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The Numbers Are In, We Will Believe Anything

Recent polls suggest that COVID fears, despite alternative statistical realities, are alive and well. While the general public is unsurprisingly hesitant to resume attending congregations for religious, musical, or athletic competitions en masse, an amazing number highlighted in one survey indicates that just 59% of Americans would be comfortable even having dinner at a friend’s house. This is down from ...

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It’s not Trump vs. Biden; It’s Freedom vs. Totalitarianism

For all of his flaws (who among us does not have flaws?), Donald Trump is representative of a philosophy that seeks to continue the American experiment based on the values of individual liberty, freedom, and human goodness. Joe Biden is representative of a philosophy marked by intolerance, division, and utter destruction. Many voters, particularly those apathetic to the two-party system ...

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These Statistics About The New York Police Department Destroy the BLM Narrative

We all know the media manipulates statistics and flat out lies when it comes to policing, but the data released annually by the New York Police Department is downright narrative busting. A recent piece of mine explored the Chicago Police Department’s statistics around engaging criminal behavior and their use of force in such responses. Reader feedback was awesome; I have ...

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You Need To Watch The Documentary Uncle Tom

It is both a dismal reflection and depressing statement of the times in which we live that a film like Uncle Tom is considered controversial and worthy of media censorship. For daring to reject the prevailing narrative of black victimhood and instead choosing to empower the black community through individual actions, it has already been largely ignored by conventional media ...

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Let’s Go All-In With Communism In Minneapolis

Powderhorn Park, an older neighborhood consisting of upper-middle-class, white leftist families in South Minneapolis, is a microcosm of what happens when leftist policies are actually implemented without restrictions. You may recall a New York Times article from a few weeks back that quoted local resident Mitchell Erickson as saying he regretted calling the police after a few young, black thugs ...

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