When The Number Of A Nation’s Takers Is Suddenly Out Of Proportion With The Number Of Workers, Disaster Follows

Throughout my lifetime the ever-critical and mostly-leftist press has constantly warned us that our nation is becoming over-populated. And even if one agrees that there seem to be too many people within a city that was comfortable in the 1950s and 1960s, the fact that American citizens were causing the population growth via normal attrition meant that the nation was able to compensate for the pressure of more bodies and a balance was maintained between the makers and the consumers. But then the woke and far left Joseph Biden became president, and to spite the successful and America-friendly policies of Donald Trump, he opened the border of hell and invited a deluge of people to prey on American citizens.

When the idiot radical Joey Biden took office he immediately opened up our borders to every non-English-speaking, poor, sick, mostly young males, likely criminal, and all committing a criminal act just by being here, all of whom wanted to come to America’s land of milk-and-honey. And after ten to twelve million of these people spread out over America these last three years, we even have many of the once sanctuary-proud Democrat mayors complaining about the serious over-crowding currently being experienced in their cities caused by non-citizens in need of a place to sleep or eat, which is resulting in American citizens having to surrender the use of public buildings that their tax dollars paid for, so illegals can live there. And one fears that soon a private family’s home’s spare bedroom may be commandeered by Joey’s government in order to house members of the invading mob.

At the same time, we are seeing low-paid American citizens losing their jobs to the foreigners who will work for less than poverty wages just to get some money to spend, thereby causing suffering and unemployment on the part of low-wage American citizens, in their own country. And after a few years of this less-than-poverty work by illegals, who will likely see no increase in their living conditions, or who will become tired of big government handouts supporting them, these people, who again are mostly young males, will begin to seek other people living in equally miserable conditions, and they’ll take violent measures against American citizens who seem to be continuing to be wealthy and well-fed while the illegal foreigners remain poor, even after steady work at low wage jobs.

At this time the number of illegal takers is totally out-of-balance with working citizens who make America function, and it all crumbles when, as we see in Chicago and New York City, where Democrats used to strut around and tell us how compassionate and caring they were for inviting illegals to their cities of sanctuary, the result is a vast over-crowding that these fool Democrats are dealing with. It’s a shame that only now are Democrats learning that comfortable cities and neighborhoods have to be earned by people working to create and sustain nice places to live, and not dependant on Socialist give-away schemes to uninvited invasion forces.

When foreign, unemployed, poor young men begin assembling on street corners and alleys and comparing how mistreated they’ve been by the nation they’ve invaded, as we’re now beginning to see, wide-spread violence will result, and the rioting and burning of the summer of 2020 will likely repeat itself in American cities from coast to coast, especially when the Democrat party aids the rioters with transportation and weapons, as they did during the riots in 2020, and most assuredly if Donald Trump is elected president for a second term in November. Democrats will make certain that there will be no peace in America if Trump is voted into office a second time.

We have the Democrat party and Joey Biden to thank for all of the ills we are now beginning to see on America’s city streets, and still additional thousands of refugees pour across our border every day.

Thanks, Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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