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Biden’s Misguided Commands In Afghanistan Got Americans Killed, But He Threatens Israel For A Mistake Made While Fighting A War

The same fool, idiot president who got American citizens killed in Afghanistan because he refused to take the advice of his military advisors about abruptly vacating that country, now threatens to withdraw support from Israel, fighting a war they did not want and did not start, because of a military error they made during the heat of battle in which aid workers were tragically killed. Israel has gone out of its way to prevent civilian casualties during this fighting that was forced on them during a cease-fire interval that Hamas refused to respect, while Hamas has repeatedly used civilian neighborhoods and hospitals as locations for weapons caches, knowing that Israel would be blamed if Gaza citizens were killed during fighting at those sites.

The fool idiot referenced above is none other than the demented and brainless Joey Biden, who is destroying America by opening our borders to criminals, denying our military sufficient Strategic Petroleum Reserves to fight a war that is more likely all the time due to his insane decisions and policies, with the favors our president is giving China and Iran, and he is bankrupting the nation by spending trillions of dollars on his green stupidity that is making his Democrat pals rich, and don’t forget the open crime spree in America following the “defund the police” policy that Biden’s woke leftists imposed on this nation, with his approval.

It’s all falling apart politically for the Democrats under Biden’s incompetent rule, and one fears the criminal actions that this pack of America-hating politicians will take to prevent Donald Trump from being sworn in after he wins the election in November, 2024.

America, and our allies, especially Israel, is in serious jeopardy with a fool like Biden in the White House.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Nailed it. I might only add it seems witless, spineless Bribem is anxious to take out Netanyahu in order to install a puppet regime. Who could be pulling Bribem’s strings? Hmmmmm.

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