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Will You Believe The Lies Coming From The Idiot In The White House, Or Will You Believe Your Own Two Eyes?

Based on your personal experience and the evidence your own two eyes have provided for you, do you believe that the earth has warmed so much in the last fifty years that the extinction of life on earth is at risk?

The answer to that question is a resounding, NO!

I know that summers are as hot today as they were in the 1960s, and you to, too. But when one considers the continued predictions of death-by-heat coming from the Democrat party, you can be certain that the Democrat party is full of Socialists and Commies. Even though temperatures have remained the same since at least the 1960s, AOC and Bernie Sanders predicted again, only six years ago (in November of 2018), that in twelve years from that date that the earth would be too hot to support life, and with this prediction they pushed the pedal-to-the-metal and hoped no one was paying attention to the reality of these lies. But the reality is right in front of us, that temperatures are about normal for this time of year. Since we are six years into these fools’ prediction of disaster and no global heating has occurred for the last fifty years, I’d say Democrats are caught in a giant lie and they should be shamed for it. But even though the warming lie has been fully exposed as the lie it is, old Joey Biden and his Dem pals still push the fear of death to all of us and are destroying the economy of the United States as a result.

Next, look at the progression of environmental lies that Democrats have pushed our way in the last twenty years: when temperatures didn’t increase as they predicted, they went from calling it “global warming” to calling it the less intense title of “climate change“, which is much harder to test and verify. But the change of title for their chosen disaster is a sure sign that they know that no warming has occurred since their last declaration, or they‘d have stuck with the global warming lie alone.

Far left Democrats are frightened that too many people will wake up to the lies of warming/change, because the truth undermines the lie behind the electric vehicle edict; and the lie behind Biden’s green mandates, that are paying millions of taxpayers’ dollars to his pals and making them rich; and the lie that’s destroying America’s automobile industry, as manufacturers are forced by big government to make electric vehicles that no one wants to buy; and the lie that is undermining the freedom and liberty that Americans have always known, all of which lies will lead to an impoverished end for America if Biden is re-elected this November.

Due to the dishonesty and lying of the Biden administration, it’s healthy to be fearful that if Donald Trump is elected to be president again in November, the Biden administration, which will continue for two-and-a-half months following the hoped-for Trump re-election, will never allow Trump to live long enough to be sworn in as president in January of 2025.

But if you doubt that Democrats are ruthless enough to take a president-elect Trump out prior to his swearing-in ceremony, just consider how disruptive Trump’s next administration would be to their corrupt plans, following the Russia/Russia/Russia claims during his first term; the trumped-up January 6 trials that the Dems imposed on the nation; the Democrat-run states that attempted to unconstitutionally keep Trump off those states’ ballots in 2024; the numerous state and federal indictments they’ve lyingly thrown at Trump in their attempts to keep him off the ballot; and the words of a fellow Democrat, RFK Jr., who said that he believes that the Biden Democrats’ attempts to keep Trump from running again are a threat to Democracy in America.

Today’s Democrats will do anything to retain the power they have, legal or otherwise, and are determined to keep their power to continue to unconstitutionally dictate policy and law to Americans, and Trump is standing directly in their way and threatens a loss of power to them.

These are uncharted waters we are entering during the 2024 election season, and the dangers to our ability to remain a nation with a functioning constitution and a Democrat party that will obey the laws of the nation, will be a frightening experience to us all.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I’ll believe the climate hoax is real on the same day I believe hunter biden is a stand up guy, joe biden really IS president, and the clintons never ordered the murders of their enemies.

    I’m convinced the democrats will never allow another free and fair national election, at least until they’ve completely emasculated the republican party to the point of utter uselessness (shouldn’t take too much longer) and allow only elections that are between two democrats.

  2. We all see it, six, the flooding of illegals for Demwit votes, the sudden resurgence of bird flu, the weaponisation and purchase of judges, the lack of any substance or game plan on the part of the lead donkey and his continued lies all indicate we can believe Bribem when he takes an axe to his Corvette and sells his beach house to fund an electric charging station. Let’s Go Brandon. Time to get the Three Lil Pigs out of our Whitehouse and send a message to Mike and Barry that they do not control our country.

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