Why Are Democrats The Cause Of All Problems In America?

Last Tuesday, the second day of the New Year, radio commentator Erick Erickson brought up the subject of Democrat insensitivity to problems caused by themselves and by government in general, and further considered the harm done to the larger population via Democrat lies and their support of obviously failed and failing policies.

Of course the subject of our open southern border came up as the best example of societal harm done by leftists. Even though we know that all the Democrats want to achieve with the open borders and the resulting deluge of illegals entering America, is to get as many poor, desperate people into America as possible so they will forever vote Democrats into office in order to get the goodies that Democrats and our leftist government promise them.

But when the subject of the dangers that ten million foreign, non-English-speaking people flooding our country causes our society and our citizens, the political left, and especially Biden’s idiot press secretary, assures us that the border is securely closed, but that Republicans are causing all of the trouble at the border because they will not support comprehensive immigration reform, and we’re expected to ignore the fact that the two hundred thousand illegals who entered America in December 2023 were the direct fault of stupid ole Joey Biden, not Republicans, and assuredly not Donald Trump, who had a firm grasp on the border, in part by putting pressure on the Mexican president to hold all people traversing his nation until they had been screened to enter America.

So not only are Democrats blind to what they are doing that causes misery in America, but they blame Donald Trump and Republicans for their own, Democrat/Socialist, failures, which in the case of illegal immigrants is a political policy put in place by Democrats for their own power-grabbing considerations.

Democrats never mention the horrors experienced by the immigrants themselves, especially the women and children walking hundreds of miles across Mexico and Central America, nor the very serious social, medical and economic problems these tens of thousands of poor people cause the American border states, especially Texas, which is already an Ultra-Mega enemy in Biden’s mind simply because they have a Republican governor, until the problem reaches atomic mass and causes problems for Democrats further into the country, like the mayors of New York City and Chicago, both of which cities were and still are proud sanctuary cities, but we now see their Democrat mayors squealing like stuck pigs and trying to blame the governor of Texas for sending bus-loads of illegals to their cities.

And still, even after admitting that our open southern border is a problem impacting sanctuary cities as well as Republican states and cities, the Democrat mayors prefer to blame Republican governors for their misery, and absolutely refuse to blame President Joseph Biden, the real culprit in this story of suffering and destruction.

The simple truth is that selfish and self-cornered Democrat politicians ignore a problem if it doesn’t directly impact themselves and their families, and will instead blame Trump and Republicans, and blindly refuse to insist that Joey Biden, their own fellow Democrat, close the dangerous border he has opened and which is now passing dangerous people into our nation, in direct dereliction of his duty to protect America and its citizens.

And we see this same blind, woke stupidity on the international front as well, when Biden talks nice to China and Iran, while those nations openly plot and plan the destruction of America and Israel, and are developing dooms-day weapons with which to accomplish that goal. Americans are in a world of hurt with a Democrat in the White House, especially the one called Joey, and don‘t even mention the fool of a V.P. we have; the one who speaks in tongues that no one can understand, and then laughs like a hyena.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Biden acts as if his thinking is on the same level as Obummer or maybe he thinks he can exceed what obummer has done. He’s trying awfully hard with the help of other demokrat nincompoops. That makes him and his minions dangerous. Time to impeach biden and obummer together.

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