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Retired AT&T supervisor.

Democrat Dependence on “Modeling” Is As Anti-Scientific As It Gets

Democrats and their allies in the leftist press have long resented and ridiculed anyone with strong religious leanings, and have been especially critical of President Trump and his pro-religious statements. They’ve also lately extended their religious intolerance to the field of science, telling everyone who would listen to their blather that the religious right, and, of course, especially President Trump, ...

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Democrat Predictions Of A New Normal May Be Correct, But Not What They Expected

Democrat politicians, most notably Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, have been salivating over the near-destruction of America by way of the shutdown of businesses, and they have been predicting that everything has changed with the virus shutdown, plus they’ve been demanding a series of leftist, radical, Socialist/Communist dream issues, inspired by Barack Obama and his intention to “fundamentally transform ...

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Unconstitutional Healthcare Rules Again Threaten America’s Liberty And Prosperity

Airmen wearing personal protective gear walk down the open ramp of a large transport jet.

When President Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, one of the main tools used to achieve that end, along with the loss of our liberties and our constitution, was the misleadingly named Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The ACA, forced on Americans by Democrats, provided packaged coverage that many people didn’t need and couldn’t afford, and was ...

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Send Fauci And Birx Back To The Lab

I’m sure that Doctors Birx and Fauci have done some good and important work these past few weeks, but now, all we hear is their advice to keep the lockdown in place and expect a much more severe second wave of the virus that will cause more destruction to the American economy, thereby damaging the lives of our citizens with ...

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Is Joblessness Sustainable? It Is, If We Keep Our Nation In Shutdown.

As Americans watch in horror at the steep increase in unemployment each week as the idiotic national shutdown continues, it’s easy for talking heads to say that this is unsustainable. One understands the meaning of their words, but if we continue to allow Trump-hating, cowardly governors and mayors to insist on a hard and fast shutdown, the level of unemployment ...

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Lessons We Hope America Has Learned Via Past Mistakes

As our nation has become internationally involved with things like transforming dictatorial nations and guiding nation change for third world countries, both of which are good and sincere things to try, we have learned that not only do these things often not achieve the intended outcome, but too often the result is contrary to our own nation’s interests and leaves ...

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If The Coronavirus Is “Death” And Requires A Shutdown, What Other Outlandish Democrat Disasters Will Follow?

Recently, in a defensive posture while being challenged by a reporter as to why the virus shutdown was continuing in New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo justified the continuing clamp-down by stating that the disease is “death“, meaning that all citizens would certainly die if the stay-at-home order was lifted. Does the governor mean that all persons who contract the ...

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I Risked My Life Joining The Army In 1964, But Can’t Even Visit A Neighborhood Café In 2020

Liberalism, as practiced by today’s Democrats, is so convoluted and dictatorial that it bears no resemblance to even the Democrat party of John Kennedy or Jimmy Carter. Today, when we hear the old saw of “thanks for your service” offered to first responders for their dangerous dedication to their chosen fields of work coming from the mouths of dope-smoking Democrats ...

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Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi Says: Let Them Eat Ice Cream

When the woman who is keeping many needful Americans from being able to make their mortgage payments and who fear losing their homes because that woman is ensconced in her palatial mansion in California, admiring her side-by-side, built-in, Sub-Zero refrigeration/freezer complex, in which she stores her enormous cache of ice cream with which to comfort herself, and which woman is ...

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Libs Argue That Trump Killed People, But More Lives Are Lost When The Economy Is Destroyed By Democrat Governors

Democrats are lamely arguing that President Trump reacted to the coronavirus too slowly, thus causing more deaths from the virus. But, aside from the fact that President Trump blocked all incoming flights from China when numerous Democrat leaders said that there was no threat from the disease, along with Trump being a racist for halting the flights from China; and ...

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The Pandemic Results In A Dem-Panic

For over three years the Democrats have plotted to get Donald Trump in a position where they could rid themselves of this sometimes crude, but always slippery and elusive, political novice. They have always missed the mark on attempts to back Trump into a corner, and then along comes a Communist Chinese flub-up which introduced a new, deadly viral entity ...

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