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Retired AT&T supervisor.

Just A Bad Dream?

Joe Biden creepy

Recently, I had a dream that a terrorist group that pretends to involve itself in matters concerning black lives, had formed in Seattle, Chicago and New York City. Soon thereafter, the New York police force got rid of its undercover officers on the force, while at the same time this reduction of police officers occurred, the murder rate in Manhattan ...

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What’s To Be Done About Radical Leftists?

We all know by this time that radical leftists will not take “no” for an answer when they demand insane policies or when responsible officials refuse to buckle under to their unconstitutional, violent, racist proposals. And usually the mentally disturbed leftist Democrats will not even take “yes” for an answer when responsible officials try to work with them to achieve ...

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If Democrats Hadn’t Owned And Traded In Slavery We Wouldn’t Be Having These Troubles Today

Of course everyone now realizes that Democrats have become increasingly more insane, America-hating, more difficult to live with, and have become just plain dangerous these last twenty or so years, and especially since the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. But it was Democrats in the antebellum South who owned slaves and were responsible for the formation of ...

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Beautify America: Wear A Mask

Remember when Americans were brave; when we had the power and courage to win wars; when we were creative and were the industrial leaders of the world; when states had mottos like “Live Free Or Die” and “Liberty and Independence”, and the states, and the residents of each state, were serious about what these words meant? Well now, with just ...

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Is the Subservience Of Taking A Knee Really A Strong, Proud Position To Take?

kaepernick taking a knee

For a few NFL seasons we’ve seen the most illogical events take place during the playing of the National Anthem. We’ve witnessed multi-millionaire, celebrated, Porsche-driving, gated-community-dwelling, strong, healthy, young black men kneeling to the god of political correctness and self-importance. There is slavery in Africa and China that these people could be protesting. There are dozens of young black men ...

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Just Another In A Series Of All-Whites-Are-Racists Lies

The latest charge comes from NASCAR’s Talladega race track where black racer Bubba Wallace’s racing team claimed they found a noose in Wallace’s garage. The FBI, while not being able to find the time to investigate and punish the persons who burned black businesses across the United States these last two weeks, was on the scene within hours seeking the ...

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Conservatism Good, Democrat Leftism Bad, But Why Is The Difference Ignored?

It seems that everyone, from multi-millionaires, to Hollywood elites, to Mitt Romney, buckle under to attacks from groups like Black Lives Matter, and the future of our nation is bleak if BLM’s brown shirt tactics determine how business and government are conducted in America. Any family that isn’t buried in credit card debt probably runs their finances and their personal ...

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Governors And Mayors Who Pander To Violent Left Rioters Will Pay An Eventual Price

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, criticized citizens of his city last Saturday for assembling to defend a statue of Christopher Columbus standing in Marconi Plaza, while apparently favoring and pandering to the leftist groups who have made plans to tear down this statue, as has been done in other American cities recently. It’s the most illogical thing that can be done, ...

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Are Leftists Destroying Confederate Statues To Cover Up Proof Of Centuries Of Democrat Racism?

Anyone who understands history knows that the ranks of the KKK’s murderous, racist organizations of the 19th and 20th Centuries, consisted of Democrats, not Republicans. Instead, it was Republicans who issued the emancipation proclamation, fought in the Civil War to end slavery, participated in the underground railroad to get slaves to freedom, and were the pressure that got the Civil ...

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When Is Enough Too Much?

In the 1950’s cowboy show titled “The Cisco Kid”, Leo Carrillo was famous for saying “enough is too much” when he was excited about an event on the program, and now Americans have arrived at that same breaking point while watching Democrats destroy our nation, one neighborhood and one city at a time. Enough of radical leftists occupying police headquarters ...

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Lie To Me Once…..

We’ve all heard the old saying of “Lie to me once, shame on you; lie to me twice, shame on me”. Well, our leftist political leaders have more than struck out with their lies to the American citizens. A short list of these lies would include: The lie of global warming/climate change The lie of a Trump/Russia collusion The lie ...

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Democrats Get Stupider And Stupider

Any citizen of a certain age will recall our beloved Bill Clinton, probably at the time he was being grilled about his fooling around with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office, barking at reporters, saying that their questions concerning his personal misbehavior was not providing food for a starving child, so he ended the presser and said he was going ...

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