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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

And They Call Themselves “Progressives”?

In the last several years radical Democrats have taken up the label of “progressive” to describe themselves, so let’s look at a few “progressive” policies and see if they are an indicator of real progress in our society, or do they indicate a path to the destruction of our nation: Is it progress when a pediatric doctor offers pregnant women ...

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Democrats Move To Prove That Only Governments Cause Poverty

With all of the wealth and freedom in the world, nations like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea and their Communist/Socialist policies are living proof that only governments with dictatorial, Socialist tendencies can enslave their entire citizenry and force them to live in poverty and suffering. With that statement in mind, now comes America’s own radical Socialists, better known as ...

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appeals To Basest Levels Of Society With Her Idea Of Woke Privilege

On February 1, 2019, The Daily Wire quoted the vapor-minded Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new and rising star of the radical left Democrat party, with a number of things that relate to the state of our nation at the moment. In the paragraph below I’ve briefly summarize, in my own words, what AOC’s message was to America: Ms. Cortez acknowledges that ...

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Bigger Government, And Greater Government Control, Preceded Socialist Dictators Like Hitler, Stalin And Maduro

Not long ago some fool liberal Democrat complained that far-right Republicans/conservatives wanted to take over the government and create a dictatorship. This ignorant person, and other like-minded leftists, needs to be reminded that the scope or spread of politics is a straight line going from total dictatorship on the far left, to a non-government far right, lacking any control and ...

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Liberal Policies Always Expand To Central Government Controls

If there is a “right” to government healthcare and a “right” to tuition-free college, why is there no “right” to toilet paper, toothpaste, carrots and vitamin supplements? There is just as much need for the cleanliness of toilet paper and the nutritional value of carrots and vitamins as there is a need for government-provided higher education, and the need is ...

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The Name Ocasio-Cortez Is One Of Conquest And European Privilege

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez burst upon the American scene as a poor, down-trodden, Hispanic minority child who would take advantage of her minority, mistreated status to set things right in this white-privileged and unjust nation of America. But the truth of the matter is that the ancestral name Cortez is one of great European privilege and represents the murder, rape, colonization and ...

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Joy Behar Revealed More Than She Intended

Recently, the lovely, talented, and demented, Joy Behar, of the television show The View, of which she is the major screeching member, accidentally exposed to Americans the future maneuvering of the radical, Trump-hating, Democrat party. When asked why liberal Democrats are so quick to criticize anything Republicans do, and everything that Trump does, she admitted that Democrats are so “desperate” ...

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Is Our Nancy, Getting A Little Antsy?

The beloved and oh-so religious Nancy Pelosi, she who believes that murderers in the form of MS-13 gang members have a “spark of divinity” in them, and that massive numbers of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood to salvage and resell human body parts is acceptable public policy, and who additionally believes that the walls that surround her home, as well ...

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From The Dossier, to BuzzFeed, To Catholic MAGA Caps, Are Americans Finally Aware Of The Destruction Being Done By Liberals?

Americans have finally been shown the lack of honesty and truth in today’s main stream, radical and hateful media. The Steele Dossier was false but was nevertheless used to persecute, and hopefully prosecute, Donald Trump and his supporters. BuzzFeed lied about Trump and his allegedly telling his lawyer to lie to congress about dealings with Russia. But the fake news ...

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Poor Little Adam Schiff, Sitting On A Plane With His Big-Boy Pants On

Pity the poor Democrats, all decked out for a party in Brussels, but their plans vaporize when President Trump yanks the plane out from under them, and all because of the government shutdown and the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with Trump about his area of special concentration: a protective wall along our southern border. After witnessing Nancy Pelosi flying off ...

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Democrats Have A Bizarro, Contra-Reality View Of The World

The visceral fear and anger Democrats suffered after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, along with the Democrats’ idiotic, unfounded hate of Donald Trump, has led them to a bad, dark place where up-is-down, good-is-bad and right-is-wrong in their political judgment. Below are some examples of the current Democrat derangement: Black members of the House and Senate forever and ...

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Enemies Of The People: Democrats Aid And Abet Illegal Alien Criminals And Murderers

Democrats knowingly and willingly, purely for their own personal political purposes, are allowing crimes to be committed, and are doing nothing to halt or even lessen this terrible national tragedy. The sanctuary city scam is the most obvious outrage, where Democrats allow people from every nation on the globe, to cross our southern border illegally to prey on people in ...

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