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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

No Destroyed Statue Ever Fed A Hungry Child

Bill Clinton was famous for his ability to deflect criticism of his policies and actions by righteously and loudly proclaiming that the heated words from his opponent would not feed a hungry child. In that vein, I’d like to attempt to use his tried-and-true practice and remind those on the destructive left that they waste money and time tearing down ...

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Name-Calling From the Left Reminiscent of Stalin’s Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union, the Stalinists called their enemies revisionists, capitalists and hoarders in order to brand them and create an atmosphere of negativism against people who just wanted to live their lives peacefully and have a little prosperity and happiness along the way. In current-day America, our leftist Democrats and their wholly-owned media organizations call their enemies “deniers” and ...

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ANTIFA Is The Modern-Day Democrat KKK

What is the difference between the old Democrat, hooded, fire-bombing KKK and today’s hooded, firebombing ANTIFA? Not much! Both are hate-filled, leftist, evil people, and good Democrats. Oh, the hoods of the KKK were white and today’s KKK rebirth wears black hoods. And the fire of the KKK was from torches, whereas ANTIFA uses a Bic lighter, but both groups ...

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And The Winner By Default: Donald Trump

Smiling Trump

American citizens who in the past have traditionally voted Democrat helped elect Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016, and now these former Democrat voters hate the Democrat party and its politicians for being such hard-core, violent, unconstitutional, leftists. Republicans who voted their party into the majority in the national legislature and who voted for Trump to be president, now ...

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No More Good Guys or Bad Guys, Just “Other” Guys

The entire American political landscape has become foggy and uncertain with the presidency of Donald Trump. He’s had to side with Democrats in order to keep things moving in the hurricane and immigration-filled world he inherited. Republicans won’t stand with him against the radical and unconstitutional moves of Democrats and the Obama administration. We can thank all we hold dear ...

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When Confederate Monuments Are All Gone What Will Be Next?

Liberal Democrats are concentrating on imagined hate and symbolism but once they have torn down the statues of Confederate soldiers, including the idiocy of punishing living persons for having the same name as a Confederate soldier, or for condemning a horse because it has the same name as a Confederate soldier’s horse, what’s next? With liberals, there is always a ...

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The Difference Between Trump‘s “MAGA” And Just Plain “MAG”

The final “A” in MAGA (for Make America Great Again) may be an alienating thing for some people. Liberals, never-Trumpers and Democrats, might hate the last “A” because it strongly infers that Obama and his policy to “fundamentally transform America” existed because they believe America was never great and that he distorted and undermined the things that most Americans considered to ...

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Do Hugs And Hand-Holding Save Lives And Repair Homes?

Houston flood harvey boats

No matter how quickly President Trump responds to a disaster like hurricane Harvey; no matter how much federal aid President Trump gives to those unfortunate people suffering in the Houston area; no matter how much praise the local officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, dealing with the hurricane destruction in Texas, give to Trump for the quick and professional emergency assistance ...

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Trump Gets Rid Of Another Of Obama’s Bad Ideas

Donald Trump presidential weekly address

The Left is upset with President Donald Trump because he is ending Barack Obama‘s ban on allowing police departments to purchase military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. It’s almost as though if Obama issued a bad, injurious executive order, that each and all subsequent presidents must worship the edict and no one shall be permitted to rescind it. The ...

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How Must Poor Barack Obama Feel Now?

One has to have compassion for our beleaguered and ill-treated former president Barack Obama for the way events have developed since he left the White House. Under President Donald Trump, many things have improved greatly and in a relatively short period of time. Let’s review a few of the areas where Obama could have done good things, but because of ...

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Does Texas Deserve Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction?

Houston neighborhood flooded

Kenneth Storey, a visiting professor at the University of Tampa, suggested Tuesday that the water and wind destruction in the Houston area caused by Hurricane Harvey was deserved because Trump was the dominant presidential candidate in Texas in 2016. One wonders when Minnesota and Michigan are expected to be hit by a plague for also putting Trump ahead of Hillary ...

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