move that ...

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More Racism Where There Is None

Well, here we go again, Liberals fall back on the only argument that they seem to have in their arsenal. In this country when a black person doesn’t get what they want or things don’t go their way – it must be racism. The Miami Dolphins took some heat over the weekend after they announced they were signing 34-year-old Jay ...

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Media In Chaos, Not Trump Administration

So far Donald Trump is accomplishing more than any other president in the shortest amount of time, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the abusive, biased, destroy Trump at all costs mainstream media. There are five forces out to get him that he is fighting against. They are: The Deep State which is constantly leaking information to take ...

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Here Come the Trump Divorces as Election Fallout Wrecks Marriages

American divorce attorneys have to be clicking their heels at the coming of what are already being referred to as “Trump divorces”, it could be a huge wave that is only beginning to build. The vicious battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seems to have fractured households and created irreconcilable differences between people who were once considerably smitten enough ...

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Kooky California Democrat Claims New Chief of Staff Will Militarize White House

Maxine Waters may have cornered the market on batshit crazy but she is hardly the only flaming leftist nutcase in the Democratic party. The termination of Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff on Friday and immediate appointment of former Marine Corps General John Kelly as his replacement has the loonies howling at the moon. One of them, a ...

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Treacherous McCain Throws in With Democrats to Save Obamacare

It was John McCain’s triumphant moment as well as a piece of revenge served up piping hot against his greatest enemy, President Donald Trump. Shortly after seeing that the Senate put the finishing touches on a Russian sanctions bill with a veto-proof majority, the cancer stricken senator cast the deciding vote that sank the partial repeal of Barack Obama’s signature ...

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Radical Left’s Grip on Democratic Party Tightens as Transgender Crusade Trumps Real Issues

The Democrats already appear to have bailed out on their overhyped “Better Deal” which was really just a reheated batch of phony populist issues centered around a $15 per hour minimum wage. In a turnaround so quick that it could induce whiplash, the blue jackass party’s identity politics obsession has once again come to the forefront after President Donald Trump’s ...

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Dem Senator Wants Americans to Pay $500 Million for Wounded UKRAINIAN Soldiers

A leading Senate Democrat has come up with yet another way to swindle American taxpayers and it’s a doozy. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is looking to get a provision inserted into a defense spending bill to pay $500 million for wounded UKRAINIAN military personnel. Never mind that our own veterans are having enough trouble getting quality care at VA facilities, ...

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2020 Democrat Debates Could Be the Mother of All Clown Shows

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the way, the Democrats are swarming like cockroaches over who will win the 2020 presidential nomination and be on the receiving end of a landslide loss to President Donald Trump. Dems are jockeying for position and it could be a field that approaches the seventeen candidates that the Republican Party fielded for the ...

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The Democrat Party/Hillary/Obama Russian Collusion!!!

As the Democrats along with their cohorts and allies in the anti-Trump media continue to perpetuate this phony Trump-Russian collusion story to cover up their own nefarious deeds and to distract from President Trump succeeding, the real collusion was perpetrated by them. When Barack Obama was in power, I always said to listen what he says then think the opposite ...

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