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INSANITY: California Op-Ed Suggests Outlawing Parenthood

The Blue State Conservative

If California is ever going to achieve true equity, the state must require parents to give away their children.”

Those are the opening words of one of the most insanely horrific editorials ever conceived, even by leftist standards (of which there are none). Although the government has waged a generations-long campaign of child-rearing away from the watchful eyes of their parents through their monopolistic public education program, the ease and comfort with which the author offers an “equitable” solution to inherent differences in the human condition is appalling. In a decent and just society, he would be ostracized and made to repent. 

Instead, he is likely being feted by his cardigan-wearing, mocha latte-sipping, gated community-living, over-educated, and under-learned echo chamber of friends. There will be no societal or cultural punishment for him to suffer.

In prescribing this soul-crushing burden, the author, Joe Murphy, notices that some families make more money than others, and that, over time, generational wealth and privilege exacerbate inequalities. Like a good little leftist, rather than suggest people improve themselves through education, moral integrity, personal responsibility, hard work, community support, and a little asceticism, he simply and ignorantly suggests Big Brother raise all kids and that this will somehow usher in a utopic future of like-minded, global citizens.

My solution — making raising your own children illegal — is simple, and while we wait for the legislation to pass, we can act now: the rich and poor should trade kids, and homeowners might swap children with their homeless neighbors.

He’s serious. Just trade kids! (You know who least wants to trade kids? Rich, white liberals for urban black youth). Also, aren’t these the same kind of people that said Handmaid’s Tale was a right-wing dystopian nightmare? How is stealing and swapping everyone’s kids for the state all that different? 

As if he is trying to sell the unconvinced, Murphy labels the practice “universal orphanage,” because, why not? Nothing conjures up compassion and support for raising kids like envisioning orphanages. How many stories begin with the eventual antagonist commiserating in a heartless, sanitized kiddie prison? Voldemort comes to mind. 

Further in the article, Murphy finally connects the dots for us as to why he envisions resounding societal success with his parentless makeover. Politics. Because, again, why not?

The left’s introduction of anti-racism and gender identity in schools faces a bitter backlash from parents. Ending parenthood would end the backlash, helping dismantle white supremacy and outdated gender norms…Universal orphanhood also dovetails nicely with the pro-life campaign to end abortion rights

As if his position couldn’t get any dumber, Murphy then promises a shallow future in which the trite focus-group words of anti-racism, gender identity, white supremacy, and abortion rights are used. They are unthinking robots, and their plan is to make your children as miserable and empty as they are.

And, not only are you a bigot, you‘re just unimaginative and stupid if you can’t see this for the wondrous idea it is. Murphy concludes his piece this way:

But don’t pay those critics any mind. Because they just can’t see how our relentless pursuit of equity might birth a brave new world.”

It goes without saying that I do not believe any parent should have to surrender their kid to the state for the reasons stated by Joe Murphy. But I will make one exception: Joe Murphy’s kids. They can be removed (and for their own wellbeing, probably should be).

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  1. The author of the opinion piece is Joe Mathews, not Joe Murphy according to the article at the end of the link you provided.
    Just sayin’

  2. In order to achieve true sanity we need to delete California starting perhaps w. the pig louse and her nephew.

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