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As Much As An Election Is About Gaining Power For The Winner, It’s Also About Surrendering Power For The Loser, And Democrats Will Never Allow That To Happen

For the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency he was accused, lied about, attacked and impeached in an endless attempt to remove him from power in the White House and to keep him from getting the political corruption out of Washington.

Every thinking person knows that the far-left swamp that is ever-present in Democrat DC and many state governments, gamed Trump’s defeat in 2020, which was just another anti-Trump move so familiar to Americans these last seven years.

Then after Trump left office and gave indications that he would seek the presidency again, here came the renewed attacks from Democrat officials, along with a slew of indictments and state supreme court and leftist state legislative decisions deciding that Trump must be prohibited from running for president again.

All of the above attacks on Trump were attacks on the American citizens and their right to elect the person they want to be their president, and current-day corrupt Democrats are resolute in their insistence that they will not surrender the power they have under Biden, meaning that they have made, and will continue to make, every legal and illegal effort to keep Trump from office, short of directly taking his life.

Trump, and DeSantis as well, frighten Democrats because Democrats know that a truly conservative Republican will rid this nation of Biden’s disastrous open border and the woke, idiotic policies residing in the Biden White House. A Republican will reverse Biden’s forever-harmful green revolution and pronounce warming/change to be the monstrous lie that it obviously is, and America can become free and prosperous again.

But the big question hanging over our nation as we approach our next general election is what will the already-proven-corrupt Biden administration, and the various far-left state sanctuary-loving governments, do to prevent Trump from taking office if he wins the election in November 2024. Thinking people must fear the violence that the far-left will unleash on American cities, like they did during the summer riots of 2020, in an attempt to prevent a new Trump presidency, during the two-month period following the November election and Trump being sworn-in as president in January 2025.

There can be no doubt that Democrats will create chaotic trouble prior to Trump’s actual swearing-in ceremony, during which time Biden’s army of leftist radicals will be willing to unleash hell on the Trump transition team, not only to stop Trump from taking power in 2025, but to avoid and bypass the transition and allow Biden to retain power. And all of this is in the offing in spite of Biden‘s and the Democrats‘ repeat protestations that a Trump presidency will mean the end of democracy in America.

Be very afraid of any Democrat politician during this period, because current Democrats have proven that they will stop at nothing to prevent the surrender and transition of the presidency to a Republican, especially with all of the legal troubles facing the Biden family, which requires Joey to hang on to the corrupt DOJ which is shielding his entire family from prison as long as he‘s the president.

I believe that at this point in America’s political history even the optimistic Rush Limbaugh would agree that it’s time to be fearful of the unprincipled, power-hungry Democrats ruling our nation, and their attempts to kill democracy and end prosperity in America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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