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High Fossil Fuel Prices From Russian Invasion Conveniently Support Globalists’ Climate Change Dreams

The Blue State Conservative

There are no such things as coincidences in the world of politics. Did Covid and BLM anarchy just happen to coincide with Trump’s reelection year? Did JFK and reporter Dorothy Kilgallen just happen to die after running afoul with the mob? 

Add this next question to the list: Did Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is leading to catastrophic gas and oil prices, just happen to make desired climate change policies a sudden reality? While the rest of the world is devolving into a left-right political debate over who supports whom, my initial response was the frightening reality that driving cars, heating homes, and growing crops was about to get a lot more expensive. 

Like, really expensive. Get a load of this headline from Bloomberg: 

“European Gas Prices Soar 62% After Russia Invades Ukraine.”

That’s simply insane. The poor, working class, and paycheck-to-paycheck types simply cannot afford this lurch is energy costs. A nation can also not idly sit by while its citizens freeze to death or go hungry. So what do they do? They will subsidize the cost, which in turns leads to further government encroachment in the energy sector and a guarantee that the prices remain high. It’s a win-win situation for the elites. The government has more control over its populace and the companies charge exorbitant prices.

Higher prices will also inevitably lead to less consumption. As anyone in America with a fully-fueled car knows, the combustion engine means freedom. We have freedom to move, travel, work, recreate, and simply go. We can go anywhere. If gas prices surge to the predicted and easily-believable $6-7 per gallon range, suddenly those options look less appealing. Higher energy costs necessarily equates to less freedom.

In a nutshell, more government dependence and less individual freedom – the result of an odd and seemingly unnecessary invasion – can’t just be a coincidence, right? Putin was set to own all of Europe with his natural gas monopoly and Germany’s unthinkable exit from nuclear power a decade ago. He could charge whatever he wanted. Does he simply not care? Will he sell to China and do as he pleases in Ukraine and elsewhere?

Call me cynic, but Covid changed everything. We learned that, without a doubt, government policy and the actions of global leaders is never in our – the citizen’s – best interest. Why should the sudden leap in fuel prices be seen any differently? 

Climate change was always the long game. Covid was merely a test run for the elites. When the elites noticed massive resistance to Covid policies, which look more nonsensical and evil byt the day, they had to pivot to their real plan. Of course, they couldn’t lock us down again and say our cars were the reason for melting oceanic ice. Instead, they conduct a phony war and send puppets like Jen Psaki out to convince us that the collective war effort will mean we have to accept higher costs. Just do you part, plebes!


Where do we go from here? South?

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