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Judge Allows Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Lawsuit Against WaPo To Move Forward

A federal judge reversed his ruling Monday and announced that the family of Kentucky teenager Nick Sandmann can sue The Washington Post for libel over its coverage of the teenager. Sandmann’s family sued WaPo in February, writing that the publication allegedly “target and bullied” the teenager after an incident involving a Native American activist at the Lincoln Memorial in January. ...

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Lawyer For Nicholas Sandmann Says Not One Media Outlet Apologized For Getting The Facts Wrong

Todd McMurtry, attorney for Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann, said major media outlets have yet to apologize for besmirching his client’s name in the public sphere. “First off, we think that people that went with the initial unsourced video which had gone viral. — they did so without any reasonable reporting,” McMurtry said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “Some ...

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CovCath Student Nicholas Sandmann Sues WaPo For $250 Million

Covington Catholic high school student Nicholas Sandmann is suing The Washington Post over its coverage of a January incident involving himself and Native American protester Nathan Phillips. Attorneys for Sandmann filed the lawsuit Tuesday, accusing the Washington newspaper of engaging in a “modern-day form of McCarthyism.” The lawsuit also blames CNN and NBC, “among others,” for taking part in the ...

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Media Played The ‘Hate Card’ With Covington Students And It Backfired, Says Michelle Malkin

Political commentator Michelle Malkin accused the media of playing the “hate card” against Covington Catholic High School students, on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, and said it ultimately backfired. Malkin cheered Covington student Nick Sandmann for deciding to pursue litigation and said those who clamored for the Kentucky students to be punished should be held to account. “The theme here, and I’ve been talking ...

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Covington Kids Said Nothing Wrong According to Investigators

The Diocese of Covington announced the results of an investigation into whether the Covington Catholic High School kids said anything offensive during a confrontation in Washington D.C. According to the report by the Greater Cincinnati Investigation, the boys did nothing wrong: Nine chaperones were with the students at the Lincoln Memorial “when the main interactions took place.” Black Hebrew Israelite street ...

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Investigation Found No Proof That Covington Catholic Boys Said ‘Offensive Or Racist Statements’ To Nathan Phillips

The Covington Catholic High School boys did not say any “offensive or racist statements” to American Indian activist Nathan Phillips in a well-known encounter in mid-January, according to investigation results released Wednesday. An initial video made it seem like the boys donning Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats were taunting Phillips, who banged a drum and chanted a prayer following ...

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Nathan Phillips to be Named in Lawsuit

Over 50 media entities, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities are facing libel lawsuits from Nick Sandmann’s lawyers and among them will be the Native American activist Nathan Phillips who made the false accusations against the kids at Covington Catholic High School. Lin Wood, an Atlanta-based lawyer, told LifeSite yesterday that Phillips’ “lies and false accusations” against Sandmann and the other Covington students ...

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Ilhan Omar Continues To Victim Blame The Covington Catholic Kids

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was confronted over her attacks and libelous smears against the Covington Catholic kids and she doubled down on her lies about the kids as Nick Sandmann’s lawyers notify her and many others of an incoming libel lawsuit they will face. She said, “The message I would have for them is in life there are consequences for the ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Prepares to sue 54 Smear Merchants

Lawyers for Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann are preparing to bring massive libel lawsuits against various celebrities, media outlets, and “journalists” for their vicious smearing and threats made against Covington Catholic students with Nick Sandmann at the center of the controversy. They used a 30 second out of context video to label the Covington Catholic students as the new Hitler ...

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March For Life Apologizes For Quick Judgment On Covington Catholic Boys Situation

March for Life crowd

The March for Life apologized Monday for making a quick judgment on a social media video showing the encounter between the Covington Catholic High School boys and American Indian activist Nathan Phillips. An initial video made it seem like the boys were taunting Phillips, who was banging a drum and chanting a prayer after the March for Life in Washington ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Attorney Will File ‘a Multitude’ of Lawsuits Over Threats, Smears, and False Accusations

Lucian Lincoln Wood a famous libel attorney who rose to prominence representing Richard Jewell the security guard falsely accused of orchestrating the Atlanta Olympics Bombing of 1996, is representing Nick Sandmann, the famous smiling boy from Covington Catholic High School. Wood has vowed to unleash a “multitude of civil lawsuits” against those who made “false accusations and threats” against the ...

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Covington Diocese Gives Half-Baked Apology Without Apologizing For Libeling Nick Sandmann

As the wind blows evermore strongly in the direction of evidence showing the kids at Covington Catholic having done nothing wrong, the diocese is has apologized for passing judgment early, as Robert Barnes assembles a so-called “Defamation Dream Team” to file lawsuits against the liars in the Media-Hollywood-Swamp axis of evil. In the non-apology apology, the diocese never admits fault for ...

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Kentucky Bishop Excoriates Covington Kids For Wearing MAGA Hats

The bishop of Lexington lambasted the Covington Catholic High School students barraged by false accusations of bigotry, saying they betrayed the Pro-Life cause by wearing MAGA hats. Bishop John Stowe said he was “ashamed” of the actions of the Covington boys during their confrontation with Native American Nathan Phillips and claimed that their appearance and behavior contradicted reverence for human ...

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From The Dossier, to BuzzFeed, To Catholic MAGA Caps, Are Americans Finally Aware Of The Destruction Being Done By Liberals?

Americans have finally been shown the lack of honesty and truth in today’s main stream, radical and hateful media. The Steele Dossier was false but was nevertheless used to persecute, and hopefully prosecute, Donald Trump and his supporters. BuzzFeed lied about Trump and his allegedly telling his lawyer to lie to congress about dealings with Russia. But the fake news ...

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Colorado Teacher Placed On Leave After Doxxing Wrong Covington Catholic High School Student

A Colorado school district placed a seventh-grade teacher on leave following her alleged claim on Twitter that a random student was part of the “Hitler Youth,” mistaking him for one of the Covington Catholic High School boys caught in the encounter with American Indian activist Nathan Phillips. Mountain Ridge Middle School (MRMS) social studies teacher Michelle Grissom allegedly named and posted a ...

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