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White House calls out Democrats for ‘moving the goal posts’

This is now the 7th time the FBI has investigated Judge Kavanaugh. If we made it 100, it would still not be good enough for the Obstructionist Democrats.

– President Donald J. Trump

The White House lambasted Democrats for their dishonest handling of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and their changing positions on the FBI investigation that they asked for.

“Senate Democrats repeatedly said a supplemental FBI investigation was the only way to get to the truth,” the White House said in a statement. “In their calls for a supplemental FBI investigation, Senate Democrats touted that it could be completed in a week or less.”

“There is really only one way to get to the bottom of these allegations and prevent the Nation from being thrown into further turmoil: an independent background check by the FBI,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said last week and Sen. Dick Durbin said that “If there is no truth to her charges, the FBI investigation will show that.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal heaped praise on the FBI as he lauded the power an investigation would have to find the truth.

“My view is that the FBI is an investigative agency of consummate skill and integrity,” he said. “It will follow the facts and the law and the evidence where it leads them.”

Democrats, across the board then said that a proper investigation would take no more than a week.

“The FBI has ample resources to do this within the one-week period requested by the members of the Judiciary Committee,” Schumer insisted. “No one is asking that it take longer than a week…”

Sen. Chris Coons agreed that a week was all the FBI should need.

“I have conveyed to my friends and colleagues that I had wished we would take a one-week pause, one week only,” he said.

But once the investigation completed and the results were that Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick’s stories could not be corroborated, Democrats suddenly changed their minds.

  • Chuck Schumer: “This is not a thorough investigation.”
  • Feinstein: “The most notable part of this report is what’s not in it…. It looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation…”
  • Kamala Harris: “The FBI report on Judge Kavanaugh is entirely incomplete and insufficient.”
  • Richard Blumenthal: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing about this deadline that’s been imposed by the majority leader makes any sense.”

“Now that Senate Democrats have gotten exactly what they called for, they are moving the goal posts once again,” the White House added.

The FBI is only the latest organization to find a lack of credibility in the allegations. The New York Times, New Yorker, and NBC News all said that they were unable to corroborate claims made against Brett Kavanaugh. This was never about the truth, and Democrats will keep moving the goal posts if Republicans and the media allow it.

Moving the Goalpost

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