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Syria Withdrawal Begins

The US withdrew its forces from a base in Qamishli in Northeastern Syria, according to Al-Manar TV in Lebanon. In December of 2018, the US President announced the withdraw of US troops from Syria and a partial withdraw of forces from Afghanistan and immediately in Washington it drew a fierce backlash from the majority of Congress which has been aggressively Pro-War ...

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President Trump Declares National Emergency, Signs Border Bill

On Friday President Donald Trump announced that he is declaring a National Emergency over the border crisis. Congress was unable to find a solution in regards to the border so the President announced that he would declare a national emergency a power he has under the National Emergencies Act. However, the budget bill has tried to put limitations on what ...

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Colombian President Duque: Cuba Assisting Terrorist Behind Bogota Police Bombing

  The Colombian President has denounced the Cuban regime for their alleged involvement in the Bogota police bombings in January which killed 22 people. Duque said about the attack, “This was a terrorist act and a crime against humanity that was planned, for months, with the participation and knowledge of the Central Command of that organization, which has had members in ...

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Hollywood Singer Ryan Adams Under Investigation for Sexting Minors

Recently reports have come out saying that singer and songwriter Ryan Adams was under investigation by the FBI for sexting a teenage fan and minor. According to the New York Times, Adams was sexting a fan for 2 years from when she was 14 to 16. FBI agents in New York have begun to investigate the reports that the “Whiskeytown” singer ...

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Update on Jussie Smollett Incident: Homes raided, full phone records and… some interesting relationships

Update 2: Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that reports claiming the attack was a hoax are not yet confirmed and everything is being investigated. Media reports anout the Empire incident being a hoax are unconfirmed by case detectives. Supt Eddie Johnson has contacted @ABC7Chicago to state on the record that we have no evidence to support their reporting and ...

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McCabe Confirms DOJ Considered 25th Amendment, Rosenstein Serious About Wearing Wire

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe admitted that the Justice Department discussed the possibility of invoking the 25th amendment against Trump and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was serious about wearing a wire when interacting with the President. “There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the ...

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US-Turkey Relations From a New Right Perspective

US-Turkey relations have gotten ever more complicated, and sadly readers rarely get an honest look into this topic by the people they trust to cover the news of the day. It is crucial in an age of liars and demagogues who seek to distort everything their critics say, that readers know that just because they give a take about what the ...

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Genuine Generation Z Hero the Fake News Media Ignores

For a year, a despicable narrative from the Fake News Media has been pushed on Generation Z and the rest of America:  People like David Hogg are the heroes of our generation and people we should work to be like. It is easy to talk about the many problems with the kids who founded the so-called “March for our Lives” but ...

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President Trump to Declare National Emergency, Fund the Wall

Donald Trump success

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday that President Trump will sign the spending bill to prevent another government shut down, and that the president will also declare a national emergency to secure additional funds for the wall on the US – Mexico border. “I’ve just had an opportunity to speak with President Trump and he — I would say ...

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William Barr Confirmed as Next Attorney General

President Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, William Barr, has been confirmed by the US Senate by a vote of 54-45 with Rand Paul (R-KY) voting no and Democrat Senators Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and Doug Jones voting yes. Barr was sworn in on Thursday afternoon by Chief Justice John Roberts, as he returns to the position he held from 1991 ...

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Spain to go to the Polls Again After Budget Failure

Government sources have told Spanish media outlet, El Pais, that at Friday’s cabinet meeting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will announce the date of Spain’s 3rd general election in four years. The decision by the Spanish leader to call for a snap election soon is a result of the defeat in the vote on the 2019 budget in parliament, after Catalan ...

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President Trump set to Sign Executive Order Allocating More Funds for the Wall

As it seems likely that President Trump will sign a border security spending bill “compromise” that congressional negotiators have agreed to, the President may also sign an executive order allocating more funds for the border wall. A White House official told The Post this morn that President Trump sees signing the border deal, if passed by Congress, as the way ...

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Covington Kids Said Nothing Wrong According to Investigators

The Diocese of Covington announced the results of an investigation into whether the Covington Catholic High School kids said anything offensive during a confrontation in Washington D.C. According to the report by the Greater Cincinnati Investigation, the boys did nothing wrong: Nine chaperones were with the students at the Lincoln Memorial “when the main interactions took place.” Black Hebrew Israelite street ...

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El Salvador’s Own #Walkaway Candidate Wins Presidency

Sunday, February 3rd, voters in El Salvador went to elect a new President as voter dissatisfaction has surged in the violence-ridden country with a corrupt failing two-party duopoly. Voters delivered a devastating rebuke to the duopoly as the right-wing ARENA Party received 31.72% of the vote, and the left wing FMLN saw its share at only 14.41%. Outsider and former San Salvador ...

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