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America’s College-Educated Youth Are So Stupid That They Will Side With Terrorists Sworn To Kill Them

Do our idiot college youth not know that Iran and its various terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East have sworn to kill all Americans? Are they not aware of the World Trade Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001? Have they not heard radical Muslims swear to kill the small Satan (Israel), and then kill the Great Satan (America)? Terrorists say these things all the time.

On the other hand, have college kids ever heard Israel take an offensive position against any nation or organization, as long as they are left to their own business and not threatened? Such things are never said by Israel.

Given the horrible attack on Israel on October 7, can there be any doubt as to the sincerity of the murderous people who constitute Hamas? And from the affection and respect we’ve heard expressed for Hamas by spoiled college students, do our college-educated upper class really believe that killing children by beheading and burning them, and then raping, killing and taking prisoners of the remaining adults, is a good bunch to associate with and support?

And aren’t today’s college students, the same numb-skulls who think homosexuals and sex-warping people are the dearest and most mistreated people in America, aware that the religion of Islam regularly kills homosexuals and other deviants who offend their Islamic religion? Israel has homosexuals living peacefully in their country as their fellow-citizens, but Hamas certainly does not.

Yet these self-righteous fools parade and shout anti-Israel slogans and give support to the very people who would gladly slit their ill-educated, loud-mouthed, throats.

And the crap the college crowd is chanting about colonialism proves their stupidity. In the long-ago age of colonial powers, the dominant nation colonized the weaker nation, and America was one of those weaker, colonized, nations at the time. And the intent of owning a colony was to gain wealth from the natural resources of the weaker nation, which leaves Gaza completely out of the picture, because they are among the poorest people on earth.

So one wonders, what resources do the Gazans have that Israel wants? They have absolutely nothing Israel can use or wants. In fact Israel tried to buy peace with Gaza by giving them the utilities they couldn’t provide for themselves, and the Gazans are so devoid of any industry or any natural resources that they have become a total loss to Israel. Israel tried to live peacefully as equals among the Gazans but finally had to build a wall around Gaza (which is many square miles of ocean-front property for any peoples with initiative enough to try to develop it and become fabulously wealthy) when the murderous Hamas repeatedly bombed restaurants and shopping malls, killing Israelis.

And the idea that Gaza is a colony of Israel is proven to be a lie when one understands actual history and realize that the state of Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948, in order to provide a place for Jews to live and not be sent to concentration camps and gas chambers as when they lived under rulers of other nations. One must assume that the protesting college students favor the practices of Nazi Germany, which their grand-parents fought to defeat because of their hate of Jews.

The things young people and other Democrats are supporting when they side with Hamas is not just another position taken to shock their parents. These Middle East radicals play for keeps, and when they turn on you, you’re dead.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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