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Gavin Newsom Is A Smirking, Eyeball Rolling, Bobble-Headed Phony

Gavin Newsom, or as I prefer to call him, Gavin Nuisance, had his French Laundry lunch handed to him by Ron DeSantis last Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s Blue versus Red program on the Fox News Channel.

Nuisance looked like a skinny Bill Clinton with his jerky body movements, his phony smirk, and his bobbling head which only got worse as the evening wore on and DeSantis and Hannity presented him with the numerous unfortunate truths about his failing state of California. These truths included examples of his former position of mayor of San Francisco and his current position of governor of the state and the bad results he’s produced trying to run California like his own, private Socialist preserve, which have caused the citizens of that state to flee for more conservative and welcoming environments in more conservative locales, like DeSantis’ state of Florida, where citizens can live like Americans and not like Commie coolies wearing useless masks and taking worthless vaccinations at the ruler‘s command.

Nuisance’s head nearly bobbled off when DeSantis presented a map of San Francisco clearly showing the locations of piles of human feces that visitors to the city are encouraged to avoid. This publicly known and utilized map demonstrates how completely unsuccessful Nuisance been in his efforts to dictate behavior in California, and what a failure he has been as the top executive in the one-time most popular, beautiful and wealthy state in America.

This bobble-headed ruler will most certainly run for president on the Democrat ticket in 2024 when the current designated presidential candidate, old mental-defective Joey Biden, is forced out by public demand, and it’s critically important that Americans learn what an incompetent man he is so they can avoid voting for him like the plague.

Mr. Newsom presides over the state of California in bad faith to the citizens of that state and with contempt for the United States constitution, which he believes should be bent and twisted at his convenience and in accord with his Socialistic, woke ideas of how to run a state government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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