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Genuine Generation Z Hero the Fake News Media Ignores

For a year, a despicable narrative from the Fake News Media has been pushed on Generation Z and the rest of America:  People like David Hogg are the heroes of our generation and people we should work to be like.

It is easy to talk about the many problems with the kids who founded the so-called “March for our Lives” but it is crucial as the media and swamp rat politicians continue to push the narrative of these kids being heroes of our generation, but it is essential that the real heroes, who the media ignore, are recognized.

On July 15th, 2016 in Turkey as the government was beginning to realize the globalists were using them, forces in the military loyal to the deep state terrorist cult leader Fethullah Gulen launched the most violent and bloody coup attempt in history. Soldiers and tanks filled the streets of Ankara and Istanbul as the weapons of the state were used against the people. After the coup attempt was underway, Turks all across Istanbul and Ankara went into harm’s way to protest and resist the coup attempt.

As always happen in coup attempts, many places become targets for coup plotters to try to seize control. One of them was Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Many people went to the airport to defend the airport against the attempts by coup plotting butcherers to seize the airport. Mahir Ayabak was just 16 years old, an ordinary kid who wasn’t extremely political, he was a waiter, spoke multiple languages and was trying to just live the most successful life possible.

The ordinary kid took up an extraordinary and heroic task and went into a very violent situation where they were being shot at relentlessly, and the ordinary Turks fighting the coup attempt were not armed. He kept on heroically fighting in harms way against the terrorist globalist coup plotters who were shooting at innocent unarmed people relentlessly. Mahir and his friend were even able to stop one of the coup plotters, and they brought the traitor to the police.

Tragically, however, the coup plotters shot the kid in the chest, and he died.

I had the incredible honor of becoming friends with one of his sisters a couple of months ago, and I learned so much. It ripped my heart out hearing what the sadistic killers did to him and the unimaginable grief and suffering they went through, but I was also incredibly moved and inspired because the family they have raised is a remarkable one, selfless, great character, and are very loyal to their country and its constitution. I have always sought to fight for my country in the ways I can, and I am just so inspired by the courage, the heroism, the selflessness of Mahir, to defend what his country has achieved and to defend the constitution of Turkey.

Shame on the media for ignoring genuine heroes of Generation Z in favor of people who push their agenda as you seek to get rid of our constitution.

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