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Why Are Corporations Geared To Kids Harboring Pedophiles

This is not a new story, but it is certainly worth writing because these companies need to be called out for their complicity in harboring juvenile sexual predators. The Disney Corporation and Nickelodeon are both guilty of hiring known, convicted individuals or those charged with sexual offenses against children to work with children. It is unconscionable for any company to condone pedophilia, but it is a new low in moral standards to put children at risk knowingly. What could possibly be the upside in the risk-reward equation to make such a decision? There is so much uncovered with this topic that it is exhausting. Today, we will highlight a few just to peel a couple of layers off this rancid onion. We are not looking at isolated instances but dozens over the last fifteen years. Enough to label this a pandemic of sickness.

The staggering figure was previously unknown but came to light after a recent HBO documentary, titled “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids’ TV,” included testimonials from child actors who allege they were subjected to abuse on the sets of Nickelodeon shows such as “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” “Drake & Josh” and “Victorious.” CNN reported over a decade ago that 35 employees of Disney had been charged and found guilty of sex offenses with children. This expose did not prevent Disney from hiring a former employee of Nickelodeon who had already been convicted as a sex offender. Does that make Disney progressive for believing in rehabilitation or complicit in the crime?

The Woke Left ate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis alive when he publicly exposed the Disney Company for knowingly employing pedophiles, but are now doing the same to Nickelodeon. These hypocrites won’t dare admit that someone with an “R” after their name was right.

Bill Maher, who, like Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, is starting to sound more Conservative with each issue, went on an eight-minute rant on his HBO show Friday night about the abuse of children by the Woke Liberals that have gone so far to the Left that they have fallen off the world of reality and common sense. It was an incredibly honest monologue you must see on X or YouTube if you do not have HBO.

Isn’t it time we grew up and stopped all the WOKE BS we are subjecting a generation to? As Maher said, these kids are not wannabe adults but submissive morons who will do anything to impress adults, even if those adults want to castrate or physically mutilate them in another fashion. From sexually offensive books in school libraries to drag queen reading hours in first-grade classes to creating sanctuaries for adolescents who want abortions or sex reassignment treatment, when are we going to realize it is adults enticing and entrapping children into a sick and twisted world? It is going to take politicians and a judicial system to grow some cajones to prosecute and convict some of these corporations and parent/sex offenders for what they are: pedophiles, the sickest of the sick.

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