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Retired AT&T supervisor.

Governors And Mayors Who Pander To Violent Left Rioters Will Pay An Eventual Price

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, criticized citizens of his city last Saturday for assembling to defend a statue of Christopher Columbus standing in Marconi Plaza, while apparently favoring and pandering to the leftist groups who have made plans to tear down this statue, as has been done in other American cities recently. It’s the most illogical thing that can be done, ...

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Are Leftists Destroying Confederate Statues To Cover Up Proof Of Centuries Of Democrat Racism?

Anyone who understands history knows that the ranks of the KKK’s murderous, racist organizations of the 19th and 20th Centuries, consisted of Democrats, not Republicans. Instead, it was Republicans who issued the emancipation proclamation, fought in the Civil War to end slavery, participated in the underground railroad to get slaves to freedom, and were the pressure that got the Civil ...

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When Is Enough Too Much?

In the 1950’s cowboy show titled “The Cisco Kid”, Leo Carrillo was famous for saying “enough is too much” when he was excited about an event on the program, and now Americans have arrived at that same breaking point while watching Democrats destroy our nation, one neighborhood and one city at a time. Enough of radical leftists occupying police headquarters ...

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It’s Not About Privilege, It’s About Civilization

Dozens of Chicago’s young black men have been killed this month, not by the police and not due to the privilege of white people, they were killed by other young black men. A mother has to witness the horror of her two-year old daughter being killed by a drive-by shooter as the child watches a television show. A grandmother insists ...

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Lie To Me Once…..

We’ve all heard the old saying of “Lie to me once, shame on you; lie to me twice, shame on me”. Well, our leftist political leaders have more than struck out with their lies to the American citizens. A short list of these lies would include: The lie of global warming/climate change The lie of a Trump/Russia collusion The lie ...

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Democrats Get Stupider And Stupider

Any citizen of a certain age will recall our beloved Bill Clinton, probably at the time he was being grilled about his fooling around with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office, barking at reporters, saying that their questions concerning his personal misbehavior was not providing food for a starving child, so he ended the presser and said he was going ...

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Fund The Police, But Defund Leftist Governors And Mayors

Whether the subject is disease, rioters or job creation, America can no longer afford to have leftists in positions of power. Most recently we have heard leftist (that is Democrat) officials insist that the police forces in their cities be defunded and disbanded, leaving millions of citizens in those Democrat cities at the mercy of rioters and marauders, which will ...

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Have Mask, Will (Not) Travel

Our masked hero, Joey Biden, is actually mis-masked to be considered to be the romantic figure personifying the heroic, masked figure of the Lone Ranger; but nevertheless, masked he is. And his only travel is shuffling between the ping-pong room to the card table room in his basement. He tries to be more like the Paladin character that Richard Boone ...

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Who Was That Masked Man?

Seniors at their high school graduation ceremony.

With all of the stupid flubs and misstatements that Joe Biden has made during the past year he might be well advised to wear his Wuhan mask full-time in the chance that voters will not recognize this dithering old fool and will not attribute his mindless remarks to his political candidacy. On the other hand, in the year of the ...

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Democrats Defend The Most Racist, Murderous Nation In The World

So here comes Kamala Harris, defending Communist China and insisting that Americans have no constitutionally assured freedom of speech when we criticize, or just make fun of, China. The Chinese government is the most racist nation on earth, with all other nationalities being considered inferior to themselves. They imprison or kill Muslims and those of the Uyghur (Weiger) religion, imprison ...

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Coronavirus Is Adapting And Changing And Democrats Think The World Is About To End

Each year in America a new mix of the flu vaccine is issued, and each year we are told that the virus has adapted and that the latest vaccine is not quite on target to fight the germ we will be inhaling in the cold air of winter. So we end up each year with a disease that causes 21,000 ...

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Civil Disobedience Punishment: Conservatives Get Jailed, Leftists Get Understanding

During the several decades of my life, Los Angeles has burned, the campus of Berkeley was fire-bombed, Portland had heads bashed, New York City had marchers clogging the streets demanding the killing of police officers, Occupy Wall Street did millions of dollars of damage to any place they formed, ANTIFA has destroying property and injured people, and Hillary mobs beat ...

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We Are “Mitigating” Our National Economy Into Dust

The word mitigation is now the most over-used word in the English vocabulary. Its original application was describing the flattening of the curve which is used to indicate the growth of the coronavirus and its negative impact on the healthcare industry. The famous and over-used Democrat “modeling” charts predicted hospitals would be overwhelmed and would be unable to handle the ...

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