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President Trump Declares National Emergency, Signs Border Bill

On Friday President Donald Trump announced that he is declaring a National Emergency over the border crisis.

Congress was unable to find a solution in regards to the border so the President announced that he would declare a national emergency a power he has under the National Emergencies Act.

However, the budget bill has tried to put limitations on what the President can do regarding the wall and immigration policy with the $1.375 billion that the bill appropriates.

The bill specifies where the wall may be built and of what materials.

Section 224 has given deportation immunity to anyone who claims to be a sponsor of an unaccompanied minor, and the bill does nothing to prevent the abuse of this process.

According to CIS

“The bill also significantly increases the disclosures required of ICE regarding detention data. This is to ensure that ICE actually is slashing detention as required by the bill:”

This bill was approved with Veto Proof majorities in both houses.

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