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Here’s What Conservatives Say Are Outgoing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Biggest Accomplishments

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s allies, choecked by his resignation, touted his many reforms and policy changes. President Trump announced Zinke’s resignation Saturday amid a slew of ethics investigations. Zinke rolled back restrictive Obama-era policies and implemented Trump’s “energy dominance” agenda. President Donald Trump announced Interior Secretary Zinke’s resignation Saturday amid a slew of ethics investigations into the former Navy SEAL. The news ...

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Meet The Man Likely To Replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

President Donald Trump will likely name David Bernhardt, the current number-two official at the Department of the Interior, as acting secretary until a full-time replacement can be found. One source close to the Trump administration said Bernhardt would be a likely pick, and Politico reported in October that Zinke appeared “to be laying the groundwork to hand the reins to ...

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CBO Suggests $1 Trillion Carbon Tax As France Reels From Anti-Carbon Tax Riots

The Congressional Budget Office suggested a $1 trillion carbon tax to help plug the budget deficit. Their report comes as thousands rioted in France, and even in Belgium, over planned increases in fuel taxes. France wanted to raise fuel taxes to reduce oil consumption and fight global warming. It’s been just nine days since the French government abandoned plans to ...

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Jerry Brown Tells UN That Trump ‘Does Not Represent The People’ Of The US

California Gov. Jerry Brown excoriated the Trump administration’s “behavior” at the United Nations climate summit in Poland, arguing it did “not represent the people of the United States.” “The United States, I’m sorry to say, does not represent the people of the United States,” Brown said in a video address to U.N. delegates gathered in Katowice for the summit, called COP24. ...

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IRS Will Stop Handing Out Subsidies Tesla Buyers In 2020

The Treasury Department announced it would phase out electric vehicle subsidies for Tesla buyers at the beginning of next year. By 2020, those tax subsidies would completely disappear. It’s an announcement that Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be making more of in the coming years as automakers produce enough electric cars to trigger a phase out of tax subsidies. ...

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The Paris Climate Agreement Is ‘Dead,’ Declares Former Top UN Delegate

Saudi Arabia’s former lead climate negotiator said the Paris Agreement is “dead.” Mohammed Salim Al Sabban called the UN climate talks a “big conspiracy the world created.” Al Sabban also served as an adviser to the Saudi energy and mining ministry. Saudi Arabia’s former lead delegate to United Nations climate talks said the Paris Agreement to fight global warming is “dead,” ...

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Trump Says Paris Climate Accord ‘Isn’t Working Out So Well For Paris’ As Riots Engulf The City

Donald trump tweeting

President Donald Trump said France’s new round of violent protests showed the Paris climate accord “isn’t working out so well” as thousands of “yellow vests” clashed with police Saturday. “The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris,” Trump tweeted Saturday morning as France prepared for another wave of violent protests in Paris over President Emmanuel Macron’s policies. “Protests ...

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Chuck Schumer Demands Climate Concessions From Trump On Infrastructure Spending

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding climate concessions in any infrastructure package. Schumer sent a letter To President Trump asking for green energy tax credits as part of the deal. Trump proposed more than $1 trillion in infrastructure spending earlier this year. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told President Donald Trump that Democrats won’t cut a deal with him on infrastructure ...

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Trump’s EPA Moves To Repeal Obama’s ‘De Facto Ban’ On New Coal Plants

EPA will undo an Obama-era mandate that new coal plants install costly technology to capture emissions. The Obama administration imposed the mandate in 2015, which opponents called a “de facto” coal plant ban. “Consistent with President Trump’s executive order promoting energy independence,” EPA chief Andrew Wheeler said. The Trump administration proposed rolling back Obama-era regulation that opponents called a de ...

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CO2 Emissions To Hit Record Highs In 2018, Despite Billions Spent On UN Climate Summits

United Nations

CO2 emissions blamed for global warming are expected to hit record highs this year. At least $2 billion has gone toward United Nations climate summits meant to stop global warming. “$2 billion was spent on these meetings, and for what?” one energy expert asks. Global carbon dioxide emissions will likely hit record highs this year, according to a new report ...

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Macron Waves The White Flag On Carbon Taxes

French President Emmanuel Macron decided to scrap the planned carbon tax on fuels after weeks of protests rocked Paris and other major cities across the country. An Élysée Palace official told The Associated Press Wednesday that “the president decided to get rid of the tax.” Macron’s decision comes one day after the government announced plans to delay implementing the carbon ...

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Ocasio-Cortez Sees Global Warming As A Way To Push ‘Social And Racial Justice’ Policies

Allie Beth Stuckey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the “Green New Deal” plan she supports would be used to achieve liberal “economic, social and racial justice” goals along with fighting global warming. “[W]e can use the transition to 100 percent energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said at a ...

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Obama Touted Carbon Taxes As ‘Elegant’ While Visiting Paris In 2015. Three Years Later Riots Broke Out To Stop Them

In 2015, President Barack Obama called a carbon tax “the most elegant way” to fight global warming. France just suspended carbon taxes on fuel after riots roiled Paris and other major cities. Protesters angered by the carbon taxes demonstrated for days and called on President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Almost three years ago to the day, former President Barack Obama ...

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