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Newly Empowered Democrats Already Feeling Their Oats; Threatening Dire Acts When They Rule The House

California Democrat, Eric Swalwell, is already beginning to exercise the powers Democrats will have when they take control of the House of Representatives in January, 2019. He recently stated that, under Democrat control, the government would begin taking guns from Americans, and that the full force of the American government would be employed in this effort. He further stated that Democrats will use any and all weapons against American citizens in order to remove their guns from them, including the use of nuclear weapons if citizens resist. That is exactly what this fool man said, and I’m inclined to believe he actually means it literally.

And isn’t it a scandal when the same Democrat party that sought in the 1980s, at the insistence of the Soviet Union, to disarm the United States of its nuclear weapons, would now even raise the most remote suggestion that nuclear weapons be used against patriotic American citizens? These Democrats, led by Mr. Swalwell, are viciously dangerous to this nation.

Mr. Swalwell’s idiotic statement should be taken literally and seriously, just like American citizens should have taken the radical environmentalist’s statements literally in the 1980s when they talked of denying Americans an innocent cigarette once in a while, and then pushed their anti-smoking stupidity so far that many cities and neighborhoods won’t even allow individuals to smoke in their own homes any longer. Decent Americans could not believe that radical Democrats could be so stupid and illogical as to take the draconian steps they proposed, but they did.

With the appearance of Donald Trump on the American political scene, Democrats, and Mr. Swalwell in particular, have lost touch with any judgment or common sense and are truly in a scorched-earth frame of mind to force all Americans to obey their edicts, or else.

Anyone able to use his or her brain knows that the average gun owner has never, and would never, use their rifle or pistol in a violent or illegal manner, unless defending themselves or their family. But people like Swalwell would deny ownership to everyone, even though we all know that if all weapons are taken from law-abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns.

Power-mad Democrats will be dangerous enough when they take control of only the House of Representatives in January, but imagine the damage to our nation and our constitution if they ever again became the majority in the Senate as well, or if they took possession of the White House. Unconstitutional acts and dictatorial rule are what they believe in, and it’s what they’ll do if they consolidate power further in the future.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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