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Zero Clue: Democrats’ Quest For Zero Cancer Deaths, Zero Road Deaths, And Zero Covid Deaths

The Blue State Conservative

It must be nice to be a Democrat in 2022. Think about it: You don’t have to be constrained by truth, reality, or the consequences of ignoring them. Isn’t postmodernism great?!

Nothing – and I mean that literally – that a Democrat politician says or their clueless voters believe is rooted in objective truth. Pick a position of theirs. Any position.

Jen Psaki recently made a spiteful, idiotic comment that highlights this phenomenon. The soft-on-crime approach that she scoffed at is resulting in record-breaking carjackings, murders, and retail theft. When Chicago DAs refuse to prosecute witnessed murders in broad daylight or when California passes legislation to not even bother with retail theft worth less than $950, what do they expect will happen? Yet somehow we’re the ignoramuses? There isn’t a hand big enough to slap those pompous, self-onanistic egos off their faces.

Related to that comment, did the Trump White House ever utter a single sentence with as much hostility and hatred toward people with disparate viewpoints? He had a famous line towards the black community asking what they had to lose by voting for him. That’s a refreshing take compared to Psaki calling us stupid and Biden telling us he’s out of patience. It’s absolutely astonishing that people find him to be more unifying. Leftists are miserable, mean, and vengeful. It’s as simple as that.

As with their quixotic quest to achieve zero racism vis-a-vis absentee criminal justice, Democrats are likewise venturing into the Land of Make Believe with their newfound passion for preserving human life through the fantastically stupid lens of traffic, cancer, and Covid. Far be it for me to ask about any life-preserving measures for the 60-million post-Roe babies. 

Curing cancer is an admirable aim, no doubt, but what does it mean exactly when Joe Biden promised America that he would cure cancer if elected president? That’s just nonsense. Here was Biden in front of trained seals in 2020:

The implication is that Republicans love cancer deaths. I bet Ron DeSantis is cheering on his wife’s tumors. With this outlook in mind, yesterday Biden continued down the cure-cancer path. Serious question: Maybe if we all wore more pink bows breast cancer would just go away? It certainly can’t be any less effective than masking for the first 100 days. God help us all if focus groups thought this was a strong play:

Pause for a moment. A Cancer Cabinet? If this cabinet is anything like government’s Covid Taskforce, which suggested destructive and ineffective lockdowns, arbitrary social distancing, kid-ruining masking, isolation from school and work, ignoring of proven pharmaceuticals, and worthless vaccines, then I won’t hold my breath that government will do anything for curing cancer. It will, however, make a select group of people very wealthy. So, if by curing cancer Biden meant to say lining pockets and crushing individual liberties, then it all makes sense.

Not to be outdone, the invisible Pete Buttigieg has looked up from breastfeeding for just long enough to announce the end of traffic fatalities. In fairness, maybe he was set up to look foolish. If Kamala Harris has made Hillary Clinton palatable again for some people, the same could be said of this idiotic statement doing favors to Biden. Cancer will at least be cured before zero road deaths are achieved. And yes, he actually said zero! Take a listen:

Never mind the fact that the supply chain issue remains unresolved, that transportation industry employees mostly hate the idea of forced vaccination, or that deadly car accidents have been occurring regularly since the 19th century. Pete Buttigieg is on the case. It remains to be seen if road deaths will decline after they’re all stolen from re-released felons.

Finally, do readers need a reminder of the asinine policy prescriptions designed to protect us all from Covid? Andrew Cuomo said our collective sacrifices of freedom, sanity, and health would all be worth it if we saved even one life. Forgotten in those conversations was the fact that not only was Covid not lethal to nearly every human being, but that upon infection we already had expansive caches of repurposed drugs like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine. This quest for zero Covid deaths took the long way, to say the least.

The takeaway from all of this? Democrats are idiots. These latest policy outlines are rooted in as much common sense as posting gun-free zone signs. If they allow zero guns in schools, then there won’t be any school shootings! Jokes aside, though, there are real consequences to such folly. The quest for zero anything can only be achieved through imposition of force. The easiest way to end Covid deaths? Lock us up. The easiest way to end road fatalities? Take away the keys.

When Democrats say zero anything, all they mean is you will have zero rights and zero freedoms by the time they’re done with us. Here’s hoping for zero Democrat wins in 2022.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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