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The Boeing CEO Is Out, But America Is Still Stuck With The Corrupt POTUS, Joey Biden

Boeing’s CEO is out of a job due to the errors of aircraft maintenance and engineering people he has never met, but we’re still stuck with the stupid, stumbling, incompetent Joseph Biden for president, a man who personally….

…. got Americans killed with his hasty, selfish withdrawal from Afghanistan.

….is solely responsible for illegally opening our borders to the world and letting in illegals who have only just begun to kill and rape Americans, and most likely will also perform acts of terrorism on this once great nation.

….leads a political party that has destroyed great American cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York City by allowing repeat crimes to go unpunished by leftist DAs, and who tried hard to get rid of all police officers in sanctuary cities.

….has allowed, if not actively encouraged, the persecution and hoped imprisonment of his political opponent, Donald Trump, in the upcoming November presidential election.

….heads a government that encourages the sexual mutilation of children, and who believe that men can become pregnant and give birth to children.

….pushes for a green agenda that is destroying the American automobile industry and will eventually crash our electric grid, due to leftist ideas of what citizens should be permitted to do without government approval.

….criticizes and shames Israel as it punishes the terrorists who killed its citizens on October 7, a country that is the only democracy in the Middle East, and is our main ally in the region.

So capitalism has gotten rid of an aircraft industry leader who has experienced problems on the job, but the stumbling Socialist fool who leads this once-great nation is still at the helm, issuing environmental edicts that are choking industry and killing jobs at the lower end of the salary scale, by allowing people from Guatemala and Honduras to under-bid and take the jobs of American citizens.

Socialism/Communism kills wealth and people, while Capitalism makes all citizens more wealthy. Socialism/Communism refuses to replace its bad actors while keeping its citizens enslaved to the edicts of government, but Capitalism moves quickly to serve its customers and investors, and allows individual liberty and self-determination to its citizens. And, as we’ve seen with the Boeing event, Capitalists take responsibility for their actions, while Socialists/Communists just press ahead with their corruption and put those who complain about the poverty, lack of freedom and misery that always accompanies Socialist and Communist governments, in jail.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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