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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Idiot Republicans Are At It Again

When will the idiots in the Republican party learn that they are at war with a Democrat party that commits crimes, lies and sells our national Uranium supplies to the Russians? When will they learn that they must play hard-ball with these scoundrels if our nation is to survive? Roy Moore has been accused of inappropriate activity with a fourteen-year-old ...

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Are America’s Political Parties Competing On A Level Field?

Utopia in Venezuela

There is no comparison between the two major political parties in America. The Democrats are lawless and have no regard for decency and honesty, whereas the Republicans obey the laws and mostly practice Christian beliefs. Some examples on the left: Obamacare was unconstitutional and caused many families great stress and expense. Barack Obama and his pals disregarded immigration laws and ...

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Democrats Attack Donna Brazile; Could It Be Racism?

Donna Brazile, a trusted and long-time part of Democrat politics who served for a period as Hillary’s hand-picked chairperson for the DNC, is now being called a kook and a liar since her recent book exposed Hillary’s and the DNC’s rigging of the 2016 Democrat presidential primary election. Is this unprecedented abuse of a Democrat big-wig because Ms Brazile’s a ...

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Top Democrats Are Being Called Rapists And Slave Owners, By Top Democrats

Democrats steal money from dead people

Isn’t it the most amazing thing that Republicans and conservatives are repeatedly accused of being rapists, sexists and racists without proof, but it’s only liberal Democrats who are being called out – by their own party! On November 4th, the Washington Post stated that in Donna Brazile’s new book she described her dealings with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, ...

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To Democrats, Diversity Means They Want More Immigrants Who Hate America

With Open Arms

The constant leftist, Democrat push for “diversity”, something that occurs naturally and plentifully in nature, must eventually be curtailed by a thinking nation. The Democrats’ precious, undefined “diversity” is being engineered and imposed on the nation using their own magical statistics to inform us when we have a sufficient mix and balance of “diversity”, assuming that their idea of balance ...

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The Foundation Of Liberal Thinking Is Built On Racist Sand

Simply stated, liberals, who are mostly white and largely upper-middle-class or wealthy, really believe that blacks and other dark-skinned people are inferior to whites and therefore need a hand up in order to live comfortable lives. This thinking is racist and will never be admitted to by liberals, but it’s true and it’s behind the racist treatment of blacks, resulting ...

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Trying To Understand The Liberal Hangup On “Diversity”

New York City Terror attack Home Depot truck

It’s too bad that liberals are so hung up on “diversity” that they have forgotten about liberty, freedom and national identity. Diversity is not something one has to intentionally create or search for, it’s ever-present. No two people are the same and no two ideas are the same, yet liberals are making the nation weary with their insistence on selecting ...

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Obama’s True Legacy: His Liberal Policies Are Killing Americans

New York City Terror attack Home Depot truck

Thanks to the idiotic, thoughtless and politically correct policies of Barack Obama, yesterday, on Halloween Day, we saw Americans, and some foreign tourists visiting New York City to enjoy its great freedom and beauty, murdered by a Muslim terrorist who was allowed to enter America on the absent-minded, pointlessly liberal policy of “diversity”. So, using liberal thinking, one might be ...

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On Halloween Eve Mueller Issues A Trick Or Treat Message To Trump Staffers

Trick or Treat

Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued an ultimatum to Trump staffers past and present: if you don’t award me with the treats that will destroy President Trump, I’ll destroy your lives with underhanded legal tricks. Given that the charges he issued yesterday against Paul Manafort have nothing whatever to do with the Trump campaign nor the Trump administration, Mueller has ...

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Mueller’s Indictment Is Typical Of Democrat Misconduct And Redirection

Paul Manafort

Isn’t it strange that after nearly a year of a phony investigation trying to remove Trump from office Mueller suddenly leaks the announcement of indictments against one of Trump’s campaign staff? The charges became public a week after we learned that the Democrats paid for the Golden Shower dossier, an artificial document that provided the “evidence” needed to justify a ...

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Democrats And The Criminal Mind

Why is it that when Democrats are caught red-handed doing bad and even illegal things they always become indignant and defend themselves vehemently and at great length? The most recent examples are spying on the newly elected Trump team and selling American uranium reserves to Russia while collecting dirt on Trump via Russian sources.  They know that what they did ...

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For Trump It’s “Collusion”, But For Hillary It’s “Opposition Research”

Trey Gowdy on Hillary Clinton

The words came direct from liberal Brad Woodhouse on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Program on October 25th: if the evidence points to Donald Trump doing anything with the Russians it’s considered “colluding with the enemy”, but if anyone on the DNC side is found consulting with the Russians to dig up dirt on Trump for a fake dossier, it’s called “opposition ...

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