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Democrats Politicize And Criminalize Even Your Very Thoughts

It’s an unfortunate part of life in the 21st century when every proposal and every expression put forth by Republicans is called racist or bigoted by Democrats and automatically becomes part of each daily news report and becomes a plank in the Democrat platform in the next election season.

The truth is that the wearing of white hoods and pointed hats, the burning of crosses on lawns, the racially-motivated lynchings and the blocking of the school-house doors by certain mayors and governors in order to keep black children out, were all done by Democrats, whereas the abolition of slavery and assurance of citizenship for former slaves came from Republicans. There can be no doubt that the Democrat party was and remains the essence of racism, but Republicans are called racists because they simply and justifiably want voters to provide identity proving their citizenship when they vote, and they want non-citizens to be kept out of the country as waves of impoverished people try to enter our nation for the goodies that await them in Democrat “sanctuary” cities.

But now even the most personal and private actions or thoughts are being called racist and are being politicized by Democrats. No longer do we hear of simple differences of opinions that need to be discussed between the two major political parties; now the Democrats just shout RACIST and the conversation ends and the problems facing our nation continue to fester.

When Donald Trump paid off Stormy Daniels in order to protect his family and his public persona, Democrats labeled this private transaction as being part of Trump’s election campaign and claim it to be a violation of the law. To show how desperate Democrats are for a win on anything and how frightened they are of Donald Trump and his successes since occupying the Oval Office, this private transaction on the part of Donald Trump has been exposed as part of the phony and illegal Russian collusion investigation that was implemented to prove that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton lost, and now the investigation is looking into the domestic and personal dealings of both Trump and his political and private associates in an attempt to make each and every action illegal, when the investigation was only established to investigate the alleged Russian collusion. One wonders if Democrats will politicize a purchase of tooth paste as being a political action to be punished.

Even though there is no law preventing a political candidate from using his own money to fund a political campaign, the law doesn’t state that all expenditures made by a candidate must be considered a political contribution made by him. Even political candidates have private lives that they don’t have to report to the government.

One major reason that Democrats are so anxious to call everything Trump does as being racist and illegal is that Hillary Clinton actually did break numerous laws while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State and they want to divert attention from her illegal acts and fill up the leftist news channels and newspapers with anti-Trump stories that the Mueller witch-hunt uncovers, which have nothing to do with Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump is busting the Democrats’ chops on the economy and on the subject of illegal immigration and they are pulling out all the stops to smother Americans with a variety of immaterial and irrelevant charges that have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s actions as a candidate, nor as president of the United States.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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