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Our Debater-In-Chief Takes A Week Off To Learn How Great His Presidency Has Been

If the current reports are correct, the dunce in the White House is going to spend the next week getting ready for his debate with Donald Trump, during which event he‘ll try to defend his failed term in office.

How stupid does a man, let alone the most powerful man in the world (the United States president), have to be to require coaching on the results of the disastrous three years of his administration? Hasn’t he been around to witness the inflation, the dictatorial electric vehicle orders, the halt-all-drilling orders, the millions of illegals that have invaded our nation under Biden’s specific orders, and the rapes and murders of American citizens that have been the inevitable result of Joey’s orders? And don’t forget the magnificent lie about the existential threat of warming/change, when the only threat to America is Joseph Biden and his Socialist-Communist policies, that are rapidly destroying the prosperity and freedom of this, the last remaining, pleasant nation in which to live.

How vapid and out of touch with reality does a president have to be, to be given questions and answers to points that may come up about occurrences that happened during the three years of his owned failed presidency?

This week of grilling, questioning and providing Joey with answers to obvious areas of discussion during the debate next week, doesn’t give Americans a warm and fuzzy feeling about Joey’s understanding of the tragic events that have transpired these last three years, given the line-up of evil foreign rulers who are enemies of our constitutional government and who intend to end it. Considering and compared with the relatively safe, secure and friendly atmosphere of the upcoming debate between Trump and Biden, American citizens might well feel fearful of any actual foreign government’s military aggression against America, with the slow-witted and stuttering Biden in charge of our defense.

If Joey can’t stand toe-to-toe with Trump without a week of providing him with a listing of all of Trump’s likely points and counter-points, how can the frail, stumbling and dithering Biden stand up to Russia, China or the Mullahs of Iran?

Americans fear that Joey would crumble under a real military attack on America, and he is likely to surrender in a minute if an enemy launches a serious attack on our once great nation. With all of the Biden administration’s blame-America-first and the shaming that has been directed at the United States, while being accused for causing the poverty seen around the world, it seems logical that Biden would submit to the attack, because our nation deserves it, according to the dominant Democrat logic.

If our enemies have any sense at all, they’ll attack America while our idle-headed Joey is being schooled on his administration’s wide ranging series of “successes” this next week; his head will be so full of facts and figures about his greatness and wisdom and what a miraculous visionary leader he is, that he won’t have the energy or the presence of mind to give the order for the military to oppose any enemy attack, even if he wanted to oppose one.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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