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Trying To Live Well In An Era Of the Weak and Stupid

The unheard-of heat of summer! Imagine if you can: a temperature of 95 degrees, in summer! How can we possibly survive such extreme conditions?

The radical Democrat left and their obvious lies of warming/change are deliriously happy that such a big deal is being made of an annual phenomenon, which every year makes summer hot. The radical left is making hay over the fear of the natural and repeat occurrence of heat, and they’ll destroy this great nation if we don’t all wake up and stop bitching about the things nature presents to us.

The great-grandparents of today’s young people experienced real, extreme heat and misery during the dustbowl days of the 1930s, when roads were covered with tons of blowing and shifting dust, and when homes in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma were buried under, and filled with, dust, that caused pneumonia and initiated many deaths. None of these people had air conditioning or running water to provide even a little comfort. And this horror lasted the better part of a decade. Nature started the heat and dryness, and nature ended it.

Have the spoiled citizens of America no memory of the past, no appreciation for the comforts we enjoy today and no understanding of the give-and-take of nature? And knowing of the extreme heat and dryness of past decades, why are so many people unable to see the lies of the Democrat environmental movement, that is the real existential threat to America today?

Now for the “dummy” side of the aisle. Democrats wring their hands and loudly complain that Donald Trump will put all of his leftist opponents in jail if he is re-elected to the White House in November, while the Biden administration is busy performing that very task of imprisoning Trump and many of his former staff and supporters. Why are American citizens so stupid that they believe these Democrat lies? Trump could have prosecuted and imprisoned Hillary Clinton during his administration; after all, the Director of the FBI carefully listed the crimes she committed while Secretary of State in the Obama administration. But Trump left his political opponents alone after he was sworn in. Now he has been investigated, lied about, cleared of all of the Russia-Russia-Russia charges, and pestered to near death with various flimsy prosecutions, one of which found him guilty but failed to inform us of the actual crime he is alleged to have committed. And they still claim Trump will rule as a dictator, which he never did during his first four years in the Oval Office, but Biden has ruled like a dictator since day one of his presidency.

One of the first policies that Joey Biden put in place after his swearing-in ceremony, was to open our borders to any criminal and insane person that third-world nations wanted to get rid of. During the Trump administration illegal invasions nearly dried up, but under Biden we’ve seen a steep up-tic in murders and rapes being committed by Biden’s multi-million-strong, immigration foreign invasion force, but all the radical-left Democrats have to say in defense of Biden’s idiotic policy is that Republicans must join Democrats in “immigration reform”, which of course means that Republicans will have to give in to all Democrat demands concerning immigration. And then after lying about the illegal murderers and rapists that Biden has permitted to freely enter our country, they take a lying step further and blame our current third-world invasion on Trump. How stupid can people be?

And be on the lookout for health emergency warnings and edicts coming from our Socialist president with this current 95 degree “mega heat wave” that threatens to kill us all. The Biden administration is so fearful of Trump winning in November that they will apply lessons they learned in the covid years: they will declare a health emergency and prohibit the use of air conditioners and automobiles, calling them toxic and an existential threat to all Americans. And watch our dizzy president attempt to shut down our economy and postpone the November election to another, distant and unspecified date when the threat of death-by-summer is not so great. The Democrats will do anything and concoct any lie to keep Donald Trump from winning in November.

Any and all proposals coming from Democrats in the next five months must be opposed by thinking and concerned Americans, and we all must vote Republican in November and hope that the violent and desperate Democrats don’t have Donald Trump assassinated before he can take office in January, 2025.

Agree/Disagree with the author(s)? Let them know in the comments below and be heard by 10’s of thousands of CDN readers each day!

Agree/Disagree with the author(s)? Let them know in the comments below and be heard by 10’s of thousands of CDN readers each day!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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