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“Woke” College Presidents Are Finally Being Shaken Awake

The very people who call conservatives’ statements and comments dis-information, mis-information and violence; the very same people who repeatedly sling the phony DEI crap at us to prove how fairly and equitably they treat the world around them; the very people who look down their noses at us peons out here in fly-over country from their elevated, robed and capped positions as leaders of American wisdom and education; in other words the presidents of some of America’s Ivy League universities, who are now being shaken out of their “woke” coma as lecturers of all things fair and equitable, are being proven the liars and charlatans we always suspected them to be.

These idiots in America’s leading universities are having their high-paying jobs threatened, and hopefully will soon have those jobs taken from them, as the smoke clears from the violent, leftist, pro-Palestinian thugs’ habits of disrupting, threatening and blocking traffic as they defame Jewish students and demand that Israel stop ridding the world of the Hamas animals who killed its citizens on October 7.

This is just what we need: a good house-cleaning to get rid of the leftist, university presidential scum destroying education in America. One might even call this “awokening” of college presidents as a high-level example of cancelling, which the political left has come to love doing to anyone they don’t agree with these last several years.

And the exposure of the pro-Hamas cretins and their far-left political allies who treat non-woke (in this case Jewish) citizens like war criminals, while Israel is only practicing self-defense against murderers and barbarians, comes on the heel of the major universities being exposed to the world for actively recruiting and enrolling students in their elite establishments who should not be there, meaning that they have been discriminating against Asian and Jewish students for years. And these are the people, based on merit and achievement, not “woke” racial or gender identity considerations, who should be in the nation’s top schools.

These “woke”, elite, leftist colleges are having their fancy, dainty lunches handed to them, and we must continue the fight against anything related to ESG and DEI by voting all Democrats out of office in 2024. The scum of American education has been exposed, now let’s wash it away with our votes next year.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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