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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

The Massive Illogic Of Democrats

Just as any sensible person may wonder at the stupidity of Marxism, which states its case in favor of Communism as being inevitable and obvious because of the necessary conflict between economic classes within a nation, while at the same time making every idiotic effort and argument to encourage and incite this conflict among a population which has lived peacefully ...

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Maxine Waters is What’s Wrong With America

On April 11, 2019, The Blaze reported that Maxine Waters, the new Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, attempted to corner and embarrass several banking CEOs who were called before her committee, by asking them what they were doing to help students pay for the enormous debts they posses after completing four years of college. She was, of course, ...

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Predictions of Enviro-Religious Doom Has AOC’s Believers Seeking Redemption

One supposes that even liberal Democrats can at times see the error of their ways, and will occasionally seek forgiveness for the things they believe they’ve done wrong. The current fretting by Warming/Change advocates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, has all of the qualities of the periodic predictions of doom and gloom that we’ve seen occasionally from kooks of ...

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George Washington University Argument Over The Moniker “Colonials”, Is Based In American Student Ignorance

The Snow-Flake students at George Washington University are all aflutter about their school mascot being called the “Colonials”. The first thing that comes to mind in this controversy, given the students’ criticism of our founding fathers, is that it’s obvious that the students consider George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to have been “colonialists” when actually it was England that was ...

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Biden Being Eaten Alive By His Own Party

There must be something that the Democrat party sees in Joe Biden that makes them believe that he could become the Democrat candidate in the 2020 presidential race. It must be that he’s an old, mature, sensible guy who sees no logic nor reason in the ultra leftist crap coming out of radical Democrat mouths as they mock everything America ...

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Carl Rove Is What’s Wrong With The Republican Party

On March, 27, 2019, in the Wall Street Journal, Carl Rove expressed the notion that President Trump should move on from Mueller and not dwell on the criminal and unconstitutional things that he, and America, was forced to endure these last two years, with the false collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice charges, the name-calling and the daily lies that ...

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Privilege and Leftist Hate-Crimes

Jussie Smollett has been freed of charges, and the record of his hate crime against white conservatives has been expunged as though it never even happened. The photos of the men hired by Smollett who pretended to beat him, taken as they bought the red hats and the rope used to pretend to lynch him, never happened. The hours of ...

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The Mueller Witch Hunt Is Over, Now We Need To Punish The Democrat Witches That Created It

House Democrat Adam Schiff stated that he had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and his fellow Democrat, Eric Swalwell, has frequently stated that the evidence of Trump’s guilt was obvious. They are both political, partisan liars who have been proven wrong, now that the Mueller investigation has been closed with no charges against Trump. But the Democrats ...

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Cory Booker Wants A Woman On His Ticket, But Not As President

The pandering that goes on in Democrat politics is enough to make everyone sick. Democrats don’t care about the best person for the job, they care only about identity politics, which their party has perfected to the point that nothing is real and no one does any serious thinking. Recently Cory Booker swore that there would be a woman on ...

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Unending Liberal Privilege

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, whom the Democrats in the House were using in an attempt to gather dirt on Trump, was sentenced to jail for his felonies weeks ago, but has been allowed to remain free to live a normal life since the sentencing in order to appear before the House of Representatives and tell his lies about President ...

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America Doesn’t Need A President Who Is A Rock-Star Or A Doper

As we lead up to the 2020 presidential election, the only Democrat candidates who have proudly stepped forward and announced that they are running are people who seem to be proud of the fact that they have smoked, inhaled and enjoyed a toke or two, or are built up and celebrated by the leftist press as being rock stars. And ...

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American Politics, Clearly Stated

Most Conservatives and Republicans don’t put politics into every component of their everyday lives. They go to work each morning and return home to their families each night. They get great satisfaction providing for their families and feeling in charge of their lives. Liberals, progressives and other Democrats seem to prefer chaos, protest marches and telling everyone else how to ...

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Pegging A Date and Warming Level to Bernie’s 12-Years-To-Doom Prediction

On March 5, 2019, I published an article titled “The Earth Has Only 12 Years Left? Let’s See” in which I expressed doubt as to the validity of the 12-year warning of the earth’s end, which is all the rage in Democrat/Progressive focus groups. Although I was on target with my advice to track the next 11 years (the first ...

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