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Colombian President Duque: Cuba Assisting Terrorist Behind Bogota Police Bombing


Colombian President Ivan Duque has alleged Cuba has assisted the terrorists behind the January Bogota police bombing. (Diario Las Américas)

The Colombian President has denounced the Cuban regime for their alleged involvement in the Bogota police bombings in January which killed 22 people.

Duque said about the attack,

“This was a terrorist act and a crime against humanity that was planned, for months, with the participation and knowledge of the Central Command of that organization, which has had members in Cuba, and that was participating actively in many of those decisions,” he said. “While I am the president of Colombia, the only protocol we will accept is for the Government of Cuba to hand over those responsible for this crime, so that they can be brought to justice.”

President Duque’s allegations of Cuba harboring people who plotted the attack are very explosive, but the government in Cuba has been aligned and supportive of Hezbollah, FARC, the ELN, and narcoterrorist and guerrilla groups like what we saw in El Salvador.

The ELN a group similar to FARC who the previous government wasn’t able to reach a peace deal with is the Marxist narcoterrorist group who took responsibility for the attack in Bogota.

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