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Covington Kids Said Nothing Wrong According to Investigators

The Covington Catholic kids were painted as racist because one dared to smirk and others chanted school spirit after the Black Hebrew Israelites threatened them and called them racist and homophobic names. (NY Post)

The Diocese of Covington announced the results of an investigation into whether the Covington Catholic High School kids said anything offensive during a confrontation in Washington D.C.

According to the report by the Greater Cincinnati Investigation, the boys did nothing wrong:

  • Nine chaperones were with the students at the Lincoln Memorial “when the main interactions took place.”
  • Black Hebrew Israelite street preachers were shouting offensive statements at anyone who passed by, including the students.
  • Some students said one of the chaperones threatened them with detention if they talked to the street preachers. But they were allowed to do some chants used by student fans during school sports games.
  • Investigators said they found no evidence that students responded with offensive or racist statements to the street preachers. They also said they found no evidence that students chanted “build the wall.”
  • Most of the students told investigators that they felt like Phillips was approaching their group to join in their cheers. None said they felt threatened. Some said they were “confused.”
  • The chaperones also told investigators that they didn’t feel the students were threatened by Phillips or his group.
  • Investigators said they found no evidence of offensive or racist statements by students to Phillips or his group, but noted that some students performed a “tomahawk chop” to the drum beat and chanted.
  • After the interaction between Sandmann and Phillips ended, most of the students told investigators that they turned their attention back to the street preachers. Chaperones moved students soon after, telling them the buses had arrived even though they hadn’t yet.
  • One student was stopped by a uniformed police officer for running as they were leaving the area. The officer told the student not to run at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • In another video posted online, someone could be heard saying, “It’s not rape if you enjoy it.” Investigators said they concluded that the speaker was not a Covington Catholic student, and claimed that longer videos show a person stating “He does not go to CovCath” almost immediately after the comment was made.
  • Another video showed a group of boys making comments to two women as they walked by. A person who posted it online claimed that the boys were CovCath students. Investigators said they couldn’t confirm whether they were from CovCath or not.
  • Students and chaperones told investigators that “few, if any” of the students had MAGA hats when they left Covington Catholic for Washington, D.C. Most of the students purchased the hats before, during or after the March for Life.
  • Some chaperones said that students had also purchased “Hope” hats in support of President Barack Obama on previous trips.
  • Investigators said they found no evidence of a school policy prohibiting political apparel on school-sponsored trips.

The exoneration of these kids is unlikely to prevent the Covington Diocese from being sued in the libel lawsuits which are in progress.

Media outlets, Hollywood celebrities, and Washington politicians are still yet to apologize for falsehoods they have written on this story.

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