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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Illegal Aliens To Determine Make-Up Of American City School Board

A Bridge Too Far

San Francisco is now allowing citizens of foreign nations, including those here illegally from any nation in the world, to vote for and determine the people who will populate the city’s school board and what will be taught to the American children living in San Francisco. Of course the sanctuary city crowd will defend this move by stating that they ...

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Liberal Massive Over-Reaction Is Not Trump’s Fault

The liberal swamp is so hatefully disposed against President Trump for treading into their domain and performing better than they ever have, and for getting more things accomplished than they’ve ever been able to do, that they jump too quickly and with too much venom when they think they‘ve found a blemish in Trump‘s performance. They’ve massively over-criticized him for ...

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Liberals Are Attacking Trump After Helsinki. So Who’s Surprised?

Vladimir Putin is a liar who has evil intent around the world and threatens freedom and liberty everywhere his totalitarian power can reach. Conservatives have for the last 60 years been stating the case against Russia and the Soviet Union, with liberals defending Russia every step of the way. So now why have the liberal press and Democrat politicians suddenly ...

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Obama Begs Putin For Time, But Trump Can’t Be Trusted To Talk With Putin?

Anyone who recalls the open mic that caught Barack Obama asking Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to beg Putin to give him (Obama) time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding during a second term in office, has to smile at the latest, leftist outbreak of idiocy with Democrats insisting that Trump cannot be trusted to meet with Putin ...

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Democrats Need To Be Honest About Why They Object To Trump’s Court Appointees

Democrats don’t care about the constitution allowing a president to make several Supreme Court appointments during his/her administration. And they don’t particularly care about liberal versus conservative appointments for a particular court opening. So why are they all in a twist about every Supreme Court nomination that President Trump makes? The sad truth is that Democrats are all about radical ...

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The Boring, Repetitive, Eternal Complaints Of The Left Are A Yawn

Each and every day we hear a new litany of complaints from liberal Democrats about how terrible life is in America under the Presidency of Donald Trump and about how terrible Republicans are. As an example of the tripe coming from Democrat mouths, on a typical Monday we may hear about the destruction of the world via a warming/change cycle, ...

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Democrats Have A Tendency To Bite Themselves In The Butt

Liberals, not being ones to follow tradition nor obey the constitution, always manipulate rules to favor themselves, not realizing that they often make short-term decisions that will lead to long-term problems for themselves, and the nation. Here are a couple of examples of liberals changing established rules in order to help themselves resolve an immediate problem, but hurting themselves in ...

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Even The Democrat Celebrity Thinkers Are Fools

Democrats behave like trained seals: Some progressive boss gives them the weekly party line and they are expected to appear on all of the cable channels and write articles for the NYT and WaPo to push that party talking point. During the Bush administration, they suddenly, and for the next few days, wailed about the lack of people possessing “gravitas” ...

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Isn’t The Term “Leftist Supreme Court Justice” A Contradiction In Terms?

Anthony Kennedy

From a constitutional context the term “leftist Supreme Court Justice” is indeed contradictory because liberals hold the constitution in disdain and think that they are wiser than the founders of this nation, and they prefer to make law instead of deciding cases based on the constitution and existing law. A few months ago a former Supreme Court Justice, John Paul ...

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Under Trump We Just Keep Winning, And I’m Not Tired Of It Yet

From climate change to Obamacare; to tax reform; to trade reform; to freedom from being forced to pay union dues; to the long-overdue denuclearization of North Korea; the United States has been winning one major victory after another against the swamp-infested, leftist forces trying to bury our free and prosperous nation under a blanket of socialist, totalitarian rule. And all ...

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Is Fox’s Shepard Smith A Secret Spy For CNN?

Illegal aliens with children

I saw Shepard Smith nearly lose his cool on the Fox News Channel Tuesday afternoon as some leftist told him that 17 states have sued the Trump administration over the policy of separating children from parents who crossed the border with Mexico illegally. I feel sorry for poor, sensitive Shep, who was close to shedding tears as the lawsuits were ...

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The Party Of Tolerance And Diversity Is Neither Of These Things

Based on the recent violent actions and words of the radical liberals in the Democrat party, here are some of the likely valuable principles that the DNC will run on in future elections: * If you disagree with President Trump’s elimination of transgender people from the American military, you can kick Republicans out of your restaurant. * If you don’t ...

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Democrats, Who Attack Traditional America At Every Opportunity, Suddenly Defend American Tradition

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post - Huffington Post

Patriotic Americans watch in awe at the negative twist that American liberals put on anything the American constitution or existing law dictate be done. Liberals place an equally negative twist on anything and everything President Trump does and says. Here are a few recent complaints that liberals have registered as President Trump attempts to defend America and protect the citizens ...

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